Kapooka Facilities - Hospital Room

Completed in 2010, the hospital provides support for recruits who have been injured during training and Staff and families.

Kapooka Health Centre provides inpatient and outpatient services to Kapooka. Staff Clinic provides services to Military staff and Recruit Clinic services recruits including a fully operational pharmacy.

The Medical Response Officer provides full time paramedic support to Kapooka and field training exercises.

The Dental Clinic provides charting of recruits and initial dental checking, as well as standard dental services.  

Our staff are highly trained and experienced in all injury types and provide immediate treatment of recruits and staff at Kapooka.

The Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation departments provide services to recruits and staff.

The Kapooka Health Centre provides state of the art gym facilities along with a hydrotherapy pool to assist in the rehabilitation of staff and recruits.