Corporal Ray Towns from Force Support Unit – Six with his son and wife during the farewell parade held at Lavarack Barracks on March 16.

The health and welfare of soldiers and their families is paramount. This section provides families with a range of information on services and organisations available for families.

Balancing work and life
Maintaining a healthy balance between work and family life is paramount. Army recognises the demands we make on our soldiers and their families.
View more information about Flexible Work Arrangements here.

Defence Community Organisation
The Defence Community Organisation supports Defence Families to balance military service with family life, including 24/7 emergency assistance. 
Read more about Defence Community Organisation

Australian Defence Force Family Health Trial
The Australian Defence Force Family Health (ADFFH) Trial is an initiative of the Commonwealth Government as outlined in Labor's Plan for Defence, November 2007.
Read more about Australian Defence Force Family Health Trial

Defence Families of Australia
Defence Families of Australia enables Defence families to report, make recommendations and influence government policy. 
Read more about Defence Families of Australia

Defence Health Ltd
Defence Health Ltd provides private health insurance and other insurances to the ADF and broader Defence community. Read more about Defence Health Ltd.

National Welfare Coordination Centre
The National Welfare Coordination centre provides a 24/7 support service for families of personnel deployed, or in support of, operations and designated exercises. 
Read more about National Welfare Coordination Centre

Partners in Defence
The Partners in Defence website summarises key information about military service, conditions and benefits, services and programs that all in the Defence Community are entitled to access that members and their families may find useful.
Read more about Partners in Defence

Your Defence
Your Defence is an online support hub for Australian Defence Families, providing resources in support of Australian military personnel.
Read more about Your Defence

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