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Land Power Forum is a public blog published by the Australian Army, and is specifically designed to generate informed discussion and new ideas that contribute to Army modernisation and the future of land power beyond 2020. Land Power Forum provides a discussion space for informed analysis, commentary, thoughts, and ideas among military practitioners, interested stakeholders, subject matter experts, and deep thinkers.

Troops and vehicles from the 2nd Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment and 1st Platoon, His Majesty’s Armed Forces (Tonga) disembark one of HMAS Canberra’s four landing craft during an amphibious landing at Bellows Beach, Oahu during Exercise Rim of the Pacific (RIMPAC) 2016

The uncertain road to becoming 'expeditionary': Reasserting Army’s expeditionary credentials

by Lieutenant Colonel David J. Beaumont

8 September 2016

Army’s future preparedness will suffer if it approaches expeditionary warfare with experience, habit and myopic biases as a substitute for further intellectual investment into force design.

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The ASLAV will be replaced under Land 400

The uncertain road to becoming 'expeditionary': Conceiving the deployable Army of the future

by Lieutenant Colonel David J. Beaumont

5 September 2016

When armies recognise that they face an uncertain, unknowable, future, more often than not their response is to undertake organisational and structural change.

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Centenary of Anzac AFL Match

It is time to expunge the word synchronise from our military vocabulary

by Colonel Chris Smith

29 August 2016

It is time for general-purpose ground forces to abandon the failed pursuit of effects synchronisation and replace it with the idea of Australian rules-like cooperation

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Australian Army soldier during Exercise Kowari 2014.

Teaching junior leaders to think

by Flight Lieutenant Naomi O'Neill

22 August 2016

Critical thinking is a key skillset for the future. The increasing complexity of regional threats across multiple spectrums, space and cyber, necessitates improved critical thinking skills in our soldiers.

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Australian soldiers cover up to protect against dust and endure very hot conditions during a Danish and British off road armoured convoy from Forward Operating Base (FOB) Price to FOB Armadillo.

Challenging our approach to conventional war: Another view on Ukraine

by Major James Ellis-Smith

18 August 2016

Barring a significant and sustained increase in size and capacity, the Army must question the assumptions of our approach to conventional land combat

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Off the port bow

Navigators as warfighters

by Lieutenant Miquela Riley, RAN

15 August 2016

The complexities of personnel fatigue resulting from sea service, management of individual work-life balances and ship manning requirements raise more questions than are answered – particularly regarding the benefit of Navigators specialising as warfare officers

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Australian Army soldiers, predominantly from Brisbane's 7th Brigade, are participating in Exercise Haringaroo near Kota Bharu, Malaysia, from 23-27 May 2016.

What defines the Profession of Arms?

by Major Mark Gilchrist

8 August 2016

Australia is missing a coherent, unified view of what the profession of arms actually is. This lack of clear definition must be addressed as part of Army’s ongoing review into the intellectual component of fighting power.

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