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Army is implementing a number of projects and initiatives to ensure it keeps pace with changes in technology and the character of war itself. A robust modernisation and planning program is used to maintain a highly regarded, professional organisation that can meet the future needs of the Australian Government.

HMAS TARAKAN landing Army vehicles, equipment and supplies during Exercise Sea Lion 08. Plan BEERSHEBA was announced in December 2011.


Plan BEERSHEBA adjusts Army's force structure to generate optimal capability to conform to strategic guidance and meet the challenge of contemporary warfare. It incorporates lessons learned over a decade of continuous operations.
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3D soldier

3D soldier

Australia's soldiers are some of the best equipped in the world. Come and explore some of our key equipment and clothing on our interactive, 360 degree rotating soldiers.
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Shadow 200

Shadow 200

The SHADOW 200 is a tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicle that will carry a suite of sensors, including high resolution cameras and laser systems, high above patrolling troops to provide detailed intelligence about enemy activity. Ground troops will be able to view footage and data from the aircraft in real-time on ground terminals.
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LAND 121 seeks to deliver a networked and integrated capability to the modernisation of the land forces.

Project LAND 121

Project LAND 121 is a multi-phase project that will provide field vehicles, modules and trailers, as well as through-life support, with greater versatility and lifespan than the assets currently in service.
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CAPT Hamilton from MTF 4, in front of a HUSKY Ground Penetrating Radar in Tarin Kot.


The threat of Improvised Explosive Devices has increased exponentially since 2006. It’s the weapon system of choice for insurgents because it doesn’t involve direct engagement with Western forces. The project dubbed NINGAUI will provide vehicles to assist in detection, clearance and bypass of explosive hazards to make roads safer for soldiers in Uruzgan province.
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