Australian Army Journal bound volumes

The Australian Army Journal commenced publication in 1948 and continued through to 1976. It was revitalised in 1999 and continues to this day.


Volume 11, Number 1, Winter 2014 (pdf, 2.8MB)

  • What Did We Learn from the War in Afghanistan? Captain Gareth Rice
  • Only the Strong Survive — CSS in the Disaggregated Battlespace Major Dean Clark
  • Raising a Female-centric Infantry Battalion: Do We Have the Nerve? Lieutenant Colonel Luke Carroll
  • The Increasing Need for Cyber Forensic Awareness and Specialisation in Army Captain Nathan Mark
  • Reinvigorating Education in the Australian Army Brigadier Chris Field
  • Journey to Peace: A True Story of Forgiveness and Reconciliation by Adam Joe Lawton Reviewed by Captain Andy Brayshaw
  • Total Destruction of the Tamil Tigers by Paul Moorcraft, Royal Canadian Air Force Reviewed by Major Chris Buckham
  • No Easy Day: The Firsthand Account of the Mission that Killed Osama Bin Laden by Matt Bissonnette (alias Mark Owen) Reviewed by Lieutenant Jacob Choi
  • Anthropologists in the SecurityScape: Ethics, Practice and Professional Identity by Robert Albro, George E. Marcus, Laura A. McNamara and Monica Schoch-Spana Reviewed by Scott Flower
  • Uncommon Soldier: The Story of the Making of Today’s Diggers by Chris Masters Reviewed by Iain Henry
  • Indian Foreign and Security Policy in South Asia: Regional Power Strategies by Sandra Destradi Reviewed by Ash Khan
  • The Australian Army from Whitlam to Howard by John Blaxland Reviewed by Bob Lowry
  • Every Nation For Itself: Winners and Losers in a G-Zero World by Ian Bremmer Reviewed by Ben Moles
  • The Valley’s Edge: A Year with the Pashtuns in the Heartland of the Taliban by Daniel R. Green Reviewed by Timothy Moore
  • Pacific 360°: Australia’s Battle for Survival in World War II by Roland Perry Reviewed by Wing Commander Mark Smith

Volume 11, Number 2, Summer 2014 (pdf, 4.5MB)

  • Operational Security in the Digital Age: Who is Being Targeted? Lieutenant-Colonel Martin White
  • Adapt and Overcome: Promoting Tactical Adaptation in the Post-Afghanistan Army Lieutenant Nicholas Barber
  • The Use of Armoured Personnel Carrier Squadrons within Combat Brigades Major Mitchell Watson
  • Logistics, Strategy and Tactics: Balancing the Art of War Lieutenant Colonel David Beaumont
  • Sir Basil Liddell Hart's Influence on Australian Military Doctrine Captain Sam Baumgarten
  • Canister! On! FIRE! Australian Tank Operations in Vietnam by Bruce Cameron Reviewed by Lieutenant Colonel Scott Winter
  • A Soldier's Soldier: A Biography of Lieutenant General Sir Thomas Daly by Jeffrey Grey Reviewed by Lieutenant Adam Chirgwin
  • Afghan Sun: Defence, Diplomacy, Development and the Taliban by Stuart Yeaman Reviewed by Colonel David Connery
  • Don't Mention the War: The Australian Defence Force, the Media and the Afghan Conflict by Kevin Foster Reviewed by Tom Hill
  • All the King's Men: The British Redcoat in the Era of Sword and Musket by Saul David Reviewed by Major Tim Inglis
  • Fromelles the Final Chapters: How the Buried Diggers were Identified and Their Lives Reclaimed by Tim Lycett and Sandra Playle Reviewed by Brian Manns
  • Australia 1943: The Liberation of New Guinea edited by Peter Dean Reviewed by Matt Miller

Volume 11, Number 1, Winter 2014 (pdf, 2.8MB)

  • What Did We Learn from the War in Afghanistan? Captain Gareth Rice
  • Only the Strong Survive — CSS in the Disaggregated Battlespace Major Dean Clark
  • Raising a Female-centric Infantry Battalion: Do We Have the Nerve? Lieutenant Colonel Luke Carroll
  • The Increasing Need for Cyber Forensic Awareness and Specialisation in Army Captain Nathan Mark
  • Reinvigorating Education in the Australian Army Brigadier Chris Field
  • Journey to Peace: A True Story of Forgiveness and Reconciliation by Adam Joe Lawton Reviewed by Captain Andy Brayshaw
  • Total Destruction of the Tamil Tigers by Paul Moorcraft, Royal Canadian Air Force Reviewed by Major Chris Buckham
  • No Easy Day: The Firsthand Account of the Mission that Killed Osama Bin Laden by Matt Bissonnette (alias Mark Owen) Reviewed by Lieutenant Jacob Choi
  • Anthropologists in the SecurityScape: Ethics, Practice and Professional Identity by Robert Albro, George E. Marcus, Laura A. McNamara and Monica Schoch-Spana Reviewed by Scott Flower
  • Uncommon Soldier: The Story of the Making of Today’s Diggers by Chris Masters Reviewed by Iain Henry
  • Indian Foreign and Security Policy in South Asia: Regional Power Strategies by Sandra Destradi Reviewed by Ash Khan
  • The Australian Army from Whitlam to Howard by John Blaxland Reviewed by Bob Lowry
  • Every Nation For Itself: Winners and Losers in a G-Zero World by Ian Bremmer Reviewed by Ben Moles
  • The Valley’s Edge: A Year with the Pashtuns in the Heartland of the Taliban by Daniel R. Green Reviewed by Timothy Moore
  • Pacific 360°: Australia’s Battle for Survival in World War II by Roland Perry Reviewed by Wing Commander Mark Smith

Volume 10, Number 4, Summer 2013 (pdf, 3.9MB)

  • Editorial
  • The Futility of Capability Arguments and the Army Approach to the 2014 Force Structure Review Lieutenant Colonel Martin White
  • Resetting Land Forces for Contingency Colonel Tim Law (British Army)
  • Plan Beersheba: The Combined Arms Imperative Behind the Reorganisation of the Army Colonel Craig Bickell
  • Shaping the Future Battlespace: Offensive Cyber Warfare Tools for the Planner Major Nicholas Rose
  • The Value of Generic Cultural Training Major Matthew Carr
  • TIMOR TIMUR: The Untold Story by Lieutenant General Kiki Syahnakri (retd), Indonesian Armed Forces Reviewed by Bob Lowry
  • Climate Change and Displacement Reader by Scott Leckie, Ezekiel Simperingham and Jordan Bakker (eds) Reviewed by Chris Baker
  • The Changi Camera: A Unique Record of Changi and the Thai-Burma Railway by Tim Bowden Reviewed by Dr Janda Gooding
  • The Passion of Bradley Manning: The Story Behind the Wikileaks Whistleblower by Chase Madar Reviewed by Steven L. Jones
  • Underdogs: The Making of the Modern Marine Corps by Aaron B. O’Connell Reviewed by Tristan Moss
  • Bill the Bastard by Roland Perry Reviewed by Margaret Palazzo
  • Rebel Rulers: Insurgent Governance and Civilian Life During War by Zachariah Cherion Mampilly Reviewed by Lieutenant Alexander Ryrie
  • One False Move, Bravest of the Brave: The Australian Mine Defusers in World War Two by Robert Macklin Reviewed by Warrant Officer Class One Wayne Schoer
  • Architecture in Uniform: Designing and Building for the Second World War by Jean-Louis Cohen Reviewed by Professor Peter Stanley

Volume 10, Number 3, 2013 "Culture Edition" (pdf, 3.5MB)

  • Chief of Army Foreword
  • Editorial
  • Serving Their Country: A Short History of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Service in the Australian Army Dr Noah Riseman
  • ‘A Homosexual Institution’: Same-sex Desire in the Army During World War II Dr Graham Willett and Dr Yorick Smaal
  • Steyrs and Sheilas: The Modern Role of Women in the Australian Army Lance Corporal Hannah Evans
  • Sexuality, Cohesion, Masculinity and Combat Motivation: Designing Personnel Policy to Sustain Capability Lieutenant Colonel Charles Knight
  • Religious Diversity in the Australian Army: The Next Diversity Frontier? Lieutenant Colonel Phillip Hoglin
  • Military Retirement: Reflections from Former Members of Special Operations Forces Kira Harris, Dr Eyal Gringart and Dr Deirdre Drake
  • Hazing in the ADF: A culture of denial? Dr Richard Evans
  • The Myths of Cultural Awareness: Culture Does Not Eat Strategy for Breakfast Captain David M. Bergman, Swedish Armed Forces
  • Securing Army’s Future: Enhancing Career Management Major General Angus Campbell, Dr Corinne Manning and Brigadier Paul Nothard
  • Learning to Add Value: Fostering Cultures of Effective Learning in the Australian Army Steven Talbot
  • Family Friendly Army — First Class Policy, Second Class Implementation Lieutenant Colonel Kirsty Skinner and Ms Chloe Diggins
  • From Institution to Occupation: Australian Army Culture in Transition Anthony John
  • Army’s Spirit Warrant Officer David Ashley
  • Brothers and Sisters in Arms: Experiences of Gay Soldiers in the Australian Army Captain Dominic Lopez
  • On the Culture of the Australian Army Richard Hughes
  • Fifty Shades of Grey: Officer Culture in the Australian Army Captain James Brown
  • Lost in Translation – Plight of the Embed Author known only as ‘Airman Skippy Zed’

Volume 10, Number 1, Autumn 2013 (pdf, 4.4MB)

  • Editorial
  • Interview with Major General Ian Gordon, AO (retd)
  • Interview with Warrant Officer Peter Rosemond, CSC, OAM (retd)
  • Applied Strategy from the Australian Perspective Lieutenant General David Morrison, AO
  • Niche Threat? Organic Peroxides as Terrorist Explosives Mark Bali
  • F3EA — A Targeting Paradigm for Contemporary Warfare Mitch Ferry
  • Australian Artillery After Afghanistan Captains Mike Squire, James Groves and Chris O’Brien
  • Non-Linear Manoeuvre: A Paradigm Shift for the Dismounted Combat Platoon Lieutenant M.J. Tink
  • The China Choice: Why America Should Share Power by Hugh White Reviewed by Andrew O’Neil
  • The Artist and the Warrior: Military History through the Eyes of the Masters by Theodore K. Raab Reviewed by Dr Claire Baddeley
  • The Kokoda Campaign 1942: Myth and Reality by Peter Williams Reviewed by Lieutenant Colonel Gavin Keating
  • Exit Wounds: One Australian’s War on Terror by Major General John Cantwell (Retd) with Greg Bearup Reviewed by Dr John Blaxland
  • Hell’s Battlefield: The Australians in New Guinea in World War II by Phillip Bradley Reviewed by John Moremon
  • The Battle for Lone Pine: Four Days of Hell at the Heart of Gallipoli by David W. Cameron Reviewed by Dr Karl James
  • Defence Acquisition Reform 1960–2009: An Elusive Goal by J. Ronald Fox Reviewed by Scott Richardson
  • Anzacs in the Middle East: Australian soldiers, their allies and the local people in World War II by Mark Johnston Reviewed by Tristan Moss

Volume 9, Number 3, Summer 2012 (pdf, 5.6MB)

  • Editorial
  • An Interview with Lieutenant General (Retired) Francis Hickling
  • An Interview with Warrant Officer Kevin Woods
  • Unarmed Combat in the ADF: The Next Evolution Warrant Officer Class Two Eddie Walsh
  • Is Parachute Capability Still Relevant to Modern Expeditionary Operations? Major Paul Scanlan
  • Train Better, Fight Best Major Ben McLennan
  • Knife, Can Opener or Screwdriver? Training Australia's Land Force to be the Swiss Army Knife of the Future Allison Casey
  • Decision-Making at the Tactical Level Captain Scott Holmes
  • Understanding and Defeating a Complex Adaptive System Lieutenant Colonel Ian Langford
  • Individual Decision-Making in Complex Environments Lieutenant Colonel Mick Say and Lieutenant Colonel Ben Pronk
  • On the Preposterousness of Population-Centricity Lieutenant Colonel Nick Floyd
  • Fighting China: Airsea Battle and Australia Justin Kelly
  • A Contest for Supremacy: China, America, and the Struggle for Mastery in Asia by Aaron L Friedberg Reviewed by Dr Michael Lankowski
  • The Ashgate Research Companion to War: Origins and Prevention by Hall Gardner and Oleg Kobteff (eds) Reviewed by Dr David Connery
  • Fighting to the Finish: the Australian Army and the Vietnam War, 1968-1975 by Ashley Ekins and Ian McNeill Reviewed by Thomas Richardson
  • Australia and Appeasement: Imperial Foreign Policy and the Origins of World War II by Christopher Waters Reviewed by Augustine Meaher PhD
  • Good Fences, Bad Neighbours: Border Fixity and International Conflict by Boaz Atzili Reviewed by Ryan D Griffiths
  • The Hard Slog: Australians in the Bougainville Campaign, 1944-45 by Karl James Reviewed by Charles D Melson
  • Conducting Counterinsurgency: Reconstruction Task Force 4 in Afghanistan by David Connery, David Cran and David Evered Reviewed by Lieutenant Colonel Chris Smith
  • The Chinese Army Today: Tradition and Transformation for the 21st Century by Dennis J Blasko Reviewed by Dr Jingdong Yuan
  • Then Came the Fire: Personal Accounts from the Pentagon, 11 September 2001 by Stephen J Lofgren (ed) Review by Colonel (Retd) Mike Lovell
  • Alan Bishop Stretton
  • Major General Cedric Maudsley Ingram ‘Sandy’ Pearson AO, DSO, OBE, MC

Volume 9, Number 2, Winter 2012 (pdf, 2.8MB)

  • Editorial
  • Army After Afghanistan Lieutenant General David Morrison
  • Australia and the Neglect of Defence: Echoes of 1942 in the Formulation of Present Security Policy Dr Albert Palazzo
  • Army's All Corps Training into the Future Brigadier David Luhrs
  • The Military Needs More Disruptive Thinkers Benjamin Kohlmann
  • Disruptive Thinkers: Defining the Problem Peter Munson
  • Counter-IED Strategy in Modern War Captain David F Eisler
  • Remaining Timely and Relevant: Two Key Challenges for Army's Intelligence Capability Post-Afghanistan Lieutenant Colonel Scott Gills
  • Psychological Operations (PSYOPS) within the Australian Intelligence Corps: Should it Stay or Should it Go? Warrant Officer Class Two Dallas Sharp
  • ANZAC Day Address: Kandahar Airfield, Southern Afghanistan, 25 April 2012 Brigadier Chris Field
  • Combat Focus: A Commanders Responsibility in the Formation, Development and Training of Todays Combat Team Captain Scott Klima
  • A Simple Operation: The Japanese Invasion of Christmas Island Colonel Tim Gellel
  • Transforming Command and Six Essential Elements of Leadership Reviewed by Brigadier Chris Field
  • Anzacs Dirty Dozen: 12 Myths of Australian Military History by Craig Stockings (ed) Reviewed by Major Dayton McCarthy
  • Bully Beef and Balderdash; Some myths of the AIF Examined and Debunked by Graham Wilson Reviewed by Justin Kelly
  • Sir William Glasgow: soldier, senator and diplomat by Peter Edgar Reviewed by Dr Robert Stevenson
  • Boredom is the Enemy: The Intellectual and Imaginative Lives of Australian Soldiers in the Great War and Beyond by Amanda Laugesen Reviewed by Dr Craig Wilcox
  • Operation Anaconda: Americas First Major Battle in Afghanistan by Lester W Grau and Dodge Billingsley Reviewed by WO2 Ian Kuring
  • The Sixth Wave: How to Succeed in a Resource Limited World by James Bradfield Moody & Bianca Nogrady Reviewed by Major Cameron Leckie
  • Warrant Officer Class One Wally Thompson, OAM

Volume 9, Number 1, Autumn 2012 (pdf, 3.0MB)

  • Editorial
  • Developing Joint Amphibious Capability: Chief of Army's Address at the Royal Australian Navy Sea Power Conference Lieutenant General David Morrison, AO
  • Reclaiming Volunteerism: How a Reconception Can Build a More Professional Army Reserve Lieutenant Alex Douglas
  • Improving Training Yield: In-Unit Collective Training to Win the Land Battle Major Grant Chambers, CSM
  • Visualising Adaptive Campaigning: Influence Diagrams in Support of Concept Development Daniel Bilusich, Fred D J Bowden, Svetoslav Gaidow
  • Exploitation Intelligence: A New Intelligence Discipline? Lieutenant Colonel Charles Faint
  • Ambition and Adversity: Developing an Australian Military Force, 1901-1914 Jean Bou
  • The Birth, Life and Death of the 1st Australian Armoured Division Lieutenant Zach Lambert
  • Up Front Thinking Lieutenant Colonel Scott Winter
  • Amphibian Deployment and Sustainment: Further Investments Essential to Realise the Dream Captain Anthony Bamford
  • The Agile Commander: In the Adaptive Army Captain Matthew Jefferies
  • The Distributed Manoeuvre Battle: Preparing Combat Service Support Elements Captain Geoffrey Orton
  • The Viet Cong D445 Battalion: Their Story by Ernest Chamberlain Reviewed by Dr Bob Hall
  • Elite Fighting Forces by Jeremy Black (ed) Reviewed by Lieutenant Colonel Ben Pronk
  • Soldiers: Army Lives and Loyalties from Redcoats to Dusty Warriors by Richard Holmes Reviewed by Major Tim Inglis
  • Middle Power Dreaming by John Cotton and John Ravenhill (eds) Reviewed by Andrew Carr
  • Charting Chinas Future by David Shambaugh (ed) Reviewed by Dr Jingdong Yuan
  • Maritime Power and the Law of the Sea by James Kraska Reviewed by Allison Casey
  • The Future of Power by Joseph S Nye Jr Reviewed by David Goyne
  • New Wars and New Soldiers: Military Ethics in the Contemporary World by Paolo Tripodi and Jessica Wolfendale (eds) Reviewed by Dr Lacy Pejcinovic

Volume 8, Number 3, Summer 2011 (pdf, 2.1MB)

  • Editorial
  • Living in the Twilight Zone: Advising the Afghan National Army at the Corps Level Lieutenant Colonel Gavin Keating
  • Ten Tips for Tactical Commanders Major Mark Popov
  • Engineering from the Sea: Establishing How Australian Army Engineers Fit Into Australia's Amphibious Concept Major Michael Scott
  • Preliminary Moves: The Royal Military College and the Professionalisation of the Officer Corps, 1910-1947 Major Dayton McCarthy
  • How Whole is Whole of Government? The Reality of Australian Responses to Offshore Contingencies Rodger Shanahan
  • The Reserve Response Force and Public Safety Lieutenant Colonel Peter Woodward
  • Operation QUEENSLANDER: Ten Ideas for Australian Defence Force Support to Disaster Relief Operations Brigadier Chris Field
  • The Battle of Pinios Gorge: A Study of a Broken Anzac Brigade Craig Stockings
  • The Anzac Man Reviewed by Michael Easson
  • In the Face of the Enemy: One Battalions Story Reviewed by Brigadier Richard Iron, British Army
  • The Korean War: Australia in the Giants Playground by Cameron Forbes Reviewed by Allan R Millet
  • Do Unto Others: Counter Bombardment in Australia's Military Campaigns by Alan H Smith Reviewed by Major General Tim Ford
  • Non-Governmental Organizations in World Politics: The Construction of Global Governments by Peter Willetts Reviewed by Sue Thompson
  • Fallen Sentinel: Australian Tanks in World War II by Peter Beale Reviewed by Colonel Jason Thomas
  • Lieutenant General Sir Donald Beaumont Dunstan, AC, KBE, CB

Volume 8, Number 2, Winter 2011 (pdf, 4.3MB)

  • Editorial
  • Counterinsurgency in Uruzgan 2009 Colonel P J Connolly
  • The Implications of Cultural Entrenchment for Counterinsurgency Operations Nathan Coultis
  • COINs in the Dust: Battlespace Commanding and Counterinsurgency in Afghanistan Major Mark Popov
  • Refining the Military Appreciation Process for Adaptive Campaigning Captain David L Walker
  • Army Aviation 2030: Aligning the Army Aviation Capability with the Army Objective Force 2030 Major Keith Wylie
  • Cause for Engagement: Examining the Case for Foreign Area Officers in Army Major Cate Carter
  • Combat Fitness: Adapt or Die Major James Davis
  • An Opportunity Not To Be Wasted: What Army Should Require of the Australian Defence Force Academy Major Ross Cable
  • Why AB Initio? The Importance of AB Initio Recruiting in the Australian Regular Army Lieutenant Colonel Phillip Hoglin
  • Reflections on Command Colonel Rupert Hoskin
  • Linking Strategy and Tactics Jim Molan
  • Two Paeans to Professionalism Reviewed by Captain Dayton McCarthy
  • Triple Success from Army History Unit Reviewed by Ian van der Waag
  • The Last Knight: A biography of General Sir Phillip Bennett AC, KBE, DSO by Robert Lowry Reviewed by Nick Jans
  • Australia and the New World Order: From peacekeeping to peace-enforcement, 1988-1991 by David Horner Reviewed by Kim Beazley
  • The Strategy Bridge: Theory for Practice by Colin S Gray Reviewed by Antulio J Echevarria II
  • Afgantsy: the Russians in Afghanistan 1979-89 by Rodric Braithwaite Reviewed by Brigadier Richard Iron
  • When God Made Hell: The British Invasion of Mesopotamia and the Creation of Iraq 1914-1921 by Charles Townshend Reviewed by David Goyne
  • The Media at War by Susan L Carruthers Reviewed by Cynthia Banham
  • The Road to Singapore: The Myth of British Betrayal by Augustine Meaher IV Reviewed by John Connor
  • Anzac Fury: The Bloody Battle of Crete 1941 by Peter Thompson Reviewed by Eleanor Hancock
  • Crumps and Camouflets: Australian Tunnelling Companies on the Western Front by Damien Finlayson Reviewed by Michael Molkentin
  • Brigadier Phillip Jamieson Greville, CBE

Volume 8, Number 1, Autumn 2011 (pdf, 1.1MB)

  • Editorial
  • Defeating the Taliban's Shadow Government: Winning the Population through Synchronised Governance, Development and Security Efforts Lieutenant Daniel R Green
  • The Coin Environment: The Integration and Execution of Lethal and Non-Lethal Effects at the Tactical Level Platoon Team Lessons from MRTF-2 in Afghanistan Captain Matt Proud
  • Getting the Balance Right: The Australian Command and Staff College and the Part-Time Option Lieutenant Colonel Sean L Estrange
  • Matching Supply and Demand in ADF Specialist Health Support: A Proposal Major Michael C Reade
  • Not Hearts and Minds: Civil-Military Cooperation in OBG(W)3 Lieutenant Colonel Mark Armstrong
  • RASIGS Integration into the Explosive Ordnance Disposal Team Signalman R D Larner
  • Australia's Amphibious Ambition Captain Dean Clark
  • Wool Gathering in the CO's Office Lieutenant Colonel Rupert Hoskin
  • Zombie Myths of Australian Military History: The Ten Myths That Will Not Die by Craig Stockings (ed) Reviewed by Captain Dayton McCarthy
  • The Soldier: A History of Courage, Sacrifice and Brotherhood by Darren Moore Reviewed by David Goyne
  • The Ashgate Research Companion to Modern Warfare by George Kassimeris and John Buckley (eds) Reviewed by Gary Sheffield
  • To Salamaua by Phillip Bradley Reviewed by John Moremon
  • How to Win on the Battlefield: The 25 Key Tactics of All Time by Rob Johnson and Michael Whitby Reviewed by Lieutenant Colonel Jason Thomas
  • The New Global Insecurity: How Terrorism, Environmental Collapse, Economic Inequalities, and Resource Shortages are Changing Our World by Fathali M Moghaddam Reviewed by Michael Lankowski
  • Vietnam on Canvas Ken McFadyen, an Artist at War by Sandra Finger Lee Reviewed by Brigadier David Webster
  • War by Sebastian Junger Reviewed by Major Andrew Shum

Volume 7, Number 3, Summer 2010 (pdf, 2.7MB)

  • Editorial
  • Boldness Be My Friend: Why the High Risk Plan is Often the Safest (and the Most Successful) Lieutenant Colonel Richard Barrett
  • Combatants in Afghanistan: What's in a Name? Dominic Bowen
  • Size Matters: Turning to Small Teams to Succeed at Counterinsurgency Sergeant P A Dehnert
  • Winning the COIN Toss: Combined Arms and Tanks in Afghanistan Captain Tim Tiller
  • Counterinsurgency 3.0 Peter Charles Choharis and James A Gavrilis
  • Big Books on Small Wars: Milestones or Millstones in Counterinsurgency Thinking? Captain Dayton McCarthy
  • Abandoning the Temple: John Boyd and Contemporary Strategy Lieutenant Colonel Jason Thomas
  • Risk Management in Theatre Strategic and Operational Planning Commander Stephen P Ferris
  • The Enterprising Soldier Colonel Chris Field
  • Stabilising Complex Adaptive Systems: Using Complexity Theory in Operational Design for Stabilisation and Support Operations Major Robert K Calhoun and Captain Brendan F Hayward
  • The Universal Infantry William F Owen
  • Rethinking Information Dominance and Influence Battlespace Effects Major Jason Logue
  • Offensive Information Operations: A Key Enabler for the Land Force Lieutenant Colonel James Roche
  • The Broken Years: Australian Soldiers in the Great War by Bill Gammage Reviewed by Peter Stanley
  • Counterinsurgency by David Kilcullen Reviewed by Peter Leahy
  • Diggers and Greeks by Maria Hill Reviewed by Karl James
  • The Science of War by Michael E O'Hanlon Reviewed by Mark Thomson
  • The Thin Blue Line by Conor Foley Reviewed by Tristan Moss
  • Wired for War by Peter Singer Reviewed by Richard S Bowyer
  • Bloody Victory by William Philpott Reviewed by Albert Palazzo
  • Embedded by Wesley R Gray Reviewed by Graeme Sligo
  • Mud & Dust by Michael K Cecil Reviewed by Ian Kuring

Volume 7, Number 2, Winter 2010 (pdf, 3.2MB)

  • Editorial
  • Of Fuzzy Writing and Fatalities Ross Buckley
  • Contemporary Warfare, the Utility of Infantry, and Implications for the Project Land 400 Combined Arms Fighting System Chris Smith, Tony Duus and Simeon Ward
  • Who Should Drive in the Motorised Battalion? Warrant Officer Class Two Kent Davies
  • The Blind Spot in Robot-Enabled Warfare: Deeper Implications of the IED Challenge Dr Patrick Hew
  • Rat Pack Chat Private Cameron Robison
  • The History of the Soldiers Load Lieutenant Rob Orr
  • Operation Lavarack: Phuoc Tuy Province, Vietnam, 1969 Len Johnson
  • Slaughter of the Innocents: The Destruction of the 18th Battalion at Gallipoli, August 1915 Tony Cunneen
  • Bardia: Myth, Reality and the Heirs of ANZAC Colonel Darren Kerr
  • Calling Out the Troops Dr Hugh Smith
  • Malaya by Brian Farrell and Garth Pratten Reviewed by Mark Johnston
  • Prisoners of the Japanese: POWs of World War II in the Pacific by Gavan Daws Reviewed by John McCarthy
  • Managing Civil-Military Cooperation by Sebastiaan J H Rietjens and Myriame T I B Bollen (eds) Reviewed by Major Richard Peace

Volume 7, Number 1, Autumn 2010 (pdf, 4.4MB)

  • Editorial
  • Assessing Afghanistan against Aden and Oman: A Euphemism for Capitulation or the Seeds of Success? Lieutenant Colonel Jon Hawkins
  • Australian Special Forces in Afghanistan: Supporting Australia in the Long War Major Ian Langford
  • Five Challenges for Future Infantry: Thinking about Adaptation and Change Colonel Chris Field
  • Looking for the Hedgehog Idea Justin Kelly and Mike Brennan
  • Autonomic and Sense and Respond Logistics: The Foxhole to Factory to Foxhole Continuum of Combat Service Support Major Ray Hingst and Greg Gunter
  • Hybrid, Complex, Conventional, Fourth-Generation Counterinsurgency: Its Decision that Still Matters Most Albert Palazzo and Antony Trentini
  • Adaptive Campaigning: Is it Adaptive Enough? Lieutenant Colonel Jason Thomas
  • Citizen Soldier Major Cate Carter
  • Notes on Command for Commanding Officers: F rom a Brigade Commander Major General Stephen Day
  • Applying Nagl: Military Organisational Change and American Counterinsurgency in Iraq David Kuehn
  • Practice Makes Perfect: Army Simulation Wing and Mission-Specific Training Major Stan Carnes and Steven Holloway
  • Close Combat: Army's Fundamental Skill Major James Davis
  • War and the Strategist of the Twenty-First Century Brigadier David Coghlan
  • Vietnam War Memoir Brigadier Nick Jans
  • The Strategy of Terrorism How it Works and Why it Fails by Peter R Neumann and Michael L R Smith Reviewed by Major Jason Harley
  • Sorry, lads, but the order is to go The August Offensive, Gallipoli: 1915 by David W Cameron Reviewed by Rhys Crawley
  • Light Horse: A History of Australia's Mounted Arm by Jean Bou Reviewed by John Donovan
  • Captain Bullens War: The Vietnam War diary of Captain John Bullen by Paul Ham (ed) Reviewed by Bob Hall
  • The Human Face of War by Jim Storr Reviewed by Justin Kelly
  • The Good Soldiers by David Finkel Reviewed by Major Andrew Shum
  • Australian Battalion Commanders in the Second World War by Garth Pratten Reviewed by Craig Stockings

Volume 6, Number 3, Summer 2009 "The Adaptive Army" (pdf, 1.7MB)

  • Editorial
  • The Adaptive Army Initiative Lieutenant General K J Gillespie
  • Measuring Success and Failure in an Adaptive Army Lieutenant Colonel Mick Ryan
  • Adaptive Campaigning and the Need to Empower our Junior Leaders to Deliver the I'm an Australian Soldier Initiative: A Continuing Challenge for the Commander and the RSM Warrant Officer Class One David Ashley
  • OODA Versus ASDA: Metaphors at War Justin Kelly and Mike Brennan
  • Fixed, Determined, Inviolable Military Organisational Culture and Adaptation Lieutenant Colonel Scott Winter
  • The Foundation for an Adaptive Approach: Insights from the Science of Complex Systems Alex Ryan
  • Solving Twenty-First Century Problems with Cold War Metaphors: Reconciling the Army's Future Land Operating Concept with Doctrine Lieutenant Colonel Chris Smith
  • Adapt or Die: Operational Design and Adaptation Lieutenant Colonel Trent Scott
  • Learning to Leverage New Media: The Israeli Defence Forces in Recent Conflicts Lieutenant General William B Caldwell IV , US Army
  • Tactical Generals: Leaders, Technology, and the Perils of Battlefield Micromanagement Dr P W Singer
  • Smug and Complacent? Operation TELIC: the need for critical analysis Dr Daniel Marston
  • How Stupid Are We? Lieutenant Colonel Richard King
  • Killing Civilians: Method, Madness and Morality in War by Hugo Slim Reviewed by Dr Narelle Biedermann
  • The Proud 6th: An illustrated history of the 6th Australian Division, 1939-45 by Mark Johnston Reviewed by Phil Bradley
  • Chemical Warfare in Australia: Australia's Involvement in Chemical Warfare 1914-1945 by Geoff Plunkett Reviewed by John Donovan
  • Forgotten ANZACS: The Campaign in Greece, 1941 by Peter Ewer Reviewed by Glyn Harper
  • Australian Battalion Commanders in the Second World War by Garth Pratten Reviewed by Craig Stockings
  • Bad Strategies: How Major Powers Fail in Counterinsurgency by James S Corum Reviewed by Campbell Micallef

Volume 6, Number 2, Winter 2009 (pdf, 1.6MB)

  • Editorial
  • The Adaptive Officer: Think, Communicate and Influence Colonel John Hutcheson
  • How Much is Enough in Afghanistan? Major General Jim Molan
  • Thoughts for Australian Planners in Afghanistan Lieutenant Colonel Brett Chaloner
  • A Proactive Mental Approach: Lessons of a Contemporary Combat Team Commander Major J M Greenshields
  • Support to Operation Victorian Fires Assist: Four Lessons in Defence Base Support Colonel Chris Field
  • Beyond Cultural Awareness: Anthropology as an Aid to the Formulation and Execution of Military Strategy in the Twenty-First Century Colonel Roger Noble
  • A Somewhatheretical Proposal for the Future of Communications in the Army Reserve Major P J Beor
  • The Army Community of Practice: Becoming a Learning Environment Warrant Officer Class One Glynn Potter
  • Preparing Our Soldiers for Operations Within Complex Human Terrain Environments Major Jason Hayes
  • Deadly Pride and the Infamous Case of Post 11 Craig Stockings
  • Enhancing Platoon Groups: Adaption, Diffusion and Empowerment in Land Warfare Captain Benjamin Watson
  • The Accidental Guerrilla by David Kilcullen Reviewed by Peter Mansoor
  • Power and Military Effectiveness: The Fallacy of Democratic Triumphalism by Michael C Desch Reviewed by Ross Mallett
  • A Thousand Miles of Battles: The Saga of the Australian Light Horse in WW1 by Ian Jones Reviewed by Jean Bou
  • Between Victor and Vanquished ATIS Interrogators in the Pacific War by Arthur Page Reviewed by Colonel Terry McCullagh
  • Extraordinary Justice: Military Tribunals in Historical and International Context by Peter Judson Richards Reviewed by Wing Commander Terence O'Connor
  • The Secret War: A True History of Queensland's Native Police by Jonathan Richards Reviewed by Major Murray Stewart
  • The War of Ideas: Jihad Against Democracy by Walid Phares Reviewed by Lieutenant Colonel Jason Thomas

Volume 6, Number 1, Autumn 2009 (pdf, 2.0MB)

  • Editorial
  • Know Thy Enemy & Thyself: Understanding the Gravity of our Japanese Threat Bob Wurth
  • Taking Tactics from the Taliban: Tactical Principles for Commanders Major Michael Bassingthwaighte
  • Defending the Indefensible: The Defence of Superior Orders for War Crimes Warrant Officer Class Two Brad Copelin
  • The Role of the Military Police in Enhancing ADF-AFP Interoperability on Peace and Stability Operations Captain Damian Eaton
  • Civil-Military Cooperation in Complex Emergencies Susan Hutchinson
  • Humint-Centric Operations: The Way Forward for Australian Land Forces in Complex Environments Major Brett Mousley
  • Present Deficiencies in the Australian Army's Combat Engineering Equipment Antony Trentini
  • Overcoming Friction: A Model for Population-Centric Operations Katherine Phillips and Oriana Scherr
  • Bang on Target? Infantry Marksmanship and Combat Effectiveness in Vietnam Dr Bob Hall and Dr Andrew Ross
  • The Burden of Bonuses Lieutenant Colonel Phillip Hoglin
  • A Little Bit Pregnant: Israel and Partial Deterrence Dr Rodger Shanahan
  • A Case Study of Indigenous Brothers in Arms during the First World War Captain Timothy C Winegard
  • Chinas Rise Major Imogen Serfontein
  • Ethics Education in the Military by Paul Robinson, Nigel de Lee and Don Carrick (eds) Reviewed by Alan Howes and Ian Hampson and David Jackson and Stephen Coleman and Clyde Appleby and Alyssa Badgery
  • Duty First: A History of the Royal Australian Regiment (2nd edition) by David Horner and Jean Bou (eds) Reviewed by Karl James
  • To Conquer Hell: The Meuse-Argonne, 1918 by Edward G Lengel Reviewed by Dr Douglas V Johnson II
  • The Punishment of Virtue: Inside Afghanistan after the Taliban by Sarah Chayes Reviewed by Lieutenant Commander Glenn Kerr
  • The Battle for Wau: New Guineas Frontline 1942-43 by Phillip Bradley Reviewed by John Moremon
  • Carry Me Home: The Life and Death of Private Jake Kovco by Dan Box Reviewed by Wing Commander Terence OConnor

Volume 5, Number 3, Summer 2008 (pdf, 1.9MB)

  • Editorial
  • An Adaptive Army Lieutenant General Ken Gillespie AO DSC CSM
  • Military Operations in the 21st Century: A Cultural Cringe? Colonel Michael Lehmann
  • Flying a Plane While in the Process of Building It: Reflections on Iraq Major Michael Scott
  • War of the People: Counterinsurgency Education for Non-Commissioned Officers Warrant Officer Michael Craig
  • Post-Operational Debriefing in the Australian Army Jennifer Medbury
  • No Casualties Please, We're Soldiers Albert Palazzo
  • What Motivates Suicide Attackers? Bombardier Alexander Howe
  • Future War Future Warfare Justin Kelly
  • Adaptive Campaigning: One Marines Perspective Major Charles Dockery, USMC
  • Adaptive Campaigning: Implications for Operational Health Support S J Neuhaus, N I Klinge, R M Mallet and D H M Saul
  • How the Army Learned to Plan but Forgot How to Think Lieutenant Colonel Richard King
  • Welfare Warfighters and Adaptive Campaigning Colonel Chris Field
  • Opening Address: 2008 Chief of Army's Military History Conference Lieutenant General Ken Gillespie AO DSC CSM
  • The Provincial Reconstruction Teams and Their Part in Stabilisation: What's in a Name? Lieutenant Colonel Matthew Jackson & Doctor Stuart Gordon
  • Avoiding the issues: David Burings review of The Minefield: An Australian tragedy in Vietnam Greg Lockhart
  • Firearms: The Life Story of a Technology by Roger Pauly Reviewed by Antony Trentini
  • The Wehrmacht: History, Myth, Reality by Wolfam Wette Reviewed by Russell A Hart
  • Robert E Lee: Icon for a Nation by Brian Holden Reid Reviewed by Scott Hopkins
  • Forgotten Lunatics of the Great War by Peter Barham Reviewed by John McCarthy
  • Counterinsurgency in Modern Warfare by Daniel Marston and Carter Malkasian (eds) Reviewed by Lieutenant Colonel Mark ONeill
  • Running the War in Iraq: An Australian general, 300,000 troops, the bloodiest conflict of our time by Jim Molan Reviewed by Albert Palazzo
  • General Sir Francis Hassett
  • Alec Jeffrey Hill

Volume 5, Number 2, Winter 2008 "Counterinsurgency" (pdf, 2.3MB)

  • Editorial
  • Introduction by the Chief of Army Lieutenant General Peter Leahy AC
  • Australia's Counterinsurgencies: A Brief History Jeff Grey
  • New Challenges and Old Concepts: Understanding 21st Century Insurgency Steven Metz
  • Back to the Future: The Enduring Characteristics of Insurgency and Counterinsurgency Lieutenant Colonel Mark ONeill
  • Learning Counterinsurgency: Observations from Soldiering in Iraq Lieutenant General David H Petraeus
  • Anbar Awakens: The Tipping Point Major Niel Smith and Colonel Sean Macfarland
  • Combating a Modern Insurgency: Combined Task Force Devil in Afghanistan Colonel Patrick Donahue and Lieutenant Colonel Michael Fenzel
  • Not Quite Counterinsurgency: A Cautionary Tale for US Forces Based on Israel's Operation Change of Direction Captain Daniel Helmer
  • Canadian Armour in Afghanistan Major Trevor Cadieu, CD
  • Air Powers Illusion? Israel's 2006 Campaign in the Lebanon Group Captain Neville Parton
  • Post-Modern Challenges for Modern Warriors Lieutenant General Sir John Kiszely
  • Defeating Insurgencies: Adaptive Campaigning and an Australian Way of War Lieutenant Colonel Trent Scott
  • Thoughts of a Practitioner: A Contribution to Australia's Counterinsurgency Doctrine Drafters Major General Jim Molan
  • The Most Reverend John Aloysius Morgan
  • Major General A L Morrison

Volume 5, Number 1, Autumn 2008 (pdf, 2.6MB)

  • Editorial
  • Reconsidering the 1968 Tet Offensive James H Willbanks
  • Contested Nation-Building: The Challenge of Countering Insurgency in Afghanistan in 2007 Colonel John Frewen
  • We Were Soldiers Once The Decline of the Royal Australian Infantry Corps? Major Jim Hammett
  • Enhancing Operational Capability: Making Infantry More Deployable Captain Greg Colton
  • Towards a National Security Strategy for Australia Major Steve Forrest
  • Australian Army Aviation and Command in the Combined Arms Environment: A Cultural Shift Required? Major Kim Gilfillan
  • Primacy and the Unipolar Moment: The Debate over American Power in an Asymmetrical World William Thomas Allison
  • From Red to Blue: China and Peacekeeping Loro Horta
  • Incentive Options for Performance-Based Logistic Contracts Elizabeth Barber
  • The Red Rats and Phuoc Tuy Captain Ian Hutchison
  • The Minefield: An Australian Tragedy in Vietnam by Greg Lockhart Reviewed by Brigadier David Buring (Retd.)
  • The Echo of Battle: The Army's Way of War by Brian McAllister Linn Reviewed by Albert Palazzo
  • Doves Over the Pacific: In Pursuit of Peace and Stability on Bougainville by Reuben R E Bowd Reviewed by Colonel Bob Breen
  • Swords and Ploughshares: Bringing Peace to the 21st Century by Paddy Ashdown Reviewed by Colonel Marcus Fielding
  • Through Mobility We Conquer: The Mechanization of US Cavalry by George F Hofmann Reviewed by Dr Jean Bou
  • 3 Para by Patrick Bishop Reviewed by James Cameron
  • Soldiers Heart: Reading Literature Through Peace and War at West Point by Elizabeth D Samet Reviewed by Natalia Forrest

Volume 4, Number 3, Summer 2007 (pdf, 1.9MB)

  • Editorial
  • Partnership or membership? Australia and NATO in the Global War on Terror Jeffrey Grey
  • Peak Oil And The Australian Army Major Cameron Leckie
  • Muddy Boots IO: The Rise of Soldier Blogs Major Elizabeth L. Robbins, U.S. Army
  • The combat exclusion of women in the military: paternalistic protection or military need? Major Scott Davison
  • Character and the Strategic Soldier: The Development of Moral Leadership for the All Corps Soldier Training Continuum Chaplain David Grulke and Chaplain Mark Hinton
  • Reading: The Military Profession and the Course of History Scott Hopkins
  • Hardened, Networked and Commercially Capable: Army and Contractor Support on Operations Brigadier David Saul
  • Tactical Operational Analysis Support to a Commander on Operations Colonel Andrew Condon
  • Implementing an Adaptive Approach in Non-Kinetic Counterinsurgency Operations Lieutenant Colonel Mick Ryan
  • The 1st Australian Division in 1917: A snapshot Lieutenant Colonel Robert Stevenson
  • Engineers in Counterinsurgency: A Different Approach Major F. J. Cross
  • Contemporary perspectives on private military contractors Reviewed by Antony Trentini
  • The Torch and the Sword: A History of the Army Cadet Movement in Australia, by Craig Stockings Reviewed by Lieutenant General John Coates (Retd)
  • Vietnam: The Australian War by Paul Ham Reviewed by Brigadier John Essex-Clark (Retd)
  • Everyday Jihad: The Rise of Militant Islam Among Palestinians in Lebanon by Bernard Rougier Reviewed by Lieutenant Colonel Jason Thomas
  • Taken By Force: Rape and American GIs in Europe during World War II, by J Robert Lilly Reviewed by Narelle Biedermann
  • Prisoners of the Japanese Literary Imagination and the Prisoner of War Experience by Roger Bourke Reviewed by Captain Kate Tollenaar
  • General Ulysses S. Grant: The Soldier and the Man by Edward G Longacre Reviewed by Joseph K Smith
  • Rommel's Desert Commanders: The Men Who Served the Desert Fox, North Africa, 1941-42 by Samuel W Mitcham Jr Reviewed by Antony Trentini

Volume 4, Number 2, Winter 2007 (pdf, 1.8MB)

  • The Past Is Prologue
  • Iraq and the consequences of failure Max Boot
  • What is the Battle for Australia? Peter Stanley
  • Health Support to Complex Warfighting: More than just Deploy the Level Three Lieutenant Colonel Shaun Fletcher
  • Germs For Generals: Biological threat assessment in a changing world order Captain Tim Inglis
  • Are You Teaching Me What I Need T o Learn? Assessing Army Reserve Officer Training from a Staff Cadets Perspective Second Lieutenant Aaron P. Jackson
  • Harnessing The Spectrum: Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance (ISTAR) for the Hardened and Networked Army Colonel John C. Blaxland
  • The Lessons of 2006: Army Operations in East Timor and Solomon Islands Colonel John Hutcheson
  • Regime Change: Planning and Managing Military-Led Interventions as Projects Colonel Marcus Fielding
  • The Other Side of the COIN: Reconstruction Operations in Southern Afghanistan Lieutenant Colonel Mick Ryan
  • The Study of Military History Colonel E. G. Keogh, MBE, ED
  • General John Stuart Baker
  • Perspectives from the Coalface: The Battle for Fallujah Albert Palazzo
  • Battling the Inevitable: Strategic Trends in Myth and Reality Natalia Forrest
  • An Introduction to the Causes of War: Patterns of Interstate Conflict from World War I to Iraq by Greg Cashman and Leonard C Robinson Reviewed by Dr Gregory P . Gilbert
  • War Made New: Technology, Warfare and the Course of History to Today by Max Boot Reviewed by Antony Trentini

Volume 4, Number 1, Autumn 2007 (pdf, 1.5MB)

  • Editorial
  • Lest We Forget Lieutenant General Peter Leahy AO, Chief Of Army
  • The End of Strategy? Not So Fast Craig Stockings
  • Reach and Precision: Not the Real Revolution for Air Power, at Least Not Y et Lieutenant Colonel Jason Thomas
  • Rebuilding Afghanistan One Mud-brick at a Time: Lessons from an Aussie Engineer Major Michael Scott
  • Operation Ramp The Lebanon Evacuation: Overview of a Mass NEO and Some Lessons for the Future Colonel Andrew Condon
  • Joint Information Operations: The Road Ahead Lieutenant Commander Chris Watson
  • Learning from the Th ree Lions: Training and Tactical Lessons from the British Army's Infantry Battle School Major Justin Elwin
  • Send the Reserve to War with Six Weeks Training: The British Experience Captain Dave Fisher and Major Murray Stewart
  • Skill at arms Training in Non-combat Units Captain C. M. Leckie
  • The Multi-National Corps Iraq Partnership: Interaction and Integration with the Iraqi Army Lieutenant Colonel N. H. Floyd
  • The MOUTing Challenge: and the New Zealand Army's Need to Prepare Bryan Dorn
  • The Challenge of Generation Y Warrant Officer Class Two Kent Davies
  • To Lead, To Excel: Twentieth Anniversary of the Australian Defence Force Academy Lieutenant Colonel Chris Field
  • The Forgotten First: The 1st Australian Division in the Great War and its Legacy Lieutenant Colonel Robert Stevenson
  • Iraq: the Wrong War Wrongly Fought? A Review of Recent Literature on Iraq Dr Albert Palazzo
  • Some Reflections on the War in Vietnam Captain R. Clark, Royal Australian Engineers
  • Cobra II: The Inside Story of the Invasion and Occupation of Iraq by Michael Gordon and Bernard Trainor Reviewed by Colonel R. J. H. Noble
  • What Terrorists Want: Understanding the Enemy, Containing the Threat by Louise Richardson Reviewed by Dr Albert Palazzo

Volume 3, Number 3, Summer 2006 (pdf, 2.1MB)

  • Editorial
  • The Philosophy of Special Operations Major General Mike Hindmarsh
  • Dying to Win: The Strategic Logic of Suicide Terrorism Robert Pape
  • The Complexities of Counterterrorist Operations Major General Ranjit Nadkarni (Retd)
  • Lessons from the Past: Getting the Army's Doctrine Right Enough Today Brigadier General Huba Wass de Czege (Retd)
  • Burning Bright: Defence Policy, Strategy and the Imagination Brendan Sargeant
  • Bombers and Tanks: Understanding the Myths David Kilcullen
  • The Essential Thing: Mission Command and its Practical Application Lieutenant Colonel Roger Noble
  • Embracing Complexity: An Adaptive Effects Approach to the Conflict in Iraq Lieutenant Colonel Gav Reynolds
  • Contemporary Employment of Infantry in a Combined-Arms Stability and Support Operations: SECDET VIII in Baghdad Lieutenant T . J. M. Robinson
  • Urban Combat Service Support Operations: Observations and Insights from Iraq Colonel Andrew Condon
  • New Zealand Civil-Military Aff airs Experience in Afghanistan Bryan Dorn
  • Generational Differences and other Marketing Myths David Schmidtchen
  • The Tank is Dead Major W . W . Lennon
  • A Modern Armoured Force is Vital to Australia's Defence Major B. G. Ranking
  • Losing Iraq by David L Phillips Reviewed by Major Lynda Liddy
  • Failed States by Noam Chomsky Reviewed by Hugh Smith
  • The Partnership by Greg Sheridan Reviewed by Bree Larkham
  • My Story by General Peter Cosgrove Reviewed by Dr Albert Palazzo
  • Strategy and History by Colin S Gray Reviewed By Lieutenant Colonel Gav Reynolds
  • The Cambridge History of Warfare edited by Geoffrey Parker Reviewed by Anthony Robinson

Volume 3, Number 2, Winter 2006 (pdf, 2.1MB)

  • Publishing in a Military, Academic and Professional Army
  • An Interview with Brigadier Mick Slater, Commander JTF 631
  • Future Army, Future Soldier: What is the Soldier of the 21st Century? Major General Ian Gordon
  • The Medium-weight Force: Lessons Learned and Future Contributions to Coalition Operations Lieutenant General Peter Leahy
  • The Anzus Case: Alliance Interests, Costs and Benefits in a 9/11 Context William T. Tow
  • War and the New 21st Century Disorder Jeremy Black
  • Operation Helpem Fren: A Personal Perspective Ben McDevitt
  • Light Infantry? A Perspective on Load Carrying and the Soldier, from Past to Present Lieutenant Owen Paulson
  • Mortars Now and in the Future: An Australian Soldiers Perspective Captain Damien Green
  • Robotics in Future Land Warfare Lieutenant Colonel Marcus Fielding
  • Land Force Air and Missile Defence: Dealing with the Complexities of Future Warfighting Lieutenant Colonel Inger Lawes
  • Uninhabited Combat Aerial Vehicles and the Law of Armed Conflict Flight Lieutenant Hyder Gulam and Captain Simon W . Lee
  • Military Public Affairs in Complex Environments Major Michael Harris
  • Saddam's Last Gulf War and the Modern Media: Implications for the Military Lieutenant Tom Lewis, RAN
  • Our Other Unknown Soldier Craig Wilcox
  • Army Force Structure: What has gone wrong? Captain Daimien Patterson
  • Are We a Thinking Army? Lieutenant Colonel Jim Bryant
  • Generational Evolution in the Australian Army Captain Erin Maulday
  • Soldier: Where do you stand?
  • On Shaggy Ridge, by Phillip Bradley Reviewed by John Donovan
  • Kokoda Commander, by Stuart Braga Reviewed by John Donovan
  • Strategic Command: General Sir John Wilton and Australia’s Asian Wars, by David Horner Reviewed by John Blaxland
  • Thunder from the Silent Zone: Rethinking China, by Paul Monk Reviewed by Anthony Robinson
  • To Villers-Bretonneux with Brigadier-General William Glasgow, DSO and the 13th Australian Infantry Brigade, by Peter Edgar Reviewed by Miles Farmer
  • Defence of Australia and Forward Defence: Reconciling the Dialectic of Australian Defence Strategies Colonel John Blaxland

Volume 2, Number 2, Autumn 2005 (pdf, 2.0MB)

  • Of Mars and Mammon
  • General Tommy Franks on Coalition Warfare
  • The Army in the Air: Developing Land-Air Operations for a Seamless Force Lieutenant General Peter Leahy
  • The Evolving Iraqi Security Forces: Anatomy, Vision, Challenges (Part 1) Barak A. Salmoni
  • Helping a Friend: An Australian Military Commanders Perspective on the Regional Assistance Mission to the Solomon Islands Lieutenant Colonel John Hutcheson
  • The Case for the Development of a Multi-mission Ship in the Australian Defence Force Wing Commander Chris Mills, RAAF
  • The Case for Minimum-mass Tactics in the Australian Army Colonel Michael Krause
  • Suppression, Manoeuvre and the Modern Infantry Platoon Captain Ian Langford
  • US Marine Urban Combined-arms Operations in Iraq: Some Observations Lieutenant Colonel John Simeoni
  • Finding Alligators: The Future of Network-centric Warfare Lieutenant Colonel Michael Ryan
  • Network-centric Warfare: An Idea in Good Currency Lieutenant Colonel David Schmidtchen
  • The Organisational Transformation of the US Army: The Next Six Years Brigadier General Philip Coker
  • The Strategic Corporal: Some Requirements in Training and Education Major Lynda Liddy
  • Civil-Military Relations in Post-Suharto Indonesia and the Implications for Democracy Today: A Preliminary Analysis Officer Cadet Iain Henry
  • Legal Factors in Military Planning for Coalition Warfare and Military Interoperability: Some Implications for the Australian Defence Force Colonel Michael Kelly
  • Understanding the Adversary: Sayyid Qutb and the Roots of Radical Islam Peta Tarlinton
  • Defeating Militants and Winning Moderates: Reconceptualising the War on Terror Daniel Pipes
  • The Media, Strategy, and Military Culture Stephen Badsey
  • The Role of Signals Intelligence in Australian Military Operations, 1939-72 Lieutenant Colonel John Blaxland
  • Finding the Hinge: The Western Way of War and the Elusive Search for Victory Nicholas Stuart
  • The Chase: Anzacs on the Third Ridge Major Paul A. Rosenzweig
  • An Aid Worker Reports on the Humanitarian Crisis in Darfur Andjela Jurisic
  • Military Uniforms: The Psychological Dimension Recruit Sean Kikkert, RAAMC
  • The True Principles of Australia's Defence Colonel the Honourable James Whiteside McCay
  • In memoriam: Brigadier Noel Russell (Chic) Charlesworth
  • In memoriam: Major General Duncan Francis
  • In memoriam: Brigadier Oliver David Jackson
  • In memoriam: Colonel Charles Stuart
  • In memoriam: Major General William Joseph Watson
  • The British and the Making of Modern Iraq Graeme Sligo
  • Cities Without Joy: Urban Warfare in the 21st Century Michael Evans
  • Inventing Anzac: The Digger and National Mythology, by Graham Seal Reviewed by Lachlan Mead
  • Empire Lite: Nation-Building in Bosnia, Kosovo and Afghanistan, by Michael Ignatieff Reviewed by Russell Parkin
  • Another Century of War?, by Gabriel Kolko Reviewed by Russell Parkin
  • The Fragile Forts: The Fixed Defences of Sydney Harbour 1788–1963, by Peter Oppenheim Reviewed by Terry McCullagh

Volume 2, Number 1, Winter 2004 (pdf, 2.1MB)

  • Warfighting: A Vital Dedication
  • The Australian Army Reserve: Relevant and Ready Lieutenant General Peter Leahy
  • Trade and National Security Michael O'Connor
  • Towards the Hardened and Networked Army Lieutenant General Peter Leahy
  • Australian Light-armoured Vehicles (ASLAV) as Mounted Cavalry: Vanguard for a Hardened Army Lieutenant Colonel Roger Noble
  • The Challenges Facing a Land Commander Major General Ken Gillespie
  • Regionalism versus Globalism: Australia's Defence Strategy after 11 September 2001 Major Stephanie Hodson
  • Trust, Influence and Networks: Creating Conditions for Non-conventional Assisted Recovery in Urban Areas of the Middle East Major Michael A. McNerney and Major Marshall V . Ecklund
  • Effects-based Operations: A Critique Brigadier Justin Kelly and Lieutenant Colonel David Kilcullen
  • The Dimensions of Effects-based Operations: A View from Singapore Lieutenant Colonel Joshua Ho
  • The Australian Defence Force and the Continuing Challenge of Amphibious Warfare Lieutenant Commander Bob Moyse, RAN
  • An Argument for Australian Air Power at Sea Lieutenant Tom Lewis, RAN
  • Biotechnology and War: The New Challenge Christopher Coker
  • Design Myopia: Some Hidden Concerns in Implementing Network-centric Warfare Michael Bonner and Han Tin French
  • The Use of Pre-emptive and Preventive Force in an Age of Terrorism: Some Ethical and Legal Considerations Malcolm Brailey
  • The Western Way of War Victor Davis Hanson
  • The Small Change of Soldiering and American Military Experience Roger Spiller
  • Towards an Australian Way of War: Culture, Politics and Strategy, 1901-2004 Michael Evans
  • Out-generalled, Outwitted , and Outfought: Generals Percival and Bennett in Malaya, 1941-42 Lieutenant General John Coates (Retd)
  • Reflections on Defence Self-reliance and the Australian-American Alliance Major David Caldwell
  • Lessons of the Wilderness Campaign, 1864 Lieutenant Colonel John Monash
  • Lieutenant General Sir Thomas Daly
  • Major General Kenneth Mackay
  • Major General Timothy Frederick Cape
  • Brigadier Monsignor Gerald Anthony Cudmore
  • Professor Gunther E Rothenberg
  • Field Artillery and Firepower, by Major General J.B.A. Bailey Reviewed by Michael Evans
  • Stray Voltage: War in the Information Age, by Wayne Michael Hall Reviewed by Michael Evans
  • Surprise, Security and the American Experience, by John Lewis Gaddis Reviewed by Russell Parkin
  • Future Armies, Future Challenges: Land Warfare in the Information Age, by Michael Evans, Russell Parkin and Alan Ryan (eds) Reviewed by Jeffrey Grey
  • Globalisation and the New Terror: The Asia Pacific Dimension, by David Martin Jones (ed.) Reviewed by Michael Evans
  • Living by the Sword? The Ethics of Armed Intervention, by Tom Frame Reviewed by Christian Enemark

Volume 1, Number 2, December 2003 (pdf, 1.5MB)

  • Intellectual Mastery and Professional Military Journals
  • Information Warfare and Mimicking Operations Christopher Flaherty
  • Of Smoking Guns and Mushroom Clouds: Explaining the Bush Doctrine and the Rise of Military Pre-emption Michael Evans
  • Racing Towards the Future: Reflections on Iraq, the Art of Command and Network-centric Warfare General Peter Cosgrove
  • Planning in Operation Iraqi Freedom: Observations of an Australian Liaison Officer Lieutenant Colonel Chris Field
  • Guarding Australians Against Terrorism: The Role of the Australian Defence Forces Special Operations Command Major General Duncan Lewis
  • Inside and Outside the Battlespace: Understanding the Rise of Special Operations in Australia Major General Duncan Lewis
  • Twin Towers Revisited: A Cultural Interpretation of Modern Terrorism John Carroll
  • The Essential Debate: Combined Arms and the Close Battle in Complex Terrain Lieutenant Colonel David Kilcullen
  • Preparing for Complexity: The Case for an Expeditionary Task Force in the Australian Army of 2020 Lieutenant Colonel Michael Ryan
  • A Shield for a Hardened Army: The Infantry Mobility Vehicle and the Concept of a Motorised Battle Group Lieutenant Colonel John Hutcheson
  • Commanding the Net Generation: An Argument for Mentoring Junior Leaders in the 21st-century Australian Army Lieutenant Colonel Dan Fortune
  • The Value of Military Advisory Teams: Lessons from the Australian Experience in Sierra Leone Captain G. A. Chisnall
  • Rebuilding the Solomons: A Case Study in Developing Principles for Permissive Intervention Michael O'Connor
  • The Realist Tradition of Australian-American Military Relations Major Russell Parkin
  • Strategic Cousins? Australian and Canadian Military Outlooks Compared Lieutenant Colonel John C. Blaxland
  • New Strategy for New Times: The Failings of Defence of Australia Major R. J. Worswick
  • Some Observations on the Role of Reconnaissance in Urban Operations Lieutenant Colonel Jason Thomas
  • The Russian Experience of Urban Combat: Some Lessons from Central Asia Flight Sergeant Martin Andrew, RAAF
  • Tanks Against Japan Lieutenant Colonel S. C. Graham
  • The Feel of Steel: The History of Swordsmanship Michael Evans
  • The Third Force: ANGAU’s New Guinea War 1942–46 by Alan Powell Reviewed by Michael O’Connor
  • Spirit of the Digger by Patrick Lindsay Reviewed by John Essex-Clark
  • Sir James Whiteside McCay: A Turbulent Life by Christopher Wray Reviewed by John Essex-Clark
  • Task Force Dagger: The Hunt for Bin Laden by Robin Moore Reviewed by Brett Chaloner
  • Ted Serong by Anne Blair Reviewed by Adrian Clunies-Ross
  • Military Stress and Performance: the Australian Defence Force Experience by George E. Kearney, Mark Creamer, Ric Marshall and Anne Goyne (eds) Reviewed by David Schmidtchen
  • The Once and Future Army: A History of the Citizen Military Forces 1947–1974 by Dayton McCarthy Reviewed by Alan Ryan
  • Redcoats to Cams: A History of Australian Infantry 1788–2001 by Ian Kuring Reviewed by Alan Ryan
  • Future Wars: Coalition Operations in Global Strategy by Dennis E. Showalter (ed.) Reviewed by Russell Parkin

Volume 1, Number 1, June 2003 (pdf, 1.6MB)

  • In Cold Print
  • Niche Forces: First Thoughts from an Army Perspective Brigadier John Essex-Clark, Australian Army (Retd)
  • We go to liberate, not to conquer Lieutenant Colonel Tim Collins, British Army
  • A Land Force for the Future: The Australian Army in the Early 21st Century Lieutenant General Peter Leahy, Australian Army
  • Rethinking the Basis of Infantry Close Combat Lieutenant Colonel David Kilcullen, Australian Army
  • Lest We Forget: Combined Arms Assault in Complex Terrain Lieutenant Colonel Michael Krause, Australian Army
  • Preparation, Crisis and Consequence: Combating the New Treat of Mass-casualty Terrorism Colonel Andrew Smith, Australian Army
  • The Army and The Media Prakash Mirchandani
  • The Benefits of an Australian Army Combat Training Centre (Live): Some Lessons from the US Army's Experience Lieutenant Colonel Stephen Tulley, Australian Army
  • Failure to Obey: The Australian Army and the First Line Component Deception Albert Palazzo
  • A Closer Look at US-Australian Operations in the Vietnam War: Operation Toan Thang I and the Defence of Fire Support Base Coral, April-June 1968 Erik B. Villard
  • Present at the Creation: America and the Remaking of the Middle East in the 21st Century Michael Evans
  • Simply Optimal: The Contribution of Early-effect Forces to Stability in East Timor Jim Truscott
  • Witness to Genocide: A Personal Account of the 1995 Kibeho Massacre Paul Jordan
  • Major General Ronald Hughes, Australian Army (Retd)
  • Major General Ross Buchan, Australian Army (Retd)
  • Lieutenant Colonel Phillip Eddington Rhoden, Australian Army (Retd)
  • Leadership in Management Field Marshal Sir William Slim, Australian Army
  • The Strategists by Hugh Smith (ed.) Reviewed by Martin Sheehan
  • The Lion, the Fox and the Eagle: A Story of Generals and Justice in Rwanda and Yugoslavia by Carol Off Reviewed by Alan Ryan
  • The Precision Revolution: GPS and the Future of Aerial Warfare by Michael Russell Rip and James M. Hasik Reviewed by Russell Parkin
  • Bush at War by Bob Woodward Reviewed by Alexandra Siddall
  • Asymmetrical Warfare: Today’s Challenge to U.S. Military Power by Roger W. Barnett Reviewed by Alan Ryan
  • Beyond Terror: Strategy in a Changing World by Ralph Peters Reviewed by Alan Ryan

Issue 2002 (pdf, 25.9MB)

  • Lost Opportunity: An Operational Level Analysis of the Failure of the August Offensive of the Gallipoli Campaign 1915 Lieutenant Colonel Anthony John
  • Troopship Southland Mr Robert McClure
  • On the Road to Warfusee: The Recollections of Captain E.T. Harnett, 17th Battalion, AIF Major Catherine McCullagh
  • Out Amongst the Tangled Wire: The Origins of Military First Aid in Australia Major Catherine McCullagh
  • Return to Bangka Island Captain Judith Spence
  • Rwanda - Gods and Ghosts: August 1994 to February 1995 Captain Lorna Todd
  • Manoeuvre Theory: A Blast from the Past Major Mick Ryan
  • Australian Defence Policy in the Post-Cold War World Lieutenant Colonel David Coghlan
  • Special Operations in the Urban and Ether Domains: Computers are the Weapons and the Front Line is Everywhere Mr Jim Truscott
  • A Modicum of Substance: The Birth of the Army Journal Colonel E.G. Keogh, (Retd)
  • The Australian Army by Dr Jeffrey Grey Reviewed by Lieutenant Colonel Anthony John

Issue 2000 (pdf, 26.0MB)

  • On Operations in East Timor The Experiences of the Intelligence Officer, 3rd Brigade Major John Blaxland
  • Voices from Borneo: The Japanese War Major Jim Truscott
  • Live Fire Training Exercises for MOUT Lieutenant Colonel Charles Knight
  • The Relevance of Non Lethal Weapons to 'Real' Soldiers: Between Snake Oil and a Panacea Lieutenant Colonel Steve Tulley
  • Operation CHARCOAL: Special Operations Musoria Major Jim Truscott
  • The Impact of Digitisation on the Australian Army Colonel Michael Goodyer
  • 'There is No Front Line': Lessons from Black Hawk Down Doctor Alan Ryan
  • The SAS After Next - Who Knows Wins Major Jim Truscott
  • Researching the Modern Army: The Royal Australian Corps of Transport Doctor Albert Palazzo
  • The Serpent's Eye: The Cinema of 20th-century Combat Doctor Michael Evans

Issue 1/99 (pdf, 26.7MB)

  • Urban Operations - Oversight and Opportunity Major C. Knight
  • Winning the 'Three Block War' A Few Suggestions From Quantico Lieutenant Colonel S. Tulley
  • Strike Force - Implications for Australia Lieutenant Colonel W.R. Vickers
  • Marketing Force Modernisation: The US Army Approach Lieutenant Colonel O.P. Richmond
  • Military Science in an Age of Peace A View from Century's End Doctor R. Spiller
  • The Influence of Technology on Future Military Operations Major M. Eggler
  • Direct Fire Support Captain R.J. Worswick
  • Surface-to-surface Medium Artillery Requirements Beyond 2000 Major R.W. Overheu
  • Doctrine Versus Capability Towards a Mature Mechanised Combat Engineer Capability Major M.B. Ryan
  • Decisive Event Planning: Incorporating Manoeuvre Theory into the Military Appreciation Process Major P. Chipman and Major B. Bailey
  • A Savage War Of Humanity: Some Military Lessons Of Kosovo Doctor M. Evans
  • Human Factors in War: The Psychology and Physiology of Close Combat Lieutenant Colonel D. Grossman, US Army (Retd)
  • An Intimate History of Killing - Face-to-face Killing in Twentieth Century Warfare Reviewed by Doctor A.M. Ryan
  • The Human Factor in War - Two Books about Unit Cohesion Reviewed by Major R. Parkin

Number 329, October 1976 (pdf, 15.8MB)

  • Foreward by the Chief of the General Staff Lieutenant General A. L. MacDonald, CB, OBE
  • Birth of the Army Journal Colonel E. G. Keogh, MBE, ED (Retd)
  • The Continuing Story of the Army Journal The Succeeding Editors
  • Lexington and Concord P. H. Kitney
  • Liberty and Discipline Field Marshal Sir William Slim, GBE, KCB, DSO, MC
  • Self-Propellef Guns or Towed Guns Lieutenant Colonel S. N. Gower
  • The Canadian Militia Major W. A. Morrison
  • Book Review
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Index for 1976

Number 328, September 1976 (pdf, 21.5MB)

  • Editorial
  • Oil Supply and National Security Lieutenant Colonel M. J. Ball
  • For Exceptional Gallantry Sergeant N. C. Selway
  • Australia's Immediate Post-Federation Military Forces Major Warren Perry, RL
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Riot, Resistance and Revolution Lieutenant Colonel P. R. Phillips, MC
  • Book Reviews

Number 327, August 1976 (pdf, 23.2MB)

  • Editorial
  • The Role of Guerrilla Warfare in Defence of Continental Australia Major S. F. McCullagh, MD, MB, BSc.,(MED)
  • Command and Control of Artillery Brigadier P. J. Norton
  • The Defence of Port Phillip Bay in 1858 Lieutenant C. A. Jones, BA (Mil)
  • Letter to the Editor
  • The Improvement of Management Skills Written and Verbal Communication Captain A. J. Howe, MA, BSc., Dip. Ed.
  • Book Reviews

Number 326, July 1976 (pdf, 39.3MB)

  • Editorial
  • Away with the Birds Major G. L. Hulse
  • Files Lieutenant Colonel T. H. Senden
  • Let's Start Using Our Guns Again Brigadier P. J. Norton
  • Principles of War as Methodology Brigadier E. H. Dar
  • The Establishment of the Royal Military College of Australia . H. Kitney
  • The Hearing Damage Risk to Passengers in an M113A1 Armoured Personnel Carrier Doctor T. B. Guy and Corporal R. A. Studholme C.S.C.
  • Exercise Winter Sun : Training in Canada Major R. D. Letts
  • Letter to the Editor
  • Book Reviews

Number 325, June 1976 (pdf, 28.6MB)

  • Editorial
  • Alexander and Eisenhower: Their Career Lines of Ascent Captain W. J. Graco
  • Logistics can be Logical - Maintenance Areas, Operating Stocks and Reserves Lieutenant Colonel G. J. Loughton
  • The Fat Canary - A Unique Leadership Challenge Captain L. J. Gregson
  • New Warfare Concepts for the Industrial Society Lieutenant Colonel Carl D. Walbeck
  • Book Reviews
  • Foreword to "The Grim Glory of the 2/19 Battalion AIF" Brigadier J. H. Thyer CBE DSO
  • Letters to the Editor

Number 323, April 1976 (pdf, 6.3MB)

  • Editorial
  • Defence Policy Making in Australia Address by Sir Arthur Tange CBE
  • Japanese Aims and Actions in the Pacific War December 1941-August 1942 Lieutenant Colonel R. D. Manley
  • The Yom Kippur War - In Retrospect. Part I - Operations Lieutenant Colonel J. Viksne
  • The Australian Defence Forces: Their Peace-time Roles - A Young Officer's Experience Captain M. G. Smith
  • Letter to the Editor
  • Asia - The Dynamics of a New Order Lieutenant A. H. Longhurst
  • Book Review

Number 322, March 1976 (pdf, 7.5MB)

  • Editorial
  • Equipment Management Policy Lieutenant Colonel J. A. McDonald, MIE Aust
  • The Late Major-General L. E. Beavis - An Appreciation Major Warren Perry, R.L.
  • Some Aspects of the Anglo-Maori Wars John F. Fishburn
  • Mental and Physical Fitness - A Necessity or a Luxury? Major D. L. Byrne and Sergeant R. Payne
  • Book Review
  • Letter to the Editor

Number 321, February 1976 (pdf, 8.0MB)

  • Editorial
  • Address by His Excellency The Honourable Sir John Kerr, A.C., K.C.M.G., K.St.J., Q.C., Governor-General of Australia Sir John Kerr, A.C., K.C.M.G., K.St.J., Q.C.
  • The Nature and Consequence of the Relationship between the Regular and Reserve Soldier Captain M. D. O'Neill
  • Marihuana Sergeant F. Mooibroek, J.P.
  • Defence Equipment Procurement Primer Wing Commander F. O. Pederick
  • The First Battle of the Next War Major General Donn A. Starry
  • Women in the Services: A Majority View Captain S. I. Horner
  • Book Reviews
  • Letters to the Editor

Number 319, December 1975 (pdf, 14.4MB)

  • Man at the Top Lieutenant Colonel A. S. Hinds
  • Lieutenant General A. L. MacDonald, CB OBE
  • United Service Institutes
  • Defence of Australia and its Relation to Imperial Defence Colonel D. H. Wynter, CMG, DSO, idc, psc
  • National Morale and National Survival Part II - Ways and Means Brigadier J. H. Thyer, CBE, DSO (RL)
  • War in Korea 1950-54 - Inchon Landing Major I. M. Wells
  • 3rd Country Deterrence Colonel V. St. L. Green, OBE, BA (RL)
  • Plans of Anglesea Barracks 1844 and Today
  • Plan of Victoria Barracks 1845 and Today
  • Current Defence Readings

Number 318, November 1975 (pdf, 14.6MB)

  • National Morale and National Survival - Part 1 Brigadier J. H. Thyer, CBE, DSO (RL)
  • The Australian Community Fellowships and Defence Lieutenant Colonel A. R. Howes and Mr L. E. Ludovici
  • A Calculator for the Mortar Fire Controller's Pocket Lieutenant W. Fitzherbert and Mr H. Sargeant
  • Defence of Continental Australia - 1942 Captain A. Vane
  • The Universal Cop Captain J. F. Crossman
  • India - Role in South Asia Major I. M. Wells
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Current Defence Readings

Number 316, September 1975 (pdf, 8.2MB)

  • Departmental Organisation and the Profession of Arms - A Civilian Perspective Sir Arthur Tange, CBE
  • Orienteering: A Sport of Military Value, or Military Training? Captain L. O'Dea
  • The Commonwealth of Australia . . . . Its Inauguration and Immediate Military Problems Major Warren Perry (RL)
  • Darwin - A Platoon Commander's Experience Lieutenant P. A. Pedersen
  • The Multi-Purpose Infantry Combat Dog - Asset or Liability? Second Lieutenant J. B. Sands
  • The Junior Command and Staff Course Captain A. Nutt-Caise
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Book Reviews

Number 315, August 1975 (pdf, 7.8MB)

  • Weather as a Factor in Tactical Planning Major M. A. Harvey
  • Some thoughts on a Proposal for a Military Presence in North West Australia Lieutenant Colonel J. N. Stein
  • Address by His Excellency The Honourable Sir John Kerr, K.C.M.G., K.St.J., Q.C., Governor-General of Australia Sir John Kerr, K.C.M.G., K.St.J., Q.C.
  • Philosophy, Psychology and The Army Captain P. P. Manzie
  • Citizen Military Forces - Strategic Considerations
  • Joseph Stalin the Man Lieutenant Colonel D. R. Overstead
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Book Review
  • Current Defence Readings

Number 314, July 1975 (pdf, 20.2MB)

  • The Final Year Civil Engineering Project at the Royal Military College T. G. Chapman, J. Sneddon, R. J. Bielenberg, B. W. Golley
  • Mounted Infantry and the Military Motor Cycle - 'Small Wheels in a Big Cog' Major J. R. Clarke
  • A Letter to Mr Norman
  • Book Reviews: RUSI and Brassey's Defence Year Book 1974 and Breassey's Infantry Weapons of the World 1974/75
  • Letters to the Editor

Number 313, June 1975 (pdf, 5.8MB)

  • Which Way for Tactical Intelligence after Vietnam? Major Marc B. Power
  • How to Hit the Barn Door Lieutenant Colonel R. F. Stuart
  • Relationship with the Community
  • Army Women and a Decade of Progress Brigadier General Mildred C. Bailey
  • The Aerial Steam Carriage
  • On Russell Hill Major Peter S. Sadler
  • Book Reviews: Comparative Defence Policy Gallipoli
  • Letters to the Editor

Number 311, April 1975 (pdf, 11.6MB)

  • The Amiens Gun Editorial Staff
  • Uncertainties Associated with Cloud-Seeding for Military Purposes Flight Lieutenant A. K. Wells
  • Urban Guerrillas Lieutenant Colonel C. C. M. Peters
  • Book Reviews: The Shadow War: Resistance in Europe 193901945
  • Letters to the Editor

Number 310, March 1975 (pdf, 6.8MB)

  • Motivation and Military Manpower Planning Major P. J. F. Tuckett
  • Major General Walter Adams Coxen Major Warren Perry
  • A Canadian Experience Lieutenant Colonel M. M. van Gelder
  • Know Your Men: Know Your Business: Know Yourself Major C. A. Bach
  • German Mechanized Operations on the Western Front 1917-18 Lieutenant A. L. Graeme-Evans
  • Letters to the Editor

Number 308, January 1975 (pdf, 9.3MB)

  • Disaster Relief by the Armed Forces Major J. C. Gordon
  • The 'Inspired Larrikin' of Australian Art John Reid
  • Lessons from the Arab/Israeli War
  • Reservists - Wake Up Major F. J. Makin
  • Dialogue, Persuasion and Common Sense
  • Letters to the Editor

Number 306, November 1974 (pdf, 7.0MB)

  • The Need for Audacity in Battle Lieutenant Colonel H. L. Bell
  • On Gobbledygook Argus J. Tresidder
  • My Subject is War Lieutenant C. A. Jones
  • Abbreviated Report Captain P. S. Sadler
  • From The Past

Number 305, October 1974 (pdf, 23.4MB)

  • Intervention For Imperial Integrity Major J. V. Johnson
  • A 20th Century Military Force Richard F. Rosser
  • The American Revolutionary War: How Revolutionary? Lieutenant Colonel C. C. M. Peters
  • Book Review: Full Circle
  • Letters to the Editor

Number 303, August 1974 (pdf, 32.0MB)

  • Military History Major Alexander Karas
  • People's Army Major A. J. C. Wells
  • Ivor Hele - A Chameleon at War John Reid
  • The Australian Army in Two World Wars Editorial Staff
  • Book Reviews: The Canadian Military - A Profile Canadian Military Professionalism: The Search For Identity, The Politics of Non-Violent Action Behind Barbed Wire, A Foreign Policy for an Independent Papua New Guinea
  • Letters to the Editor

Number 301, June 1974 (pdf, 13.1MB)

  • Operations of the Eighth Army in North Africa Lieutnenat Colonel P. Varma
  • The Projector and Other Barriers to Successful Instruction Lieutenant Colonel O. J. O'Brien
  • Exercise 'Crackers's Persuader' Lieutnenant Colonel G. J. Farley
  • Soldiers or Policemen? Brigadier K. Perkins
  • Biography of a Political General Major P. A. Mench
  • Letters to the Editor
  • From The Past

Number 299, April 1974 (pdf, 6.1MB)

  • A Defence Studies Information Exchange System Major R. D. Manley
  • The Indonesian Army Brigadier A. J. F. McDonald
  • The Briggs Plan David Wilson
  • Book Reviews: Strategic Thinking and its Moral Implications, Man in Isolation and Confinement
  • Letters to the Editor
  • From The Past

Number 298, March 1974 (pdf, 16.4MB)

  • Raids Major J. Viksne
  • Airborne Assault During the Second World War S. W. Dyer
  • The Dragon in Bondage Lieutenant Colonel R. J. G. Hall
  • The Answer is a Bitter Lemon Major A. G. Jones
  • Psychological Warfare in the South-West Pacific H. N. Walker

Number 296, January 1974 (pdf, 6.8MB)

  • Why the Cultural Revolution? Lieutenant Colonel E. J. O'Donnell
  • Much Ado About Nothing Major R. Hennessy
  • General Sir John Monash Major Warren Perry
  • Development of the Coastal Defences of Australia, 1840-50 Major C. Winter
  • Book Reviews: The Moscow Agreements and Strategic Arms Limitation, The Australians in Nine Wars
  • From The Past

Number 295, December 1973 (pdf, 6.2MB)

  • It's Time For A Change Captain D. W. Beveridge
  • Short-War Defence Systems Kenneth S. Brower
  • There Is No Such Thing As A 'Simple' Visual Aid Captain W. Glynn
  • Some Uses of Biography
  • Book Review: Who Called The Cook A Bastard?
  • Letters to the Editor
  • From The Past
  • Index

Number 294, November 1973 (pdf, 7.2MB)

  • The Impact of Nuclear Weapons on International Society Lance Corporal P. A. Perdersen
  • Is An Army Career Still Worth While? General Maxwell D. Taylor
  • Military Sociology? Captain G. L. Hulse
  • Training For Leadership: An Approach Major N. J. Braun
  • The Nature of Blitzkrieg: France 1940 Lieutenant A. L. Graeme-Evans
  • Book Review: Our First Twenty-Five Years
  • Letters to the Editor

Number 293, October 1973 (pdf, 7.9MB)

  • Come the Revolution Lieutenant C. A. Jones
  • Estimating the Threat: A Soldier's Job Major General Daniel O. Graham
  • The Japanese Decision to Attack Pearl Harbour Lieutenant Colonel W. W. Lennon
  • The Study of Military History Colonel E. G. Keogh
  • Book Review: Eisenhower as Military Commander

Number 291, August 1973 (pdf, 13.0MB)

  • 25th Anniversary
  • The Australian Army Training Team Vietnam Brigadier O. D. Jackson
  • Lieutenant General Sir Edward Hutton Major Warren Perry
  • Vietnam and the Western Military System Donald Jender
  • Improving Managerial Skills
  • Book Review: Brassey's Annual, 1972
  • Letters to the Editor

Number 290, July 1973 (pdf, 5.5MB)

  • RAE and Northern Territory Development Major D. R. Simpkins
  • Validation of Officer Training Majors N. A. Jans and P. F. Routh
  • Australian Railways Captain J. H. Boot
  • Who Will It Be? Captain W. L. Fowles
  • A Brief History of Baria Province Lieutenant Colonel P. C. Gration
  • Book Reviews: Dear Miss Em, Count Your Dead, The Anzac Battalion 1970-71

Number 289, June 1973 (pdf, 6.0MB)

  • Headquarters 1 Division/Training Command
  • The Crisis of Japanese Strategy, January-June 1942 Professor L. C. F. Turner
  • Citizen Forces in the 1980s - A Proposed Basis For The Reorganization Of The CMF Lieutenant Colonel P. Varma
  • From Commission, Via Conference To Collaboration Major J. V. Johnson
  • Why Is Everybody Mumbling? Colonel R. H. Meyer

Number 288, May 1973 (pdf, 38.8MB)

  • Communism and the Military Efficiency of the Soviet Armed Forces Major C. C. M. Peters
  • The Beginnings of the School of Gunnery at Middle Head, Sydney Lieutenant Colonel W. St. Pierre Bunbury
  • Australian New Guinea Administrative Unit Editorial Staff
  • History of Fort Queenscliff Major C. A. Cunningham

Number 287, April 1973 (pdf, 29.4MB)

  • Decision Making and Defence Organization Colonel D. Willett
  • The Gallipoli Campaign Editorial Staff
  • The Indonesian Economy: Problems and Prospects Capt D. W. Sutton
  • Veratile Australian Nationalist Dr Michael Roe
  • Book Reviews: The Victorian Army and the Staff College, Uniforms of the Australian Colonies
  • Letters to the Editor

Number 286, March 1973 (pdf, 31.8MB)

  • The Media and the Armed Services Major General D. W. Scott-Barrett
  • Aborigines in the First AIF Lieutnenant C. D. Clark
  • The Madison Avenue Formula for a Volunteer Army Major L. G. Peters
  • New Guinea Volunteer Rifles Editorial Staff
  • The Australian Army Service Corps Lieutenant Colonel G. H. Browne
  • Letters to the Editor

Number 283, December 1972 (pdf, 10.9MB)

  • Army Reorganization
  • The Darwin Firings of Rapier Major S. N. Gower
  • How the Soldiers Voted Lieutenant C. D. Clark
  • What is Management? Wing Commander N. F. Ashworth
  • Book Reviews: Military Chaplains, Singapore: The Chain of Disaster, Percival and the Tragedy of Singapore
  • Index

Number 282, November 1972 (pdf, 6.7MB)

  • National Service Sir Thomas Daly
  • The Impact of Technology on Military Manpower Lieutenant Colonel M. M. van Gelder
  • Writing for All Occasions
  • The Active Citizen Air Force in the 1970's Flying Officer R. J. Bluck
  • Book Review: Aircraft Pioneer
  • Letters to the Editor

Number 279, August 1972 (pdf, 13.1MB)

  • Towards a CMF Revival Captains H. D. Swift and R. A. Ringe
  • The 'Invasion' of New Caledonia Staff Cadet C. D. Clark
  • Fire Support Co-ordination and Airmobility Major F. J. McConville
  • Britain's Professionals Gordon Lee
  • A Volunteer Army: Three Views
  • Book Reviews: Armoured Forces, The Impartial Soldier, Montgomery - The Field Marshal, Britain and Her Army, Job Evaluation

Number 278, July 1972 (pdf, 10.6MB)

  • The Development of Viet Minh Political Power Lieutenant Colonel P. C. Gration
  • Management and the Army Captain G. J. Pratt
  • ABCA Lieutenant Colonel P. C. Smeaton
  • AMF Gold Medal and ASCO Prize Essay Competition 1972
  • Crime Reporting in the Army Major K. G. Petersen
  • LPG & U' Captain R. L. Denner
  • Recommended Reading
  • Book Review: The Noise of Drums and Trumpets

Number 276, May 1972 (pdf, 11.9MB)

  • An Integrated Department of Defence Lieutenant Colonel M. M. van Gelder
  • Leadership in Perspective Correlli Barnett
  • The Fallacy of Defence on the Cheap Major T. H. Holland
  • Cost and Effectiveness Colonel D. G. Osborne

Number 274, March 1972 (pdf, 15.6MB)

  • Army Reorganization
  • Papua New Guinea: The Political Parties Major M. V. Moore
  • What is Logistics? Wing Commander N. F. Ashworth
  • Book Reviews: The Battle for Moscow, Military Aircraft of Australia 1909-1918, AFV 1919-40 British Armoured Fighting Vehicles, Tank Force Allied Armour in the Second World War
  • Letters to the Editor

Number 273, February 1972 (pdf, 37.5MB)

  • Papua New Guinea: Towards Self-Government Captain M. V. Moore
  • Artificial Catchments for Military Water Supplies Captain K. D. Nelson
  • The Impact of Science and Technology on Society in the 1980s Colonel J. O. Langtry
  • In Search of Ali Lieutenant Colonel C. F. Thomson
  • Redlegs' and Indians Captain P. S. Sadler
  • Book Reviews: Singapore: The Chain of Disaster, The Administrative Staff Colleges at Home and Overseas
  • Letters to the Editor

Number 272, January 1972 (pdf, 20.8MB)

  • A Report on Exercise Jaywick Lieutnenant R. W. Lowry
  • The 'Slash' Headquarters Colonel C. T. W. Dixon
  • Supersonic Blowpipe Hamish Hay
  • Fundamental Principles of War Lieutenant Colonel D. J. Macbride
  • Letters to the Editor

Number 271, December 1971 (pdf, 8.2MB)

  • I Like Systems Analysis But . . . . Colonel D. G. Osborne
  • Japanese Command Crisis in Burma, 1944 Major J. H. Moore
  • Orienteering Captain R. G. Dempsey
  • Military Heraldry Captain K. D. Nelson
  • Intelsat Speeds Long Distance Links David Wright
  • Book Review: Decision Making
  • Index

Number 270, November 1971 (pdf, 28.4MB)

  • Military Law Today: A Commanding Officer's View Major D. M. M. Francis
  • Defence Studies in the Department of Supply D. G. Strahle
  • AMF Gold Medal and ASCO Prize Essay Competition - 1971
  • A Case for Rubber Bullets 2nd Lieutenant M. C. Brown
  • Quinn of Quinn's Post Lieutenant Colonel A. Argent
  • Book Reviews: Other Banners, The Franco-Prussian War
  • Letters to the Editor

Number 269, October 1971 (pdf, 14.8MB)

  • The Future of the Battle Tank R. M. Ogorkiewicz
  • Towards a Defence Policy Wing Commander N. F. Ashworth
  • An Army Career - Is It Worthwhile? Lieutenant Colonel W. A. Piper
  • Book Reviews: In This Sign Conquer, Conscription and Australian Military Capability, The Machine Gun: Special Forces Foreign Weapons Handbook; Combat Firing Techniques

Number 268, September 1971 (pdf, 31.4MB)

  • We're Going to the Dogs Captain G. L. Hulse
  • The Soldier, Battlefield and Leadership Lieutenant Colonel Ijaz Ahmad
  • Redcoats Before the Revolution Major E. J. O'Donnell
  • Book Reviews
  • Letters to the Editor

Number 267, August 1971 (pdf, 24.6MB)

  • Battle is the Pay-off Major J. Fletcher
  • Centenary of Artillery Staff Cadet C. D. Clark
  • Administration of Discipline Major C. C. McGregor
  • The Australian Instructional Corps Major A. J. C. Newton
  • Modern Developments in Freight Handling by Sea Major K. L. Duncan
  • Recommended Reading

Number 266, July 1971 (pdf, 15.1MB)

  • Not By Arms Alone Major J. L. L'Epagniol
  • Rachel, Who's Minding the Store? Lieutenant Colonels D. M. Butler and B. C. Milligan
  • The Staff Officer Wing Commander N. F. Ashworth
  • Modern Developments in Freight Handling by Sea Major K. L. Duncan
  • Book Reviews: Small Nation Survival: Political Defence in Unequal Conflicts, Fighting Marines, Hanoi's Strategy of Terror; Massacre at Hué; Why I left the Terrorists

Number 265, June 1971 (pdf, 7.9MB)

  • The Sino-Soviet Ideological Dispute Captain M. V. Moore
  • Tomorrow's War in Africa Major P. G. Francis
  • War Surgery in Vietnam Colonel D. R. Leslie
  • Review of 1970 General Baron Leo Geyr von Schweppenburg
  • Posting Turbulence Lieutenant Colonel M. R. Ramsay
  • Book Reviews: The Footsoldiers, The Army in Papua-New Guinea
  • Letters to the Editor

Number 264, May 1971 (pdf, 36.4MB)

  • Centralized Junior NCO Training Major F. Fazekas
  • U.S. Marksmanship Training Jac Weller
  • Language and the Army of Papua - New Guinea Major H. L. Bell
  • The School of Military Engineering Lieutenant Colonel J. M. Hutcheson
  • Task Force Logistics: The Medical Problem Major P. C. Anderson
  • Book Reviews: John Monash, The Secret Lives of Lawrence of Arabia, New Guinea - Problems and Prospects
  • Letters to the Editor

Number 263, Aprilil 1971 (pdf, 28.1MB)

  • The Battle of Kapyong
  • War is Cruelty Major E. J. O'Donnell
  • Regimental Tradition, Morale and Organization Major General J. L. Moulton
  • Book Reviews: The Making of Israel's Army, The Russo-German War 1941-45

Number 262, March 1971 (pdf, 5.6MB)

  • Whatever You Say Captain J. F. Crossman
  • Notes on Company Operations in Vietnam Major R. F. Sutton
  • The First Campaign Editorial Staff
  • Some More Thoughts on Adventure Training Major M. R. N. Bray
  • Book Reviews: Australian War Memorial Paintings, No Memory For Pain

Number 261, February 1971 (pdf, 5.9MB)

  • The Man Who Has Tried to Kill You Lieutenant Colonel P. J. Cameron
  • Personnel Management in the Services Major G. R. R. Mawer
  • Our Widening Military Doctrine Gap Colonel Mark M. Boatner III
  • The Chaplain in the Service of the Soldier Senior Chaplain J. Hughes
  • Leadership and the Australian Army Officer Major W. L. H. Smith

Number 260, January 1971 (pdf, 5.6MB)

  • Ground Surveillance in Support of Small Force Operations A. W. Pybus
  • Urban Guerilla Warfare in Western Countries Donald Jender
  • Management Improvement in the Australian Army Lieutenant Colonel D. J. Macbride
  • Churchill versus Curtin, February 1942 Judith Marsh
  • The Pacific Big Three: USSR, Red China, USA General Baron Leo Geyr von Schweppenburg
  • A Creative Problem Solving Technique for Non-Tactical Problems Major J. S. Kendell
  • Book Review: What is Communism?

Number 258, November 1970 (pdf, 30.0MB)

  • Soldier-Tradesmen Major A. Weaver
  • A Plea from the Audience Major B. J. O'Neil
  • AMF Gold Medal and ASCO Prize Essay Competition - 1970
  • Thrice Your Servant Lieutenant Colonel A. Argent
  • Education or Training: Is That The Question? Captain A. Sandery
  • The Sioux Wars, 1854-91 Staff Cadet C. D. Clark
  • Book Reviews: The Fourth Dimension of Warfare Volume One, Thracian Peltasts and their Influence on Greek Warfare

Number 257, October 1970 (pdf, 9.4MB)

  • Sappers - New Guinea Ahead? Major A. H. Hodges
  • Public Servant, p.s.c. Major W. W. Lennon
  • The Managing Director in Uniform Major-General Sir John Bates
  • Generalship and the Importance of Military History Lance Corporal M. G. Smith
  • The Cultural Revolution in China Staff Sergeant B. I. Payne

Number 256, September 1970 (pdf, 16.3MB)

  • The Intelligence War Lieutenant Colonel J. O. Furner
  • Performance Appraisal and the Confidential Report Major O. J. O'Brien
  • Gunship Application - Continued Lieutenant Colonel A. Argent
  • Japan's Reluctant Return to Military Power Major A. Weaver
  • Letters to the Editor

Number 255, August 1970 (pdf, 10.9MB)

  • Economic Considerations of Limited War or Military Involvement in South-East Asia Major M. M. van Gelder
  • Reorganization of Logistic Support - The Ultimate Solution? Lieutenant Colonel D. White
  • The Camp of Tran Van Hoang Major P. R. Phillips
  • Military and Economic Links in Japan 1870-1920 Captain R. J. Lamb
  • Australian Tank of 1912 Staff Cadet C. D. Clark
  • Project N

Number 253, June 1970 (pdf, 13.1MB)

  • Vietnam - The Unwinnable War? Major D. K. Atkinson
  • More Power to Our Elbow Lieutenant Colonel A. Argent
  • Countermeasures Against Mines and Booby Traps Major Wallace M. Greene III
  • The Charge of the Heavy Brigade Staff Cadet C. D. Clark
  • Oriental Insurgent Strategy Captain Jack Stevenson
  • Chess and the Principles of War Major A. Weaver
  • Guerilla Warfare Major F. R. Bond
  • Book Review: Vietnam - A Basis for a Right Opinion

Number 252, May 1970 (pdf, 13.0MB)

  • What's in a Village? Colonel D. G. Sharp
  • Towards Regional Security in South-East Asia Squadron Leader R. W. Bradford
  • The European Scene - A Visitor's View Major P. N. D. White
  • The Fallacy of the Doctrine of Tactical Mobility in Vietnam Major Michael F. Parrino
  • East is West and West is East Captain J. B. Rishworth
  • Capitation Reimbursement - A Logistic Tool Captain B. H. Manning
  • Book Reviews: The Last Ditch, Action This Day: Working with Churchill, Sinister Twilight, Taking Command
  • Letters to the Editor

Number 251, April 1970 (pdf, 6.9MB)

  • Technical and Tactical Review of Small Arms Major R. L. Twiss
  • Adventure Training in the Australian Military Forces Major P. N. D. White
  • Sir Basil Liddell Hart: An Appreciation Robert O'Neill
  • Proposed Reorganization of Task Force Logistics Major P. A. Davison
  • The Proper Leader: Two Views Lieutenant Colonel Fielding L. Greaves

Number 250, March 1970 (pdf, 8.2MB)

  • The Tank is Dead Major W. W. Lennon
  • A Modern Armoured Force is Vital to Australia's Defence Major B. G. Ranking
  • Ambush Captain J. F. Crossman
  • The Significance of Stalingrad in World War II G. M. Brown
  • In Defence of Appreciation Format Lieutenant-Colonel E. H. Dar
  • The Last Days of the British Cavalry Ernest M. Teagarden
  • Book Review: Bayonets in the Streets

Number 247, December 1969 (pdf, 6.8MB)

  • Intelligence: A principle of War Major J. Fletcher
  • Logistics in a Total War Situation Lieutenant-Colonel K. M. Batters
  • AMF Gold Medal and ASCO Prize Essay Competition - 1969
  • All that Glitters is not Gold Lieutenant N. Gow
  • Quality Control in Australia J. Shilkin
  • Book Reviews: No Exit from Vietnam, Revolutionary Warfare and Communist Strategy - The Threat to South-East Asia
  • Index

Number 246, November 1969 (pdf, 30.7MB)

  • Luscombe Field - Nui Dat Major W. W. Lennon
  • Tertiary Education for Officers Major J. Fletcher
  • Another Meaning to Mobility Major C. E. Smith
  • Diamond Jubilee of the Australian General Staff Major Warren Perry
  • The Specialty of Army Health Colonel M. M. Lewis
  • Book Reviews: Laos - Buffer State or Battleground, The Defenders, Fire and Movement, The End of Sukarno, The Modern History of China, Hitler's Last Gamble

Number 245, October 1969 (pdf, 22.4MB)

  • A Part of Asia? Major A. R. Roberts
  • Developing PNG Training Depot Major J. J. Tattam
  • In Defence of Academic 'Ignorance' General Hamilton H. Howze
  • Sources of Contemporary Australian Military History Gavin Long
  • AMF Gold Medal and ASCO Prize Essay Competition
  • The Antarctic Treaty in Operation Raymond J. Barrett
  • Water Divining - Witchcraft or Fact? Captain K. D. Nelson
  • Book Reviews: The Cold War as History, The Montgomery Legend, The Observer's Fighting Vehicles Directory

Number 244, September 1969 (pdf, 6.1MB)

  • Massive Intervention Major N. F. Graham
  • How Borneo was Won General Sir Walter Walker
  • The Quiet One from Dong Tam Major E. S. Holt
  • Education in the Republic of Vietnam Captain N. I. Smith
  • Book Reviews: Tail of an Army, Viet Cong, The Awakening of China

Number 243, August 1969 (pdf, 29.8MB)

  • Artillery Operations in Borneo Major D. Quinn
  • The Western Soldier versus The Communist Insurgent Brigadier C. N. Barclay
  • Laterite Major M. M. van Gelder
  • Military Review and Appreciation of the Year 1968 General Baron Leo Geyr von Schweppenburg
  • The Feeding of Dogs for Special Tasks Dr C. F. A. Younger
  • Book Reviews: A Dictionary of Battles, The War with Japan: A Concise History, MacArthur as Military Commander
  • Letters to the Editor

Number 242, July 1969 (pdf, 15.3MB)

  • Drop Dead Soldier? Colonel C. Stuart
  • China's PLA Lieutenant-Colonel J. A. Zanghi and Major G. F. Boileau
  • Plan XVII Lynette Chaffey
  • The Staff System - A Change Major A. A. Partridge
  • India Captain E. J. Ellis

Number 241, June 1969 (pdf, 34.2MB)

  • Opportunities in Cadet Training Lieutenant-Colonel R. J. Stanley
  • The Second Viet Cong General Offensive Lieutenant-Colonel A. B. Garland
  • Army Civic Action G. Hussey
  • The Fall of Atlanta Sergeant D. M. Horner
  • Military Support for Revolutionary Development in South Vietnam Lieutenant-Colonel G. T. Bartlett
  • Book Reviews: Promise of Greatness, Men of the Pentagon, War, Politics and Diplomacy
  • Letters to the Editor

Number 240, May 1969 (pdf, 36.6MB)

  • Command and Control in Battle Colonel E. H. Smith
  • The Defence of Sydney in 1820 G. P. Walsh and D. M. Horner
  • The First Viet Cong General Offensive Lieutenant-Colonel A. B. Garland
  • The Design of Light Weight Patrol Rations Dr C. F. A. Younger
  • Chieu Hoi - The Bloodless War Major P. R. Burns
  • The Royal Military College of Science Army Staff Course Captain A. Aitken
  • Book Reviews
  • Letters to the Editor

Number 239, April 1969 (pdf, 11.1MB)

  • The Silent Peninsula - Anzac 1968 Lieutenant-Colonel A. Argent
  • The Problem Major R. J. G. Hall
  • Czechoslovakia - A Scenario of the Future? Phillip A. Karber
  • The Industrial Mobilization Course Colonel P. H. G. Oxley
  • The Case for Army FACs Major B. A. Murphy
  • The Heavy Hand of Marshal Grechkow General Baron Geyr von Schweppenburg
  • Book Review: Contemporary Military Strategy
  • Letters to the Editor

Number 238, March 1969 (pdf, 19.2MB)

  • Air Support at Unit Level Lieutenant-Colonel A. B. Garland
  • Decisions, Decisions Major J. S. Sinclair
  • Problems in Research on Psychological Warfare James O. Whittaker
  • Principles of Employment of Engineers Lieutenant-Colonel D. J. Binney
  • The New Conflict Colonel R. S. N. Mans
  • Precision or Pedantry Major R. L. Sinclair
  • What the Army Needs - Professional Junior NCOs Captain B. W. Pannell
  • Book Review: Revolutionary Warfare and Communist Strategy

Number 237, February 1969 (pdf, 21.5MB)

  • Victory at Hué AATTV
  • Armour Leaps to Lose its Chains Lieutenant-Colonel A. Argent
  • As a Senior NCO sees It From a speech by Sergeant Major John G. Stepanek. Submitted by Sergeant Major William O. Wooldridge
  • A Good Day to Die Major M. J. Ryan
  • Book Reviews: Arms and Influence, Communism in Asia: A Threat to Australia?, The Politics of British Defence Policy 1945-1962, China After Mao, Scientists and War, The Australian Light Horse

Number 236, January 1969 (pdf, 19.3MB)

  • Engineer Support in Vietnam Major W. W. Lennon
  • Offensive Air Support in the 1960's Major M. J. Ryan
  • Why Foxhound? Dr C. F. A. Younger
  • The Nigerian Civil War Neville Brown
  • Essentials of Report Writing Colonel S. A. Embling
  • A Military Interpretation of Benefit-Cost Analysis Major M. M. van Gelder

Number 234, November 1968 (pdf, 25.8MB)

  • Ingredients of Victory in Counter Revolutionary Warfare Major W. S. Tee
  • Some thoughts in the Airmobile Concept Major J. F. McMahon
  • Notes for Young Conferees T2'
  • AMF Gold Medal and ASCO Prize Essay Competition
  • The Vegetation of South-East Asia H. S. Hodges and G. R. Webb
  • The March Offensive, 1918 John Terraine

Number 233, October 1968 (pdf, 16.1MB)

  • Mobility and Transportation Reorganization in the AMF Major J. F. Hughes
  • Target Acquisition: Vietnam Style Lieutenant-Colonel David H. Hackworth
  • The Staff System - A Case For Change Major I. D. McFarlane
  • Foam-in-place: a Logistics Tool Major R. T. Willing
  • Madmen in the Mess Lieutenant-Colonel Kenneth E. Kay

Number 232, September 1968 (pdf, 15.0MB)

  • Standardization - the double-edged Sword Major C. V. L. Palmer
  • Suoi Nghe - A Refugee Hamlet in Vietnam Lieutenant-Colonel J. F. McDonagh
  • The Junior Officer on the Senior Staff Major Richard B. Fisher
  • Operational Mapping and Surveys, South Vietnam 1966/67 Captain R. F. Skitch
  • Let us not forget the little Owl Captain W. H. Clements
  • Book Reviews: Armistice 1918, Vietnam: A Pictorial, History of the Sixth Battalion The Royal Australian Regiment 1966-67
  • Letters to the Editor

Number 231, August 1968 (pdf, 15.5MB)

  • Civil Affairs in Phuoc Tuy Province, South Vietnam 1967 Lieutenant-Colonel J. F. McDonagh
  • So you want to be a Linguist? Lieutenant-Colonel G. J. Leary
  • The Royal Defence Academy Major-General E. J. H. Bates
  • An Analysis of the French Military Failure in Indo-China Lieutenant M. J. Keating
  • The Australian Parachutist Course Staff Sergeant B. R. Wear
  • Recommended Reading

Number 230, July 1968 (pdf, 38.1MB)

  • Stiffening the Army's Backbone Major A. R. Roberts
  • Cyclopean Viewpoint A. R. G. Morrison
  • Computers in Field Artillery Lieutenant-Colonel D. R. O. Cowey
  • An Introduction to Operations Research Major M. M. van Gelder
  • Adventure Training Major H. L. Stewart
  • Book Review: The Quicksand War: Prelude to Vietnam

Number 229, June 1968 (pdf, 5.6MB)

  • Military Uses of Terrain Evaluation Major W. W. Lennon
  • Equipment Development for a Mobile Army Major D. J. Binney
  • Have Fronts and Flanks met their Waterloo? Warrant Officer L. Nicholson
  • Guerilla begets Guerilla Brigadier R. C. Foot
  • On Public Speaking and the Army's Public Image Major G. A. Fry
  • Excellence in the Military Profession Major D. H. Ralls
  • Oliver Cromwell - The General Lieutenant-Colonel A. E. Limburg

Number 228, May 1968 (pdf, 18.8MB)

  • The Army, its Men and its Flying Machines Lieutenant-Colonel A. Argent
  • On Understanding Asia Squadron Leader R. G. Funnell
  • The Climates of South-East Asia H. S. Hodges and G. R. Webb
  • Book Reviews: Defeat in the East, Best Army Stories
  • Letters to the Editor

Number 227, April 1968 (pdf, 18.0MB)

  • The 'Red Rats' and Phuoc Tuy Captain Ian Hutchison
  • Military Purpose and Human Factors Colonel D. G. Levis
  • Von Lettow-Vorbeck in East Africa Major C. H. Ducker
  • British Services Logistics Computers (Part III) Lieutenant-Colonel A. E. Limburg
  • Book Reviews

Number 226, March 1968 (pdf, 15.8MB)

  • Fire and Movement: Evolution and Present Status in South-East Asia Jac Weller
  • Foreign Aid as Defence Major J. M. Walker
  • Mortars for the Gunners Lieutenant-Colonel E. M. Lock
  • British Services Logistics Computers (Part II) Lieutenant-Colonel A. E. Limburg
  • Hypothetical Report by the Soviet Minister for Defence to the Central Committee of the USSR, July 1967 General Baron Geyr von Schweppenburg
  • Some Observations on Memory Aids Sergeant I. F. McKiggan
  • Interpreters on Operations with Infantry Warrant Officer A. H. D. McAulay

Number 225, February 1968 (pdf, 10.5MB)

  • Psychological Operations: A New Field Captain D. A. Dawe
  • British Services Logistics Computers Lieutenant-Colonel A. E. Limburg
  • War in the Middle East: An Israeli View Leo Heiman
  • Engineers in Counter-Insurgency: A Different Approach Major F. J. Cross
  • The Truth About Blivets Lieutenant-Colonel W. J. P. Tier
  • Concerning the Big Stick Major-General Sir John Gellibrand
  • Recommended Reading

Number 224, January 1968 (pdf, 9.7MB)

  • The Study of Military History Colonel E. G. Keogh
  • Simplifying Logistic Support in the Australian Army Lieutenant-Colonel R. Vardanega
  • Tradition and Reality Lieutenant-Colonel R. T. Jones
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Book Review: The Armed Forces of Canada 1867-1967

Number 223, December 1967 (pdf, 11.7MB)

  • Aspects of the Military Geography of South-East Asia H. S. Hodges and G. R. Webb
  • Trends in Japanese Nationalism E. D. Daw
  • A Photo and A Story Lieutenant-Colonel A. Argent
  • Richard B. Haldane: Was Minister Extraordinary Ernest M. Teagarden
  • Western Australia: The Need for New Defence Thinking Brigadier R. C. Foot
  • Index

Number 221, October 1967 (pdf, 12.3MB)

  • The 2/48th Battalion at El Alamein
  • Officers' Days Major G. F. B. Rickards
  • Some Thoughts on the Army in Papua-New Guinea Major E. M. McCormick
  • Uncle Ho wants you! Lieutenant-Colonel G. E. Dexter
  • Canada and Imperial Defence Major-General L. E. Beavis

Number 220, September 1967 (pdf, 9.7MB)

  • Civic Action in Vietnam 1965-66 Captain P. M. Arnison
  • Quality in Relation to Defence Requirements in Australia J. Shilkin
  • AMF Gold Medal and ASCO Prize Essay Competition
  • The Indian Army Major L. A. Wright
  • Sub-Machine Guns Captain A. Parker
  • Visual Search by Night F. H. C. Marriott

Number 219, August 1967 (pdf, 11.3MB)

  • Engineers in Operations in Vietnam Captain A. H. MacGregor
  • A Plea for a Technical General Staff Major P. D. F. Cleaver
  • Network Analysis in Planning: A Military Analytical Approach Major M. M. van Gelder
  • Strategic and Economic Importance of South-East Asia Warrant Officer P. G. Gittins

Number 216, May 1967 (pdf, 16.4MB)

  • Air Drop Systems Captain T. A. Tabart
  • A Lesson from Recent History Brigadier F. W. Speed
  • Papua-New Guinea Training Depot Major E. M. McCormick
  • Aeromedical Evacuation: a Medical Officer's Point of View Lieutenant-Colonel J. T. Dunn
  • The Fading Barrier Second-Leiutenant R. L. Sayce
  • Instant Expertise: A Universal Need? Defence Digest
  • Book Review: The Military Intellectuals in Britain

Number 215, April 1967 (pdf, 23.7MB)

  • General Northcott: A Wartime Chief of Staff Major-General L. E. Beavis
  • Aerial Minelaying Major L. H. Shaw
  • With a Medium Troop in Sabah Major C. P. Masters
  • The Validity of the Domino Theory Wing Commander K. Tongue
  • The Regimental March Lieutenant-Colonel R. A. Newman
  • The British 81-mm Mortar Major C. V. L. Palmer
  • Book Reviews: Tobruk and El Alamein, Australia's Pearl Harbour, Malaya: The Communist Insurgent War

Number 214, March 1967 (pdf, 10.1MB)

  • Drums across the Kwabe Captain M. C. McCallum
  • Living with Nuclear Proliferation Squadron Leader D. C. Mazlin
  • Civic Action Major I. D. McFarlane
  • Field Expedient Antennas for VHF Radio Directorate of Signals
  • Power Politics in South-East Asia and Australia's Defence Lieutenant P. E. Jorm
  • Knock, Knock Lieutenant-Colonel R. S. Garland
  • Book Reviews

Number 213, February 1967 (pdf, 5.5MB)

  • Viet Cong Tactics Major I. D. McFarlane
  • Australian Army Anachronisms Major M. R. Ramsay
  • Night Vision for Military Purposes A. W. Pybus
  • Maintenance of Morale and Other Principles of War A Staff College Candidate'
  • A New Approach to Battle Drills Major P. R. Phillips
  • General Scratchley and the Australian Engineers Staff-Sergeant D. H. Eicke
  • Resupply in Vietnam Major R. G. Phillips

Number 212, January 1967 (pdf, 5.5MB)

  • Chinese Communist Revolutionary Warfare: Theory and Application Lieutenant-Colonel R. F. Morison
  • The Accelerating Role of Technology in Warfare Lieutenant D. W. Roy
  • Strategic Choice: Formosa or the Philippines Lieutenant-Colonel Charles M. Simpson
  • Recommended Reading

Number 211, December 1966 (pdf, 5.2MB)

  • Infantry Hollow-Charge Weapons and the Tank Captain M. A. Count
  • Extracts from an Air Support Officer's diary Major E. C. Beacroft
  • The disease pattern of South-East Asia Captain R. D. Spooner
  • A Light-weight Close-Support Weapon for Tropical Warfare Captain C. V. L. Palmer
  • The Battle for Asia Warrant Officer P. G. Gittins
  • Book Reviews
  • Index

Number 210, November 1966 (pdf, 5.6MB)

  • Battalion Resupply Vietnam Style Major P. G. Sharp
  • Australia's requirements for Joint Warfare Training Major E. C. Beacroft
  • Tao at Staff College Major C. D. Wheeldon
  • Speed is the Essence of War Major W. M. Silverstone
  • Escape Captain B. W. Challans
  • Letters to the Editor

Number 209, October 1966 (pdf, 5.2MB)

  • A Message from your Sponsor Lieutenant-Colonel H. L. Sabin
  • How to Extend Communications with the 10 Set Lieutenant G. A. Mayes
  • Surprise and Security in the Shenandoah Valley Campaign Major J. S. Kendell
  • The Shangani Patrol: A Rhodesian Alamo Lance-Corporal K. S. Deal
  • Book Review: Spotlight on Singapore
  • Letters to the Editor

Number 208, September 1966 (pdf, 5.2MB)

  • Platoon Organization, Rations and Equipment 2nd-Lieutenant J. R. Bourke
  • Systems of Replenishment within South-East Asia Major R. L. Buntine
  • Search and Clear Operations Lieutenant-Colonel R. S. Garland
  • SPIW - Weapon of the future? Sergeant J. Shannon
  • Radar in a Tropical Combat Zone Captain M. J. Ryan

Number 207, August 1966 (pdf, 6.9MB)

  • General Sturdee and the Australian Army Lieutenant-General Sir Sydney Rowell
  • The Natural Laws of War or the Study of Curves Lieutenant-Colonel R. S. Garland
  • Waterloo Brigadier R. C. Foot
  • Malaria Major B. A. Smithurst
  • Book Reviews: Five Journeys from Djakarta, The Rats Remain, Kura!

Number 206, July 1966 (pdf, 25.1MB)

  • The Concept of the New Infantryman Lieutenant-Colonel R. S. Garland
  • Military Free-Fall Parachuting Captain B. Wade
  • Border Bedlam Warrant Officer P. G. Gittins
  • Waterloo (Part II) Brigadier R. C. Foot
  • Social and Behavioural Sciences in Counter-Insurgency Lieutenant-Colonel W. M. Hartness
  • Letters to the Editor

Number 205, June 1966 (pdf, 5.4MB)

  • The Spider and the Fly Captain F. Fazekas
  • Helicopters Captain P. M. Robinson
  • Cambrai and After Major J. P. F. Dixon
  • Tracking - A Must in Counter-Insurgency Lieutenant R. B. French
  • Waterloo Brigadier R. C. Foot
  • Professionalism Lieutenant-Colonel W. J. Finlayson
  • A Simple Still for Arid Country Lieutenant T. P. A. Breukel

Number 204, May 1966 (pdf, 9.5MB)

  • Junior Leaders from Schyville Captain D. Keith
  • Close Support Fire in Non-Nuclear War Captain D. J. Atkinson
  • Fighting Men and their Equipment Brigadier C. N. Barclay
  • SEATO Today Lieutenant-Colonel L. B. Swifte
  • The Principles of Instruction Colonel S. A. Embling
  • Recommended Reading

Number 203, April 1966 (pdf, 6.3MB)

  • Night Operations in Counter-Insurgency Major L. D. Johnson
  • Some Impressions of the Gallipoli Campaign Major E. K. Baker
  • Bamboo Major G. M. Plunkett
  • The Good Leader Warrant-Officer R. Burns
  • A Career Plan for Arms and Service Officers Major K. L. MacPherson
  • Crack and Thump: Training for War under Peace-time Conditions Major J. A. Rymer-Jones

Number 202, March 1966 (pdf, 5.6MB)

  • Man-the-Weapon: Neglected Aspects of Leader Training Lieutenant-Colonel J. O. Langtry
  • The Use of Foreign Languages in Australasian Forces Sergeant D. W. Roy
  • The Influence of Mobility on Military Operations in South-East Asia Major I. R. Way
  • Will China Intervene in Vietnam? Sergeant D. R. de Mamiel
  • Correspondence in the Field Australian War Memorial Archives
  • Book Reviews: MacDougal's Farm, China and the Bomb, The Theory and Practice of War

Number 201, February 1966 (pdf, 5.7MB)

  • Doctrine and Training in the German Army Captain R. J. O'Neill
  • Protecting the Northern Approaches Lieutenant-Colonel R. Vardanega
  • Africa Editorial Staff
  • The Evolution of the Gun Major D. K. Baker
  • Night Vision Aids Major I. J. Meibusch

Number 200, January 1966 (pdf, 9.3MB)

  • Seskoad: A Unique Experience Lieutenant-Colonel C. H. A. East
  • The Conduct of Counter-Insurgency Warfare Lieutenant-Colonel R. S. Garland
  • United Nations Peace-keeping Operations Major-General Indar Jit Rikhye
  • Oil Analysis for Predictive Maintenance of Aircraft Assemblies Captain P. M. Robinson
  • Book Review: Introduction to Strategy

Number 198, November 1965 (pdf, 19.8MB)

  • Praed Point Battery Major W. G. Botham
  • Administration as a function of Command Major J. I. Martyn
  • The Tumbling Terror Major D. K. Atkinson
  • Insurance Warrant Officer P. J. Hutchison
  • Book Reviews

Number 197, October 1965 (pdf, 14.1MB)

  • El Alamein
  • Fustest with the Mostest Major B. H. Bradbrook
  • No. 1 Independent Company A.I.F. Major J. Edmonds-Wilson
  • The District Adviser Captain J. F. Ray
  • Point Nepean - Portsea Major J. H. Welch

Number 196, September 1965 (pdf, 21.3MB)

  • The Rushcutter Culverin Brigadier J. W. A. O'Brien
  • War in the Enemy's Camp Otto Heilbrunn
  • The Swedish Type "S" Tank Captain M. J. Ryan
  • How Should the Army Fight? Lieutenant-General Dwight E. Beach
  • The Role of Ideology in USSR Foreign Policy Brigadier A. T. J. Bell, O.B.E.
  • Book Reviews

Number 195, August 1965 (pdf, 5.3MB)

  • Ambush Knoll Lieutenant-Colonel R. S. Garland
  • Programmed Instruction Lieutenant-Colonel S. J. Templeman
  • Some Attractions and Pitfalls of Military History Brian Bond
  • Praed Point Battery, Rabaul Colonel F. N. Nurse
  • Book Review

Number 194, July 1965 (pdf, 14.6MB)

  • Outpost Nguy Truong Warrant-Officer J. Vezgoff
  • The Royal Military College, Duntroon Major J. Brown and S. B. Clark
  • Operations in Borneo Major C. M. A. R. Roberts
  • The Aboriginal and Defence Lieutenant-Colonels J. O. Langtry and C. H. A. East
  • Electrification of Fences for Military Purposes Major A. A. Partridge
  • Recommended Reading

Number 193, June 1965 (pdf, 6.0MB)

  • Battlefield Mobility Major E. C. Beacroft
  • Information Desk Directorate of Military Training
  • British Counter-Insurgency Experience Lieutenant-General Sir Kenneth Darling
  • The Qualities of a Good Instructor Warrant-Officer R. R. Burns
  • Book Review

Number 192, May 1965 (pdf, 5.3MB)

  • The Challenge Lieutenant-Colonel F. W. Cook
  • Planning and Supervision of CMF Training Lieutnenant-Colonel R. S. Garland
  • The Queen's Medal Competition Major G. F. B. Rickards
  • The French Canadian Problem Captain P. J. Mitchell
  • The War in South Vietnam Captain R. Clark
  • Communist China's Strategy in South East Asia Today Lieutenant-Colonel J. O. Langtry
  • Goats Major A. J. C. Newton
  • Book Reviews

Number 191, April 1965 (pdf, 15.9MB)

  • ANZAC Major H. V. Howe
  • Defence Review Directorate of Military Training
  • Army Journal Tested by Reader Opinion
  • A Visit to Gallipoli R. R. James
  • Australian Foreign Policy Since 1945 Major P. S. Codde
  • Book Review

Number 190, March 1965 (pdf, 5.3MB)

  • The South West Pacific Campaign 1941-1945 Colonel E. G> Keogh
  • An Integrated Defence Force? Colonel C. Stuart
  • The AASO and the Movement of Units by Air Major W. G. R. Fleming
  • Nationalist Trend in Ceylon Major N. Amairthalingam
  • The Led Leader Second Lieutenant D. Levenespiel
  • Information Please Major A. W. Smith
  • The Early Days of the Army Rugby Club in Southern Command Lieutenant Colonel S. R. Birch
  • Book Review

Number 189, February 1965 (pdf, 4.9MB)

  • The South West Pacific Campaign 1941-1945 Colonel E. G. Keogh
  • Boldness or Rashness? Security or Timidity? Major H. L. Bell
  • Some Thoughts on Professionalism Martin Blumenson

Number 188, January 1965 (pdf, 5.2MB)

  • The Study of Military History Colonel E. G. Keogh
  • Officer Training in The U.S. Army Major D. K. Lyon
  • Battlefield Surveillance and Reconnaissance Major D. J. Mannett
  • Are Air Mobile Forces Vulnerable Colonel Fred L. Walker Jr.
  • Philosophy, Psychology and The Army Captain P. P. Manzie
  • Book Reviews

Number 187, December 1964 (pdf, 5.0MB)

  • The Pentropic Division - Another Point of View Colonel C. M. I. Pearson and Colonel W. J. Morrow
  • Recruiting in the A.R.A. Major T. J. Gray
  • The Human Dimension of Insurgency Ralph Sanders
  • Artillery in Vietnam Captain R. Clark
  • Mutual Support in the Jungle Major J. W. Burns
  • To Eat Or Not To Eat? Major C. E. Smith
  • Book Review
  • Index

Number 186, November 1964 (pdf, 5.1MB)

  • Workable, Acceptable and Safe Major P. J. Norton
  • The Case For Special Forces Major P. H. Bennett
  • The Badge With a History E. R. A. Garret
  • Lasers Captain A. J. A. Cooper
  • Recommended Reading
  • Camp Training 1886 Major A. W. Reynolds

Number 185, October 1964 (pdf, 5.4MB)

  • The CMF Rifle Company - Triumph or Tragedy? Major R. I. Harrison
  • Historical Procedures of Recruiting Guerillas Franklin Mark Osanka
  • Some Problems Confronting Military Counsel Flight Lieutenant M. K. Bannister
  • Modern Military English Colonel F. W. Speed
  • British Infantry in South East Asia Brigadier A. G. Patterson
  • Army Film Production Major A. W. Millen
  • War and Morality Anthony Harrigan
  • Radiological Survey by Light Aircraft Squadron Leader J. A. Downie

Number 184, September 1964 (pdf, 4.9MB)

  • Military Appreciations Lieutenant Colonel R. S. Garland
  • Round the Clock Captain J. D. S. Henderson
  • Canadian Defence Integration Captain P. T. F. Gowans
  • The Alterative - Outward Bound Captain M. Jeneid
  • The Parting Warrant Officer P. G. Gittins
  • The Paper War and Military Intelligence Lieutenant Colonel A. Treloar
  • Book Reviews

Number 183, August 1964 (pdf, 10.4MB)

  • The Paper Tarzan Brigadier R. T. Eason
  • Keeping Limited War Limited Major A. R. Wheelock
  • Military Rocket Lift Devices Captain L. G. Halls
  • The Human Factor in Warfare Captain J. K. Leggett
  • Mountain Warfare Major E. H. Dar
  • Photography Within the Army Captain R. S. Mackenzie

Number 182, July 1964 (pdf, 5.2MB)

  • Command and Control of Logistics in the Division Major N. M. Turner
  • Battle Preliminaries Major General M. P. Bogert
  • Delegation - Green Light to Command Control Colonel Richard K. Hutson
  • Industrialisation in Mainland China Since 1949 Major W. A. Piper
  • Recruit Training at 1 RTB Captain G. P. Marshall-Cormack
  • The Instrumentation of Guided Missiles Major N. G. Johnson
  • Book Reviews

Number 181, June 1964 (pdf, 5.4MB)

  • Airborne Elements in the Field Force Major L. A. Eyles
  • Counter Insurgency - Some Antecedents for Success Lieutenant Colonel William F. Long, Jr.
  • The New Defence Organisation of the Untied Kingdom Major H. E. D. Harris
  • The Vital Factor - Motivation Major R. D. F. Lloyd
  • Military Intelligence Captain H. V. Dobinson
  • Engineers in Counter Insurgency Operations Lieutenant Colonel J. H. Templeman
  • Book Reviews

Number 180, May 1964 (pdf, 17.4MB)

  • Electronic Counter Measures Captain K. P. Carey
  • After the Centurion Major K. Dodson
  • The Battle of Gettysburg Lieutenant Colonel John Nocita
  • The Men at the Barricades Captain H. B. Chamberlain
  • An Exercise for Professional Training Major D. G. Loomis
  • Borneo - Centre of Crisis Anthony Harrigan
  • Army Rank Badges "Concord"
  • Book Reviews

Number 179, April 1964 (pdf, 5.5MB)

  • King of the Jungle or Paper Tiger Directorate of Military Training
  • The Leader and the Led Major W. F. Burnard
  • Suvla Bay Brigadier General S. L. A. Marshall
  • Australia's Security and the Balance of Power Lieutenant J. Wood
  • Population Security - The Key to Counter Insurgency Lieutenant Colonel William J. Beck and Major Carl F. Bernard
  • Science and the Officer Major R. A. Clark
  • Dress Embellishments and Other Changes Warrant Officer L. Thompson
  • Military Collecting in Australia N. R. Grinyer
  • Book Reviews

Number 178, March 1964 (pdf, 7.0MB)

  • Control at the Top Colonel F. W. Speed
  • Serve to Survive Colonel D. A. Cormack
  • The Amphibious Tractor Captain A. A. Nolan
  • To Gain the Rear William Paul Haiber
  • Logistics, The Lost Cause Major N. M. Turner
  • Social Studies - Necessity or Humbug? Captain O. H. J. Wieser
  • Service Dogs for the AMF Trooper K. Metius
  • Threeward On Kanga Major D. A. Chinn
  • Book Reviews

Number 177, February 1964 (pdf, 7.1MB)

  • Defeat in the East "Soixante"
  • Amphibians Captain A. A. Nolan
  • The American-British-Canadian-Australian Standardisation Programme Lieutenant Colonel K. G. Groom
  • A Nations Approach to War Captain E. D. M. Cape
  • Book Reviews

Number 176, January 1964 (pdf, 5.3MB)

  • The Production of CMF Officers in Eastern Command Major-General P. A. Cullen
  • Population Control Techniques of Communist Insurgents Franklin Mark Osanka
  • Insignia of Rank - Some Suggested Changes Warrant Officer L. Thompson
  • This Is New Zealand Major K. E. Gallard
  • Aviation's Future Staff Officers Captain T. J. Shaughnessy and Captain Pierce Robertson
  • The AMF and Sports Parachuting Lance Corporal M. M. Johnson
  • Public Relations in the Pentropic Division Captain A Dunne
  • Book Reviews

Number 175, December 1963 (pdf, 5.3MB)

  • Column Support by Armed Helicopter Captain William P. Griffin
  • Roman Tactics Against Guerillas Lieutenant Colonel A. Treloar
  • The Value of Military History Brigadier W. G. F. Jackson
  • On Armour and Self Sufficiency Major J. R. M. Jentzema
  • Training Army Divers Captain L. G. Halls
  • Book Reviews
  • Index

Number 174, November 1963 (pdf, 16.5MB)

  • The Influence of Revolutionary War on Modern Military Thought Lieutenant Colonel R. S. Garland
  • Impressions of a Cadet Under Officer Cadet Under Officer V. J. Rae
  • Hints to General Staff Officers Lieutnenant Colonel C. H. A. East
  • The Doctrine of Peaceful Coexistence, Soviet Interpretation - Strategic Review
  • The Sino Indian Conflict 1962 - Some Military Lessons
  • A Visit to Berlin, Poland and the Soviet Union - Part II Lieutenant Colonel D. S. Thompson
  • Book Reviews

Number 173, October 1963 (pdf, 9.4MB)

  • Battalion Concepts for Anti-Guerilla Operations Lieutenant Colonel R. S. Garland
  • The Master Plan for Conquest in Vietnam Colonel Edwin F. Black
  • Training in the CMF Unit Commander Major B. D. Clendinnen
  • The German Army 1963 - Strategic Review Captain S. O. Tiomain
  • The Resupply of An Australian Force by Air Captain W. G. R. Fleming
  • A Visit to Berlin, Poland and the Soviet Union Lieutenant Colonel D. S. Thomson
  • Book Reviews

Number 172, September 1963 (pdf, 8.6MB)

  • Australia Alone Captain H. L. Bell
  • The Sino Soviet Quarrel - Strategic Review
  • Notes on the Practical Conduct of War Games General Frhr. Geyr von Schweppenburg
  • Radio Relay During Exercise Nutcracker Major G. J. Lawrence
  • Professional and Officer Education Lieutenant P. A. Webb
  • Have Gun - Will Free Fall Captain J. F. McMahon
  • Paradelay Combat Teams First Lieutenant C. L. Mullins

Number 171, August 1963 (pdf, 33.3MB)

  • The Ethos of Patrolling Colonel M. P. O'Hare
  • Protective Clothing in the Tropics Major B. B. Wainer
  • A Middle East Summary - Strategic Review Captain J. J. Kelly
  • The Case for Gas Warfare Anthony Harrigan
  • Background to Trouble in South East Asia Corporal B. R. Hewitt
  • An Analysis Captain J. J. Donohoe
  • Book Review

Number 170, Julyy 1963 (pdf, 4.9MB)

  • Air Support in Anti-Insurgency Operations Major L. G. Clark
  • The Last Post Major R. A. Newman
  • Catalogue of Viet Cong Violence Colonel Robert B. Rigg
  • Federation of Malaysia - Strategic Review
  • Communism Versus Australia Warrant Officer J. P. Sheddick
  • Notes on Some New Aids to Intelligence Lieutenant Colonel J. T. Quinn
  • Bundles of Ten Captain H. B. Chamberlain
  • Book Reviews

Number 169, June 1963 (pdf, 10.6MB)

  • A Proposed Reorganisation of Army Headquarters Major N. M. Turner
  • The Paddington Barracks Major R. Vardanega
  • An Emerging Europe - Strategic Review
  • The Battle Group Organisation Colonel F. W. Speed
  • The Army's Air Defence Role Major B. R. Topfer
  • Repatriation Before Federation Colonel, The Honourable R. W. Swartz
  • Book Reviews

Number 168, May 1963 (pdf, 15.5MB)

  • ARA-CMG Integration Lieutenant Colonel C. J. Millar and Lieutenant Colonel A. E. G. Strong
  • The Nature and Effects of Waterborne Diseases Major J. G. Fairbrother
  • Above the Best Captain J. G. Ross
  • Australia's Defence Treaties - Strategic Review
  • A Vietnamese Ranger Patrol Major L. G. Clark
  • Study, Study, Study Captain J. J. Donohoe
  • Honour Titles for the Royal Regiment of Australian Artillery Captain D. N. Brook
  • Book Reviews

Number 167, April 1963 (pdf, 9.4MB)

  • Kokoda Trail - Twenty Years After Captain E. J. O'Donnell
  • AMF Gold Medal Essay: Wild Rice and Green Strangers Colonel A. E. G. Strong
  • Sino-Soviet Relations - Strategic Review
  • Navigation in The Tropic Zone Captain L. G. Doyle

Number 166, March 1963 (pdf, 14.7MB)

  • Man The Key Weapon Major E. M. McCormick
  • Understanding Asia Major S. S. Chakravarti
  • Britain and Europe - Strategic Review
  • The Unseen Foe Captain J. J. Donohoe
  • Do You Know The Dracone? Lieutenant C. J. Akeroyd
  • Book Reviews

Number 165, February 1963 (pdf, 14.0MB)

  • How Much Can You Save? Captain J. J. Donohoe
  • On Active Service In Malaya Lieutenant Colonel A. B. Stretton
  • The Soviet Army In The Sixties - Strategic Review Captain M. D. Bates
  • Sappers In New Guinea Major P. A. Stevens
  • Reorganisation The Australian Military Forces 1800-1962 Sergeant G. R. Vazenry
  • More About Quarterblokery An Cosantoir

Number 164, January 1963 (pdf, 4.1MB)

  • Revolutionary Warfare Colonel M. P. O'Hare
  • Vertical Counter Attack Major Boyd T. Bashore
  • The Sino-Indian Clash - Strategic Review
  • Ceylon Under Mrs Bandaranaike Staff Sergeant P. G. Gittins
  • From The Outside Looking In Captain D. R. Overstead
  • Military Bands Cft. J. P. Brennock
  • Book Reviews

Number 163, December 1962 (pdf, 10.9MB)

  • Peacetime Soldiering in Malaya Captain J. Fletcher
  • The Oldest Police Force Lieutenant P. R. Morgan
  • The Cuban Crisis - Strategic Review
  • Dora The Germans' Biggest Gun Charles S. Burdick
  • A Catechism of Communism Staff Sergeant P. G. Gittins
  • Book Reviews
  • Index

Number 162, November 1962 (pdf, 4.8MB)

  • Sociological Warfare Major E. M. McCormick
  • The Sino-Indian Border Dispute Major R. W. Whitney
  • The 106 mm Rifle M40 A1 Anti-tank Weapon Lieutenant Colonel A. E. G. Strong
  • Britain and Europe - Strategic Review
  • The Value of CW Transmission in Long Range Patrolling Pacific Islands Regiment
  • An Academy of Military Art Major R. M. C. Cubis
  • Book Reviews

Number 161, October 1962 (pdf, 5.1MB)

  • The Reconnaissance Troop Lieutenant M. A. Count
  • Long Range Patrolling in New Guinea Pacific Islands Regiment
  • Vulnerability of Army Aircraft Brigadier General F. vonn Kann
  • The Common Market Negotiations - Strategic Review
  • The Sino-Indian Border Dispute Major R. W. Whitney
  • Air Supply in the AMF Major D. White
  • Operation Movement by Inland Waterway Jungle Training Centre
  • Nuclear Thunder Out of China Staff Sergeant P. G. Gittins
  • Book Reviews

Number 160, September 1962 (pdf, 13.0MB)

  • Value for Time Brigadier S. M. McDonald and Major A. D. Wells
  • The Case for Umbrellas Captain H. B. Chamberlain
  • Revolutionary Guerilla Warfare Major P. O. M. Woodhill
  • The Struggle in South East Asia - Strategic Review
  • Some Thoughts on Africa Brigadier E. Logan
  • The Armed Helicopter Captain B. H. Cooper
  • Tactical Examinations Major K. E. Gallard
  • Book Reviews

Number 159, August 1962 (pdf, 21.0MB)

  • The Malayan Campaign 1941/42 Lieutenant Colonel S. P. Weir
  • It's New Major H. L. Bell
  • La Guerra de Guerrillas "Che" Guevara
  • Caution or Elan Daidolos
  • Agreement in Laos - Strategic Review
  • Artillery in South Australia 1840-1960 Lieutenant D. N. Brook
  • Book Reviews

Number 158, July 1962 (pdf, 6.0MB)

  • The Malayan Campaign 1941/42 Lieutenant Colonel S. P. Weir
  • Bugling An Cosantoir
  • SEATO in Action - Strategic Review
  • The Commander and the Civil Population Lieutenant Colonel J. D. M. Moss
  • Book Reviews
  • La Guerra de Guerrillas "Che" Guevara

Number 157, June 1962 (pdf, 13.8MB)

  • Malayan Campaign 1941/42 Major J. A. Clark
  • Experiences in Short Course Training General Frhr Geyr von Schweppenburg
  • Algeria - Strategic Review
  • Book Reviews
  • La Guerra de Guerrillas "Che" Guevara

Number 156, May 1962 (pdf, 16.1MB)

  • The Malayan Campaign 1941/42 Lieutenant Colonel S. P. Weir
  • Tank Design Contest
  • Berlin and the West - Strategic Review
  • The Bloody Hands of the Viet Cong Army, USA
  • Book Reviews

Number 155, April 1962 (pdf, 4.6MB)

  • AMF Gold Medal Essay Lieutenant Colonel C. L. Thompson
  • ROAD Lieutenant Colonel Carl P. Keiser
  • Guerrilla Deterrent Flight Lieutenant H. W. Parker
  • South Vietnam - Strategic Review
  • School Cadets 1962 Directorate of Cadets
  • Book Reviews

Number 154, March 1962 (pdf, 4.9MB)

  • How Tough is Tough Major Reginald Hargreaves
  • Moscow Turns to Asia Staff Sergeant P. G. Gittins
  • The United Nations - Strategic Review
  • The United States Army Division
  • Countering the Spread of Communism Captain R. T. Jones
  • Anti Tank Weapons and Their Influence In Battle Major N. A. Shackelton
  • Book Reviews

Number 153, February 1962 (pdf, 7.5MB)

  • Infantry Training at the Officer Cadet School Captain E. R. Philip
  • The West Irian Issue Lieutenant Colonel M. NG. Soenarjo
  • Civilian Role in Anti Guerrilla Warfare Major John B. Bellinger, Jnr.
  • It's In The Book Copihue
  • Finding Your Way Lieutenant Colonel C. L. Thompson
  • Book Reviews

Number 152, January 1962 (pdf, 6.2MB)

  • About Instructions and Things Colonel N. A. M. Nicholls
  • Military Free Fall - Parachuting Major E. M. McCormick
  • The Struggle in Vietnam - Strategic Review
  • When Friends Fall Out Staff Sergeant P. G. Gittins
  • What It Takes Major Thoung Htaik
  • Book Reviews

Number 151, December 1961 (pdf, 5.6MB)

  • Command and Control of the 81 mm Mortar Section Lieutenant Colonel I. B. Ferguson
  • Encirclement Methods in Guerrilla Warfare Major Thoung Htaik
  • Berlin and the Bomb - Strategic Review
  • Quarterblokery An Cosantoir, Eire
  • The Instructor and His Students Captain J. A. Shimeld
  • Inter Service Friction on Kanga "Yumbana"
  • Book Reviews
  • Index

Number 150, November 1961 (pdf, 5.7MB)

  • Training in the CMF Major H. L. Bell
  • Communist Window on the Mediterranean - Strategic Review
  • The Real Meaning of Nuclear Stalemate Commander John G. Dillon
  • South East Asia - World Focal Point Staff Sergeant P. G. Gittins
  • A Forgotten Army Major R. J. Stanley
  • Book Reviews

Number 149, October 1961 (pdf, 5.6MB)

  • Thorn in the Flesh Major Reginald Hargreaves
  • European Economic Integration Colonel R. W. Swartz
  • Sinkiang - Between Hammer and Tong - Strategic Review
  • Civil Defence in N.S.W. Major General I. N. Dougherty
  • The Employment of the Mortar Section Lieutenant K. H. Jackson
  • Book Reviews

Number 148, September 1961 (pdf, 5.4MB)

  • To Find a Path Major C. P. Yacopetti
  • The Elements of Power Major N. R. Charlesworth
  • Re-appraisal in the West - Strategic Review
  • Endurance Training Captain N. A. Robinson
  • Are You ADPS Wise? Major C. W. Wright
  • The Critical Area of Compatibility J.E.B.
  • Some Thoughts on the Principles of War Captain D. B. Gruzman
  • Book Reviews

Number 147, August 1961 (pdf, 6.4MB)

  • SAS Recondo Training Major L. G. Clark
  • The Ubiquitous Infantry Colonel M. Austin
  • The Common Market - Strategic Review
  • Comparative Fire Power Brigadier M. F. Brogan
  • Slaters Knoll Captain H. B. Chamberlain
  • Australia's Defence Enigma Henry S. Albinski
  • Book Reviews

Number 146, July 1961 (pdf, 5.9MB)

  • CMF Recruiting Lieutenant-Colonel H. L. Sabin
  • Armoured Concepts and Trends Richard M. Ogorkiewicz
  • Staff Leadership Major L. G. Clark
  • Asia in the Balance - Strategic Review Staff Sergeant P. G. Gittins
  • David and Goliath Lieutenant K. Collins
  • Following the Leader Major J. C. F. Moloney
  • The Ubiquitous Infantry Colonel M. Austin
  • Book Review

Number 145, June 1961 (pdf, 8.5MB)

  • Political Education in the Army Captain E. M. McCormick
  • The Lesson of Laos - Strategic Review
  • Ground Effect Machines Major E. A. McCloskey
  • The Ubiquitous Infantry Colonel M. Austin
  • United States Army Air Defence Captain B. L. Nyman
  • The Military Challenge Today Dr C. M. Mooney
  • T. E. Lawrence - The Problem of Interpretation J. T. Laird

Number 144, May 1961 (pdf, 6.1MB)

  • Anti-Guerilla Operations
  • New Guinea - Strategic Review
  • Soldiering in the 'Sixties J.G.R.A.
  • The AMF Gold Medal and AACS Prize Essay
  • The Ubiquitous Infantry Colonel M. Austin
  • The Queen's Shilling Major J. C. F. Moloney
  • Organization for Guerilla Warfare Major L. G. Clark
  • Australia, Asia and Ignorance Staff Sergeant P. G. Gittins

Number 143, April 1961 (pdf, 4.6MB)

  • Infiltration Major Gordon Sumner Jr.
  • Chaos in the Congo - Strategic Review
  • Action in New Britain 1944 Lieutenant Colonel J. V. Mather
  • Cambodia - A Country Reborn Caprain V. C. Hotchkiss
  • The Ubiquitous Infantry Colonel M. Austin
  • Royal Institute of Public Administration Essay Competition 1961
  • Book Reviews

Number 142, March 1961 (pdf, 5.3MB)

  • Clear Thinking Directorate of Military Training
  • Shoot to Kill Lieutenant-Colonel C. L. Thompson
  • False Utopia - Strategic Review
  • The Armed Forces of Japan Major Edgar O'Balance
  • The Development of Mineral Strategy in the U.S.S.R. Captain J. P. Morgan
  • Coursemanship Major L. G. Clark
  • Book Reviews

Number 141, February 1961 (pdf, 14.4MB)

  • Medical Research in the Armed Forces Major General A. J. Clyne
  • Men Apart Captain E. M. McCormick
  • Reviving the Alliance - Strategic Review
  • Laos, Country of Conflict Lieutenant V. C. Hotchkiss
  • The Pakistan Army British Army Review
  • Communist Subversive Activities in Asia and the Pacific Staff Sergeant P. G. Gittins

Number 140, January 1961 (pdf, 11.3MB)

  • Improved Communications Major A. R. Grant
  • Africa - Strategic Review
  • Training in Foreign Languages Major J. M. da Costa
  • The Brigade of Gurkhas Major C. M. A. R. Roberts
  • Communist Subversive Activities in Asia and the Pacific Staff Sergeant P. G. Gittins
  • Soviet Attitudes on the Use of Military Power Army Information Digest, USA
  • Standing Orders for Battle

Number 139, December 1960 (pdf, 5.5MB)

  • Two-Way Thinking for a Dual-Capable Army Captain Robert T. Fallon
  • The Peace Wish Warrant-Officer C. M. D. Flinn
  • The Race for Development in Asia Staff-Sergeant P. G. Gittens
  • Recruit Training in the Citizen Military Forces Lieutenant B. C. Major
  • Recommended Reading
  • A Win for the West - Strategic Review
  • Strategy of Protracted Defence Slavko N. Bjelajac
  • Book Reviews
  • Index

Number 138, November 1960 (pdf, 19.6MB)

  • What Kind of an Army do We Want? Editorial
  • One Man's Battle Corporal T. Fitzpatrick
  • Australia and South-East Asia - Strategic Review Lieutenant-Colonel R. W. Swartz
  • Leaders are Thinkers Major C. W. Wright
  • Chairman Mao Says Colonel W. B. Maguire
  • Movement and Supply by Jungle River Lieutenant- Colonel J. B. Roberts
  • The Russian Soldier and His Leadership General Frhr. Von Schweppenburg
  • Book Reviews

Number 137, October 1960 (pdf, 14.0MB)

  • Will the Tank Survive Captain B. H. Liddell Hart
  • The Central Treaty Organization Lieutenant R. T. Smith
  • A Call For Integrity, Realism and Honest Thinking Brigadier R. T. Eason
  • Red Crosses in the Outback Major J. T. Ashenhurst
  • New Guinea and Papua Staff Sergeant P. G. Gittins
  • The Space Race - Strategic Review
  • An Operation on Guadalcanal Lieutenant Colonel J. V. Mather
  • Early Towing Problems
  • Recondo, Patrol of Opportunity Major Lewis L. Millett

Number 136, September 1960 (pdf, 5.2MB)

  • Mathematics - Thoughts on Pentropic Layouts Directorate, Royal Artillery
  • Weapons and Equipment - How Do We Get Them? Directorate of Staff Duties
  • Shipping and Strategy - Strategic Review
  • CMF Recruiting and Service Major W. F. Sorsby
  • Book Reviews

Number 135, August 1960 (pdf, 7.1MB)

  • Command and Grouping for Battle in the Pentropic Division Directorate of Military Training
  • The Real Goal of Army Aviation Brigadier-General Clifton Von Kann
  • Descent from the Summit - Strategic Review
  • Some Minor Classics of the First World War J. T. Laird
  • The First Australian General Service Vehicle Major J. T. Ashenhurst
  • Be Attractive to be Active Captain E. M. McCormick
  • Book Reviews

Number 134, July 1960 (pdf, 40.8MB)

  • Equipment for the Pentropic Division - Introduction
  • Equipment for the Pentropic Division - General
  • Equipment for the Pentropic Division - Infantry
  • Equipment for the Pentropic Division - Armour
  • Equipment for the Pentropic Division - Artillery
  • Equipment for the Pentropic Division - Engineers
  • Equipment for the Pentropic Division - Signals
  • Equipment for the Pentropic Division - Supply and Transport
  • Equipment for the Pentropic Division - Medical
  • Equipment for the Pentropic Division - Aviation

Number 133, June 1960 (pdf, 13.0MB)

  • The Pentropic Division: Armour in the Combat Support Group
  • The Pentropic Division: The Special Air Service Company
  • Prelude to the Pentropic Division Major Saxon T. Smith
  • Recruiting for the CMF Lieutenant-Colonel C. L. Thompson
  • The Situation in Laos - Strategic Review
  • Some Observations on the Second Industrial Revolution J. Shilkin
  • Planning for Efficiency Royal Bank of Canada Monthly Letter
  • Book Reviews

Number 132, May 1960 (pdf, 10.2MB)

  • The Red Dragon of China Staff Sergeant P. G. Gittins
  • Some Up-to-date Thinking Captain E. M. McCormick
  • Strategic Review
  • Duntroon Chapel Appeal
  • Battle Scenes at Yasnaya Polyana General Frhr Geyr von Schweppenburg
  • Prophet Without Honour Lieutenant-Colonel Robert M. Walker
  • The Conduct of Army Examinations Major-General Sir Kingsley Norris
  • Book Reviews

Number 131, April 1960 (pdf, 5.5MB)

  • Submarine Menace in the Pacific Staff Sergeant P. G. Gittins
  • The Academically Trained Engineer in the Army Major J. R. M. Jentzema
  • Strategic Review
  • Officers Ranks in SEATO Lieutenant G. M. Capper
  • Book Reviews
  • Operation Greif Major Burton F. Hood
  • The Battle of Ulm Semur Captain E. M. McCormick

Number 130, March 1960 (pdf, 13.7MB)

  • Tropical Navigation Jungle Training Centre
  • An Australian Task Force Major D. M. Butler
  • How the Russians Put Lunik into Orbit Major J. R. M. Jentzema
  • Recommended Reading
  • Strategic Review
  • Body Armour Captain Roger W. Little
  • Book Reviews

Number 129, February 1960 (pdf, 4.9MB)

  • The Pentropic Division - Introduction
  • The Pentropic Division - Infantry
  • The Pentropic Division - Armour
  • The Pentropic Division - Artillery
  • The Pentropic Division - Engineers
  • The Pentropic Division - Signals
  • The Pentropic Division - Intelligence
  • The Pentropic Division - Supply and Transport
  • The Pentropic Division - Medical
  • The Pentropic Division - Ordnance
  • The Pentropic Division - Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
  • The Pentropic Division - Provost
  • The Pentropic Division - Pay
  • The Pentropic Division - Postal
  • The Pentropic Division - Aviation
  • The Pentropic Division - Command and Control
  • The Pentropic Division - Equipment
  • The Pentropic Division - New Techniques
  • The Pentropic Division - Non-Divisional Troops

Number 128, January 1960 (pdf, 10.3MB)

  • United States Army, Pacific Military Review, USA
  • Afghanistan, Dangerous Neutral Staff-Sergeant P. G. Gittens
  • About Trying Experiments Royal Bank of Canada Monthly Letter
  • Man and Measurement J. Shilkin
  • Good Press Relations Major B. C. Smith
  • Strategic Review
  • Book Reviews

Number 127, December 1959 (pdf, 6.7MB)

  • US Army Pentomic Division Army Information Digest, USA
  • Strategic Review
  • The Two Tigers Captain J. O. Furner
  • The Army Design Establishment Major J. T. Ashenhurst
  • On the Issue of Orders Captain H. B. Chamberlain
  • The Study of Military History Lieutenant-Colonel E. G. Williams
  • Book Reviews
  • Index

Number 126, November 1959 (pdf, 5.0MB)

  • Military Autarky Lieutenant-Colonel A. Green
  • Working Parties Lieutenant-Colonel J. J. Ballard
  • Problems of Future War Major W. H. Pope
  • Strategic Review
  • Wanted, a Military Coaching Academy for the CMF Lieutenant-Colonel C. L. Thompson
  • Public Speaking and Chairmanship Major L. Franklin

Number 125, October 1959 (pdf, 8.4MB)

  • Communist POW Treatment in Indo-China Bernard B. Fall
  • Guided Missile Development in Australia Lieutenant-Colonel R. W. Swartz
  • Exercise Grand Slam General Staff AHQ
  • Strategic Review - The Aggression in Laos Editorial Staff
  • Under the Sea in Ships James Wilson
  • Chinese Secret Societies Staff-Sergeant P. G. Gittens
  • Book Reviews
  • Why Don't They Captain G. S. Bolitho

Number 124, September 1959 (pdf, 8.5MB)

  • The Pattern of War in South-East Asia Lieutenant-Colonel M. P. O'Hare
  • From Our Own Point of View Lieutenant-Colonel J. B. Roberts
  • Strategic Review - China Opens a New Chapter An Consantoir
  • Strategic Review - The Penetrable Shield An Consantoir
  • The Maxim Machine Gun Lieutenant-Colonel J. J. Ballard
  • Australia and Nuclear Defence Staff-Sergeant P. G. Gittens
  • Finance and CMF Training Lieutnenant-Colonel E. G. Williams
  • A United States Counter-Aggression Force Lieutenant-Colonel A. P. Rand
  • Futilitarianism Anon

Number 123, August 1959 (pdf, 6.8MB)

  • Airmobile Operations Colonel Robert E. McMahon
  • Crisis in Kerala
  • Individual Study Lieutenant-General A. R. Garrett
  • Recommended Reading
  • Battle Preliminaries Major-General M. P. Bogert
  • Military History in the Years Between Major R. Vardanega
  • The AMF Gold Medal and AACS Prize Essay
  • The Army Inspection Service J. Shilkin
  • The Convulsions in South-East Asia Major Wasiuddin Ahmad
  • Book Reviews

Number 122, July 1959 (pdf, 4.6MB)

  • Defeating Tanks in the Jungle Major P. D. Younge
  • Thoughts on the Build-up of the German Army General Leo Frhr Geyr von Schweppenburg
  • Improved Reading Captain N. F. Clarke
  • Weapons and Tactics Lieutenant-Colonel J. C. Dean
  • The Nature of the Threat Major-General R. A. Schow
  • The Formation and Development of Communes in Communist China Staff Sergeant P. G. Gittins
  • Some Problems of Industrial Mobilization Major A. G. Gibbs
  • Book Reviews
  • Can We Limit Nuclear War? Dr R. N. Rosecrance

Number 121, June 1959 (pdf, 6.9MB)

  • Are You Sitting for Written Promotion Examinations? Lieutenant-Colonel E. G. Williams
  • The Population Problems of China Staff Sergeant P. G. Gittins
  • Fuels for Guided Missiles and Space Vehicles Lieutenant-Colonel A. J. Jacoby
  • Bacterial Food Poisoning Captain J. G. Fairbrother
  • The History of Grenades Captain R. S. J. Thirlwell
  • About Planning A Conference Royal Bank of Canada Monthly Letter
  • Point Nepean Major P. J. Cook

Number 120, May 1959 (pdf, 4.2MB)

  • Into the Breach Editorial Staff
  • Some Thoughts on the Local Counter-Attack Major H. P. Boland
  • Fallout and the Company Commander Lieutenant-Colonel John C. Hinchie
  • Japan Today Staff Sergeant P. G. Gittins
  • Sauce for the Gander Major Reginald Hargreaves
  • SEATO - From the Philippines Point of View Honourable Jesus Vargas
  • Articles Published Overseas
  • Australian Tariff Policy Lieutenant-Colonel R. W. Swartz
  • Book Reviews

Number 119, April 1959 (pdf, 4.2MB)

  • Atomic Punch for the Ground Gainers Colonel George C. Dalia
  • Digger Major G. M. F. Wood
  • Strategic Review - Stalemate on 38th Parallel An Consantoir, Eire
  • Operations in Malaya Major R. S. Garland, MC
  • The Importance of Military Geography Staff Sergeant P. G. Gittins
  • Fit to Fight Major D. J. Curtis
  • Limited War Army Information Digest

Number 118, March 1959 (pdf, 5.5MB)

  • The Marches of Peace Lieutenant-Colonel M. P. O'Hare
  • Officer Appointments Branch of the Adjutant-General
  • "Goers", Cranes and Crates Major T. L. Barker
  • Strategic Review - The Chain of Defence Major Reginald Hargreaves
  • Unconditional Surrender Lieutenant-Colonel Stephan E. Gordy
  • Is The Defence the Solution? Lieutenant-Colonel Stephan E. Gordy
  • Brief History of Army Small Ships Major J. C. Laughlin
  • Book Reviews Editorial Staff
  • Focus on Formosa Staff-Sergeant P. G. Gittens
  • We Do Not Live in Europe Captain K. Wells

Number 117, February 1959 (pdf, 5.0MB)

  • Thoughts on Nuclear War Major C. E. Ginn
  • Railway Transportation and the Principles of War Colonel R. M. Wright
  • Tactics as She is Spoke Variation On An Old Theme Lieutenant-Colonel J. J. Ballard
  • Strategic Review - The US Dilemma from An Consantoir
  • Israel from A Military Point of View Shimeon Kotler
  • From The Enemy's Point of View Major J. C. F. Moloney
  • A Study of Commonwealth-State Co-operation Major A. B. Stretton
  • Service Memoirs of a Veteran - One Point Dispersion Anon
  • Book Reviews Editorial Staff

Number 116, January 1959 (pdf, 8.1MB)

  • Population and Our Defence Lieutenant-Colonel A. Green
  • A Tin of Sweet Potatoes Major R. S. Garland
  • New Dress for The Army AHQ Dress Committee
  • Strategic Review - Industrial and Trade Developments in Communist China Staff-Sergeant P. G. Gittens
  • Through a Glass Darkly Lieutenant-Colonel M. P. O'Hare
  • A Philosophy of Leadership Colonel M. Austin
  • Some Thoughts on The Tasks of Field Engineers in Nuclear Warfare Major B. H. Johnston

Number 115, December 1958 (pdf, 9.5MB)

  • More About Reserves Lieutenant-Colonel M. P. O'Hare and Major J. A. Munro
  • Armoured Thinking Major J. C. Gorman
  • Strategic Review - Indo China from An Consantoir
  • All Those Cowboys and So Few Indians Colonel M. Austin
  • Food For An Army Lieutenant-Colonel A. L. Blake
  • Index of Australian Army Journal for 1958

Number 114, November 1958 (pdf, 5.3MB)

  • Unification by Evolution Lieutenant-Colonel A. Green
  • Strategic Review - Indonesian Problems "An Cosantoir, Eire"
  • How to Soldier from 9 to 5 Captain H. B. Chamberlain
  • Brainwashing - Some Notes on Psychopolitics Captain G. R. Finlay
  • Soviet Rockets from "Military Review"
  • In Search of Physical Fitness Royal Bank of Canada
  • Book Review Editorial Staff
  • The Business of Reserves Major J. A. Munro
  • The Royal Danish Lifeguard at Foot Captain E. Ehnhuus

Number 113, October 1958 (pdf, 4.1MB)

  • Trainfire and the AMF Major B. S. O'Dowd
  • "Paulatim" Lieutenant-Colonel Peter Kaye
  • Wanted A Perpetual Army Housing Co-operative Lieutenant-Colonel A. Green
  • Strategic Review - Progress of SEATO Editorial Staff
  • Australian Army Administration in an Allied Theatre of War Colonel F. W. Speed
  • The Stifling Embrace of Administrative Staffs Colonel Frank Kowalski

Number 112, September 1958 (pdf, 12.0MB)

  • Staff Corps at the Crossroads? Lieutenant-Colonel A. Green
  • Loaves and Fishes Lieutenant-Colonel J. E. T. Stubbs
  • Retreat from Kokoda Editorial Staff
  • The Infantryman in the Atomic Age Major-General Herbert B. Powell
  • Communist China Staff Sergeant P. G. Gittins
  • Strategic Review - Middle East Crisis Editorial Staff
  • The UN Truce Organization in Palestine Major J. D. Connell
  • Some Principles of Supply Management Major-General A. T. McNamara

Number 111, August 1958 (pdf, 6.0MB)

  • Improvements in Conditions of Service Major-General R. E. Wade
  • Cave Canem Militis By "Old Firm"
  • Talavera Lieutenant-Colonel M. P. O'Hare
  • Practically Phrenology Lieutenant-Colonel G. D. Solomon
  • Strategic Review - The USSR's Economic Offensive Editorial Staff
  • A Firm Base - Military Training Lieutenant-Colonel A. R. Long
  • Modern Radio for the Modern Army From British Army Review

Number 110, July 1958 (pdf, 6.3MB)

  • Man Management in Hot, Humid Climates Major E. M. Griff and Major J. O. Langtry
  • The Army's Role in the Future General Maxwell D. Taylor
  • Army Missiles Army Information Digest USA
  • The Nuclear Organization Major J. W. Norrie
  • Some Practical Aspects of Earth Satellites Lieutenant-Colonel A. Jacoby
  • Strategic Review - The Middle East Editorial Staff
  • Chinese Emigration in the Pacific Staff Sergeant P. G. Gittins
  • A Military Approach to Child Delinquency Lieutnenant-Colonel H. Fairclough
  • Operation of the Australian Tariff Board Major R. W. Swartz
  • Book Review Editorial Staff

Number 109, June 1958 (pdf, 4.6MB)

  • Some thoughts on Ambushes in Tropical Warfare Colonel M. Austin
  • Some Sound Advice Major C. W. Wright
  • Strategic Review - The Nature of the Challenge Editorial Staff
  • Defence in the Delta Lieutenant-Colonel E. F. Aitken
  • Can We Use Electronic Data Processing? Major B. P. Sloan
  • Future Logistics Major H. W. S. Jackson

Number 108, May 1958 (pdf, 7.9MB)

  • Ambush! Jungle Training Centre
  • Logistics are Logical Major H. W. S. Jackson, MBE, ED
  • New Soviet Weapons Army Information Digest USA
  • Nuclear Warfare and Signal Communications Major W. H. Walters
  • Strategic Review - The Post Sputnik Era Editorial Staff
  • The Hinge of Fate or Service Memoirs of a Veteran
  • The Proof of the Pudding Captain W. G. Hoffman, RHI
  • The Pied Piper of Modern Military Thought Master Sergeant Forrest K. Kleinman

Number 107, April 1958 (pdf, 4.6MB)

  • Tactical Implications of the Human Factors in Warfare Major J. O. Langtry
  • What is the True Position of the Red Army Today? General Freiherr Geyr von Schweppenburg
  • Good and Bad Administration Major G. R. Woods
  • The AMF Gold Medal and AACS Prize Essay
  • Jungle Training School for CMF Warrant-Officer J. G. Littlewood
  • Communist China - A New Military Power Staff-Sergeant P. G. Gittens
  • Book Reviews
  • Articles Published Overseas

Number 106, March 1958 (pdf, 14.4MB)

  • Establishments - The Need for Reappraisement Sergeant R. W. Valdan
  • Defence Problems of Iraq Major Ali Husain Jasim
  • Manchuria - Communist Keystone O. Edmund Clubb
  • The Supply System for the Nuclear Age Major D. J. P. Tier
  • Special Warfare - A New Appraisal Major-General Orlando C. Troxel, Jr.

Number 105, February 1958 (pdf, 4.7MB)

  • Should Army Equipment be made in Australia Lieutenant-Colonel D. R. O. Cowey
  • Filesmanship Lieutenant-Colonel G. D. Solomon
  • The Army and Strategic Mobility George Fielding Eliot
  • European Economic Community and Free Trade Area Major R. W. Swartz
  • Change and No Change in Russian Foreign Policy Willy Bretscher
  • The Army Apprentice's School Lieutenant R. T. Jones
  • Logistic Problems in an Era of Wholesale Motorization Major-General G. J. Le Fevre de Montigny
  • Book Reviews

Number 104, January 1958 (pdf, 14.8MB)

  • Should the Supply and Transport Service be Reorganized? Lieutenant-Colonel H. R. Orton
  • Chowder Bay - Home of Transportation Training Centre Major J. C. Laughlin
  • The Rocket and Military Strategy Lieutenant-Colonel K. Jorgensen
  • An Air Op/Liaison Squadron in Malaya Lieutenant W. R. G. Fleming
  • Army Surveyors Spearhead - North-Western Development Captain L. B. Swifte
  • The School of Land/Air Warfare Lieutenant-Colonel E. G. McNamara

Number 99, August 1957 (pdf, 8.2MB)

  • The Philippines - Australia's Northern Friend Alejandro C. Sicat
  • Training the Military Shot Lieutenant-Colonel MacN. C. Rose
  • The A.M.F. Gold Medal and A.A.C.S. Prize Essay Editorial Staff
  • The Most Potent Force Brigadier-General Charles E. Hoy, US Army
  • Air Supply in Nuclear War Captain J. W. Humphreys
  • Science for Army Officers Reprinted with permission of the "New Scientist"

Number 98, July 1957 (pdf, 7.4MB)

  • Logistics Major J. A. Munro
  • Hat, Felt, Khaki Editorial Staff
  • India - 1956: Agriculture and Commerce Major Austin Chapman
  • Ground Forces In Amphibious Operations Condensed by the "Military Review"
  • SCEFF or Peace Administration Major T. L. Barker
  • A New Nature of War Major R. Vardanega
  • The Soviet Thrust Into the Antarctic Condensed by the "Military Review"

Number 97, June 1957 (pdf, 11.7MB)

  • Logistics are Logistic Lieutenant-Colonel A. Green
  • Some Observations on Nuclear Warfare Captain K. E. Gallard
  • India, 1956 - People and Culture Major Austin Chapman
  • Habeas Corpus Lieutenant-Colonel H. Fairclough
  • RAASC. The British Predecessors and Formation in Australia Corporal R. T. Willing
  • Massive Retaliation, Deterrence, Brushfires and all that Colonel G. M. C. Sprung

Number 96, May 1957 (pdf, 13.2MB)

  • Let the Trumpets Sound Major-General A. G. Wilson
  • Good Instruction Lieutenant R. T. Jones
  • India - 1956 Major Austin Chapman
  • Military Air Transport - Everybody's Darling: Nobody's Baby Lieutenant-Colonel A. Green
  • Unit Administration Lieutenant-Colonel H. Fairclough
  • R.A.P.'s and Olympics Captain H. Longden

Number 95, April 1957 (pdf, 5.3MB)

  • The Graduated Deterrent Colonel K. Mackay
  • That Point Platoon Simon Daedalus
  • The Position Will Be Held
  • Man Management Lieutenant-Colonel H. Fairclough
  • A New Look for an Infantry Division Major A. L. Blake
  • Training the Military Shot - The American Trainfire Experiment Reprinted from the August 1956 issue of "The Infantry"
  • Indo-China - The Last Year of the War - The Navarre Plan Bernard B. Fall

Number 94, March 1957 (pdf, 8.6MB)

  • Contre L'Armee de Metier or Against an Army of Mercenaries Lieutenant-Colonel A. Green
  • Hail and Farewell Lieutenant-Colonel H. Fairclough
  • Proposals for Reorganization Extracted from Military Review
  • The Namamugi Affair - The Murder of Charles Lennox Richardson Captain K. E. Gallard
  • Indo-China - The Last Year of the War - Communist Organization and Tactics Reprinted from the October 1956 issue of Military Review
  • Reprints in Overseas Journals
  • Field Service Regulations - The Key to Staff Service Relations Lieutenant-Colonel G. F. T. Richardson
  • Soviet Eastern Policy Extracted from Military Review

Number 93, February 1957 (pdf, 28.1MB)

  • Water Supply in Nuclear, Bacterial and Chemical Warfare Lieutenant J. B. K. Ley
  • The Army Great Britain Needs
  • Order of Anarchy Under the Atomic Umbrella Lieutenant-Colonel A. Green
  • Homing a Guided Missile Condensed from an article in "KOMMANDO," South Africa
  • Commandos Major J. M. Hutcheson
  • Tri-Service Colleges Major Austin Chapman
  • On Writing Briefly Condensed from the Royal Bank of Canada Monthly Letter

Number 92, January 1957 (pdf, 29.7MB)

  • The School of Artillery Lieutenant-Colonel A. D. Watt
  • Regimental Nomenclature and Battle Honours of the Royal Australian Infantry Corps Captain J. G. Ryan
  • The Season for Change is Here Lieutenant-Colonel Clarence C. DeReus
  • Tito - Keystone or Stumbling Block? Staff Cadet R. J. O'Neill
  • Book Reviews Editorial Staff

Number 103, December 1957 (pdf, 9.3MB)

  • Australian-Japanese Relations, 1918-1941 Major A. W. John
  • Psychological Factors in the Atomic Era Major Hans-Joachim Hupfgarten
  • Operation Kadesh - The Palestine Campaign of March, 1957 Editorial Staff
  • The Employment of Transport in Atomic Warfare Lieutenant-Colonel S. Kamath
  • Index of Australian Army Journal for 1957

Number 102, November 1957 (pdf, 12.2MB)

  • Leadership in Management Field-Marshal Sir William Slim
  • Choicer Tails Lieutenant-Colonel S. J. Hill
  • What's New in Fire Power Brigadier-General T. A. Weyher and B. K. Zobrist
  • Guerilla Warfare Major R. E. Rodgers
  • Changing the Chinese Mind Sergeant N. G. Truman
  • Personnel Administration as seen by a CMF Officer Captain P. F. Baxter

Number 101, October 1957 (pdf, 4.8MB)

  • Australia's Foreign Policy Since the Second World War Major Arthur W. John
  • Nuclear Plenty and Limited War James E. King, Jr.
  • Strength Through Air Transport Lieutenant-Colonel A. Green
  • Britain's New Air Strategy from Manned Aircraft to Guided Missiles Air Chief Marshal Sir Philip Joubert
  • Safety Lies Forward General Maxwell D. Taylor
  • Book Reviews

Number 100, September 1957 (pdf, 6.0MB)

  • Australia and New Guinea in Japanese Post Mortems of the Pacific War Captain D. C. S. Sissons
  • Britain's New Pattern of Defence Cyril Falls
  • As It Was in the Beginning Major H. W. Piper
  • Changes in the Soviet Hierarchy Major S. G. Kingwell
  • Training the Jungle Shot Sergeant J. Vezgoff
  • Britain's Streamlined Army Major-General L. O. Lyne
  • Guided Missile Implications Eilene Galloway

Number 91, December 1956 (pdf, 28.0MB)

  • Quick Fire Plan Captain P. J. Norton
  • Tibet, Past and Present Major G. M. F. Wood
  • The Organisation of P and RT in the Army Captain J. H. Martin
  • Japan's Rearmament Condensed from An Cosantoir, Eire
  • Book Reviews
  • Index to Australian Army Journal for 1956

Number 90, November 1956 (pdf, 27.0MB)

  • Old Strategic Lamps for New? Lieutenant-Colonel A. Green
  • A CMF OCTU - Another View Major J. C. Gorman
  • Planning Atomic Support Major E. U. Gooch
  • Rumour Hath Charm Lieutenant-Colonel J. J. S. Hobbs
  • Ground Forces - Key to Survival Lieutenant-Colonel Carl A. Peterson
  • The Party System of Politics Lieutenant R. Kerr
  • Hold the Power and Bear the Responsibility Captain Theodore J. Lepski

Number 89, October 1956 (pdf, 32.3MB)

  • Infiltration by Sea - Perhaps Captain E. M. McCormick
  • Small Things Have Big Applications Captain K. M. Esau
  • Physical Training for Tropical Warfare Lieutenant-Colonel N. P. Maddern
  • The Military Mind Australian Army Education Corps Newsletter
  • The Motor Cycle and Military Training Lieutenant A. R. Runge
  • To Shoot or Not to Shoot Lieutenant-Colonel Allan W. Mitchell

Number 88, September 1956 (pdf, 5.4MB)

  • British Commonwealth Integration - An Australian Viewpoint Brigadier M. F. Brogan
  • Maintenance of the Aim: Training for War Captain A. H. Lofts
  • Army Officer - Mercenary or Missionary Lieutenant-Colonel A. Green
  • Training the National Serviceman as a Driver Major D. W. L. Lloyd-Thomas
  • Gadgets - and the Man on the Ground Major Reginald Hargreaves
  • Gadgets - and the Man on the Ground Major Reginald Hargreaves

Number 86, July 1956 (pdf, 8.4MB)

  • The Purple Testament Major-General A. G. Wilson
  • The Base for Airborne Penetration Commander R. A. H. Millar
  • Honours and Awards Lieutenant-Colonel A. R. Etheredge
  • Some Thoughts on the Future of Anti-Aircraft Artillery Major J. R. Salmon
  • Submarine Sappers Captain J. D. B. Young
  • The Uses of Statistics Condensed from the Monthly Letter of the Royal Bank of Canada
  • Pakistan-Afghan Friction Lieutenant D. R. Little
  • Book Reviews Editorial Staff
  • Threat to Strategic Air Command Bases Irish Defence Journal

Number 85, June 1956 (pdf, 33.7MB)

  • The Jungle Belongs to Us Editorial Staff
  • When to Wake a Senior Officer Captain K. M. Esua
  • For Valour Editorial Staff
  • Reflections on the Training of a Signal Unit Colonel J. H. Thyer
  • Best Damn Outfit in These Parts Brigadier-General Jeremiah P. Holland
  • A Comparison of Two Failures Major J. A. Munro
  • That Appreciation! Try Teaching It This Way Major J. T. Quinn
  • Road Toll Captain W. Copp

Number 84, May 1956 (pdf, 4.6MB)

  • Atomic Weapons and Armour General Geyr von Schweppenburg
  • Married Soldier - Bedouin or Troglodyte? Lieutenant-Colonel A. Green
  • Peripheral Wars Brigadier-General Paul W. A. Robinett
  • Infantry Aspects of Artillery Fire Planning Major W. A. Whyte
  • The Right Word Monthly Letter of the Royal Bank of Canada
  • Information Required Major R. H. Mathams
  • Book Reviews Editorial Staff
  • Economy of Principles Captain P. Oakley

Number 81, February 1956 (pdf, 4.3MB)

  • The Role of Command in a Technical Service Colonel S. A. F. Pond
  • Book Reviews
  • The British Commonwealth Occupation Force Major J. W. Willis
  • Atomic Weapons (10 to 500 KT Airburst) Major E. U. Gooch

Number 80, January 1956 (pdf, 3.4MB)

  • Canungra - Jungle Warfare Training Centre
  • Atomic Training - Now Captain E. McCormick
  • Gasoline or Diesel Major P. V. Stanton
  • The Palestine Campaign 1914-18 Colonel S. A. F. Pond
  • The Small Airborne Unit in a Long-Range Penetration Role Captain E. McCormick
  • Know Your Enemy Captain R. H. Mathams
  • The Case for Social Studies Lieutenant P. Shekleton
  • So You Can't Get On With the People Under You Major-General the Rev C. A. Osborne
  • The Role of Command in a Technical Service Major Edwin B. Owen

Number 79, December 1955 (pdf, 5.7MB)

  • The Rise to Power of Communist China Captain D. H. Morgan
  • Are You in a Training Rut? Lieutenant-Colonel I. B. Ferguson
  • Man - The Vital Weapon General Matthew B. Ridgway
  • Like to Learn Tactics? Colonel K. Mackay
  • Atomic Defence Lieutenant-Colonel F. O. Miksche
  • Air OP in a Counter Bombardment Role Captain R. S. Deacon
  • Index to Australian Army Journal, 1955

Number 78, November 1955 (pdf, 67.3MB)

  • Introduction Director of Military Training
  • Tactics and Atomics Colonel M. F. Brogan
  • Properties of Nuclear Explosions Professor M. L. E. Oliphant
  • The Physical Effects of Atomic Weapons W. R. Blunden
  • The Effects of Atomic Weapons on Military Operations Lieutenant-Colonel Caplehorn
  • Simple Calculations for Tacticians in Nuclear War W. R. Blunden
  • Medical Effects of Radiological Warfare Major J. G. Sloman & Captain C. W. Baird
  • Appendix A

Number 76, September 1955 (pdf, 4.5MB)

  • Some More Thoughts on Tactics and "A" Weapons Lieutenant-Colonel H. L. Sabin
  • "A" and the Regular Lieutenant-Colonel I. B. Ferguson
  • Medical Effects of Radiological Warfare Major J. G. Sloman & Captain C. W. Baird
  • Examination Technique Colonel K. Mackay
  • Command and Control of Artillery Major I. A. Geddes
  • The Tank Battle of Targul Frumos Lieutenant-General Von Manteuffel
  • Soldier Management from the Viewpoint of the Company Officer Lieutenant-General Bruce C. Clarke
  • Book Reviews

Number 75, August 1955 (pdf, 16.4MB)

  • The Dorset Regiment in Australia Lieutenant-Colonel O. G. W. White
  • "Q" and the Regular Lieutenant-Colonel I. B. Ferguson
  • New Era in Japan From Irish Defence Journal
  • War Dogs Major J. M. Hutcheson
  • National Service and the Regulars Lieutenant-Colonel I. B. Ferguson
  • The Army's Preparation for Atomic Warfare Lieutenant-Colonel Jack J. Wagstaff
  • The Citizen - The Soldier Lieutenant-Colonel S. M. McDonald
  • Strategic Assault Troops Lieutenant-Colonel F. W. Speed
  • Defaulters C. C. Soden
  • Soviet Asia - A Military and Political Review U.S.A. Military Review

Number 74, July 1955 (pdf, 5.4MB)

  • Look to the Future Major P. Falkland
  • The Soldier's Place in Modern Society Warrant Officer L. Hanrahan
  • The Gunpowder Plot Major J. T. Ashenhurst
  • The Training of the Officer in the Battalion Major-General W. D. A. Lentaigne
  • Command and Control of Artillery Lieutenant-Colonel A. D. Watt
  • Administrative Progress in the Atomic Age Lieutenant-Colonel Robert B. Rigg
  • Empires of Language Warrant Officer C. M. D. Flinn
  • The World Parachute Jumping Championships Major M. B. Simkin
  • Battle - Old Style C. C. Soden

Number 73, June 1955 (pdf, 31.8MB)

  • Tanks Against Japan Lieutenant-Colonel S. C. Graham, M.C.
  • How It Began C. C. Soden
  • Wanted - A New Army Warrant Officer K. L. Hanrahan
  • The Corps of Army Schoolmasters Warrant Officer G. M. D. Finn

Number 72, May 1955 (pdf, 4.1MB)

  • Heads or Tails Lieutenant-Colonel W. Stafford-Gaffney
  • The Thoughts of a Lieutenant-Colonel About to go on Leave Lieutenant-Colonel J. C. Miles
  • Tactics and Atomic Weapons Colonel K. Mackay
  • How It Began C. C. Soden
  • Artillery Command and Control, Another View Major I. A. Geddes
  • Changing Nature of War Colonel Frank J. Sackton

Number 71, April 1955 (pdf, 4.2MB)

  • A Look through a Window at World War III Field Marshal Montgomery
  • Counter-Bombardment - Another Angle Lieutenant-Colonel F. P. Serong
  • The Effects of Atomic Weapons on Military Operations Lieutenant-Colonel W. F. Caplehorn
  • How It Began C. C. Soden
  • Decorations and Medals Sergeant R. H. McGaw
  • Chinese Weapons of War Captain J. H. A. Young

Number 70, March 1955 (pdf, 5.8MB)

  • The Challenge to the Army Lieutenant-General H. Wells
  • The Physical Effects of Atomic Weapons W. R. Blunden
  • Why I am an Army Officer Anonymous
  • The South-East Asian Collective Defence Treaty Lieutenant D. R. Little
  • Unification - Love Match or Marriage of Convenience Lieutenant-Colonel A. Green
  • Book Reviews

Number 69, February 1955 (pdf, 4.6MB)

  • The Bailey Bridge and its Derivatives Major P. J. Greville
  • Counter Bombardment Lieutenant-Colonel A. W. Watt
  • Palestine Captain J. W. Leigh-Cooper
  • Book Reviews
  • Success and Failure in War Professor R. A. Preston
  • Non-Material Standardization Major A. E. Younger

Number 68, January 1955 (pdf, 31.9MB)

  • AMF Gold Medal Essay, 1954 Lieutenant-Colonel F. W. Speed
  • Command and Control of Artillery in a Nutshell Lieutenant-Colonel A. D. Watt
  • Balcombe Memorial Gates to the US Marines Editorial Staff
  • The Tables are Turned The Cameronians
  • The Soldier and Society Lieutenant-Colonel G. H. Rowden
  • Human Endurance and Physical Fitness Major A. W. John
  • Book Reviews

Number 67, December 1954 (pdf, 3.6MB)

  • General Rowell Says "Goodbye" Lieutenant-General Sir Sydney Rowell
  • The Problem of the West Syndicate of Staff College Students
  • Infantry and Air Power in Malaya Brigadier F. H. Brooke
  • AMF Gold Medal Essay, Subject for 1955
  • The Army Estimates Editorial Staff
  • Dien Bien Phu - Part II Captain M. Harrison
  • What Education Does a Soldier Need, Anyway? Warrant Officer C. M. D. Flinn
  • Two Shillings' Worth Captain J. H. A. Young
  • Book Reviews
  • Index to Australian Army Journal, 1954

Number 66, November 1954 (pdf, 4.8MB)

  • Tactics and Atomics Colonel M. F. Brogan
  • What Does It Cost? Editorial Staff
  • Armour en Masse Captain J. C. Gorman
  • Dien Bien Phu - Part I Captain M. Harrison
  • Bomb Disposal Lieutenant H. B. Herron
  • Mess Etiquette - Part II Major-General R. G. Pollard
  • The Army Officer as a Social Animal Lieutenant-Colonel L. J. Loughran
  • The Pattern of Soviet Succession Major G. M. F. Wood

Number 65, October 1954 (pdf, 11.4MB)

  • Soldier, Scientist or Socialite Major-General S. F. Legge
  • The Soviet Soldier and His Loyalties Military Review, U.S.A.
  • The West Versus The Rest Major G. M. F. Wood
  • Book Reviews Editorial Staff
  • The Snowy Mountains Scheme - Part II Snow Mountains Authority
  • Mess Etiquette Major-General R. G. Pollard
  • Give and Take Captain J. H. A. Young
  • Red Air Power Irish Defence Journal

Number 64, September 1954 (pdf, 31.5MB)

  • Atomic Warfare - Post Explosion Protection and Decontamination Lieutenant G. L. Jenkinson
  • Intelligence in the Field Major J. J. S. Hobbs
  • Guerilla Warfare Major J. G. Sloman
  • National Service and the Student Sergeant G. L. Perkins
  • The Snowy Mountains Scheme - Part I Snow Mountains Authority
  • Bridging the Gap Lieutenant P. J. Coakley

Number 63, August 1954 (pdf, 12.0MB)

  • Gaining Contact in Jungle Major-General S. H. W. C. Porter
  • Soviet Strategic Concepts Thomas B. Dunne
  • Recovery Lieutenant-Colonel W. Stafford-Gaffney
  • Battle Cunning Major D. R. Dalglish
  • Marxism-Communism Relationships - 3, Recent USSR Aspects Lieutenant N. G. Maloy
  • The Women's Royal Australian Army Corps Editorial Staff
  • History and the Military Profession Brigadier-General Paul M. Robinett

Number 62, July 1954 (pdf, 31.8MB)

  • Jungle T.E.W.T Major-General S. H. W. C. Porter
  • Estimating the Speech Situation Captain A. R. Clark
  • Panic in Combat Captain L. I. Gunabe
  • Military Magnanimity Major A. W. John
  • Marxism-Communism Relationships - 2, Proletarian Dictatorship Lieutenant N. G. Maloy
  • Airborne Assault by an Infantry Division Lieutenant-Colonel J. M. Kinzer

Number 61, June 1954 (pdf, 5.4MB)

  • Revolution in the Military Profession Lieutenant-Colonel A. Green
  • The Imponderables in War Anonymous
  • The Atomic Weapon Brigadier F. S. Reid
  • Marxism-Communism Relationships - 1, Marx. Lieutenant N. G. Maloy
  • The Weapons of the West versus the Manpower of the East Lieutenant-Colonel F. O. Miksche
  • Physical Fitness in the Army Lieutenant J. H. Martin

Number 60, May 1954 (pdf, 29.6MB)

  • Australian Railways in World War II Brigadier L. G. Binns
  • Book Reviews Editorial Staff
  • Australia in the Pacific Major M. B. Simkin
  • Significance of Political Parties in a Democracy Lieutenant N. G. Maloy
  • In the Shadow Lieutenant-Colonel C. L. Thompson
  • Spain - Base or Dedoubt Professor von der Heydte

Number 59, April 1954 (pdf, 10.9MB)

  • Can We Satisfy Our Clients? Major R. K. Fullford
  • Discussion and the Serviceman Bureau of Current Affairs, Canada
  • The Battle of Kapyong Editorial Staff
  • Spain and Western Defence Captain D. N. Brunicardi
  • Striking Attitudes Major A. W. John
  • Indo-China - The Seven-Year Dilemma Bernard B. Fall

Number 58, March 1954 (pdf, 14.7MB)

  • The British Crown The Right Honourable R. G. Menzies
  • The United Nations Agencies Major J. G. Sloman
  • Tank Battle for Nikopol Captain F. M. v Senger u Etterlin
  • Reprints in Overseas Journals
  • Indo-China - An Historical Review Captain J. W. Leigh- Cooper
  • Korea - Proposed Service Annual
  • The Soviet Army Major B. E. M. de Pue

Number 57, February 1954 (pdf, 5.6MB)

  • Why Do It, Colonel? Major-General S. H. W. C. Porter
  • Commanders Must Know Logistics Lieutenant-General W. B. Palmer
  • The Employment of Air Power in the Korean War Major M. B. Simkin
  • What Situation? Colonel John W. Romlein
  • Co-operation of the British Commonwealth Forces in War Lieutenant-Colonel T. F. Cape
  • Red Tape and Rat Traps Major-General A. Forbes
  • Operations in Manipur and Assam: 1944 Colonel Qurban Ali Khan
  • The Royal Australian Army Nursing Corps Editorial Staff
  • Alarm Units Hans C. Treutzsch

Number 55, December 1953 (pdf, 5.4MB)

  • The Ideal of Service Field Marshal Sir John Harding
  • Bridge Demolitions Major Allan E. Younger
  • The Operating Principles of Automatic Weapons Sergant K. L. Hanrahan
  • The German Armed Forces and Democracy Major-General Erich Dethlieffsen
  • Successful Methods of Study AHQ Methods of Instruction Team
  • Strategic Withdrawals General Gunther Blumentritt
  • Index to Australian Army Journal, 1953

Number 54, November 1953 (pdf, 29.0MB)

  • Economic Aid in South East Asia - Its Political Aspects Captain J. L. Morris
  • South Korea's Army Irish Defence Journal
  • Internal Ballistics RAAF Training Bulletin
  • AMF Gold Medal Essay - Subject for 1954 Editorial Staff
  • The Morale of the Individual Soldier Captain Paul B. Nelson
  • Counter Bombardment in the Fire Plan Lieutenant-Colonel F. R. Evans
  • Book Reviews Editorial Staff
  • American Military Status in Japan Major R. B. Kreutzer

Number 53, October 1953 (pdf, 5.5MB)

  • The War in Korea, May, 1951, to July, 1953 Captain E. J. Mullholland
  • Ballistics RAAF Training Bulletin
  • Syntax Warrant Officer N. F. Clarke
  • The Heartland Major G. M. F. Wood
  • The Militant Character of Bolshevism Eberhard von Pfister
  • Operations in Darkness and Fog General Gunther Blumentritt

Number 52, September 1953 (pdf, 29.1MB)

  • Lessons from Korea Lieutenant-General Sir Sydney Rowell
  • Command and Control in Battle of Field Branch Artillery Captain J. G. Hooton
  • The Rearmament of Japan Major A. W. John
  • The War in Korea George L. Walker
  • Phonetics at Work Warrant Officer N. F. Clarke
  • S.E. Asia Series - The Task Ahead Captain A. M. N. Rodulfo
  • German Strategy in World War II Colonel Pietro Mellano

Number 51, August 1953 (pdf, 30.8MB)

  • Collective Security in Theory and Practice Major A. W. John
  • The Army of the French Union in Indo-China From "La Revue Francaise"
  • SE Asia Series - British Borneo Captain J. W. Leigh- Cooper
  • Tanks and Anti-Tank Defence Kurt Gilbert
  • History of the Military Forces in South Australia HQ Central Command
  • Army Bands and Bandmasters Captain R. A. Newman
  • Mobility and Firepower Major P. Martel

Number 50, July 1953 (pdf, 29.0MB)

  • "Rice-Ism" Major A. W. John
  • Korea - Decisive Battle of the World Lieutenant Colonel L. B. Cheek
  • Spoken English Warrant Officer N. F. Clarke
  • The Problems of Indonesia Captain A. M. N. Rodulfo
  • The Battle of Milne Bay Editorial Staff
  • All Men Are Brothers - Even in War Captain J. G. Sloman
  • Peoples' War Lieutenant Colonel E. A. Raymond

Number 49, June 1953 (pdf, 31.4MB)

  • Sherlock of the Sixth Editorial Staff
  • Psychological Warfare R. H. S. Crossman, Esq.
  • S E Asia Series - Malaya Major G. T. Sadlier
  • Guided Missiles - What Guides Them Captain R. W. Fye
  • Irregular Warfare Lieutenant K. S. Sheard
  • The Strategic Function of S E Europe Gaetano La Rosa

Number 48, May 1953 (pdf, 32.2MB)

  • The Coronation of Our Queen Editorial Staff
  • Completed Staff Work - The Commander's Part H. A. Damninger
  • India's Influence in South East Asia Lieutenant R. W. R. Ardley
  • The Soviet Attack in Depth Brigadier-General G. Ferrari
  • Britain's Foreign Policy in a World of Changing "Isms" Major A. W. John
  • Guided Missiles - What Makes Them Go Captain P. W. Powers
  • Book Reviews Editorial Staff
  • The Humanities in Cadet Colleges Professor R. A. Preston

Number 47, April 1953 (pdf, 25.6MB)

  • The Chinese Communist Forces in Korea Major R. C. W. Thomas
  • Stars and the Night Sky - Part 3 Brigadier C. M. L. Elliott
  • Road Denial Major M. L. Crosthwait
  • Nationalism and Communism in Indo-China George L. Walker
  • Guided Missiles - What Makes Them Fly Captain Patrick W. Powers
  • The Dynamic of Education in the Army Warrant Officer N. F. Clarke
  • Thinking and Writing Colonel John A. Gavin

Number 46, March 1953 (pdf, 4.7MB)

  • Korean Ambush Cpatain T. J. Crawford
  • The Burmese Civil War Captain D. N. P. Brunicardi
  • Stars and the Night Sky - 2 Brigadier C. M. L. Elliott
  • The Tactical Employment of Atomic Weapons Colonel G. C. Reinhardt
  • The Functions of Military Security General Staff, AHQ
  • The Training of a Functional Rifleman Captain W. R. Chamberlain
  • Book Reviews Editorial Staff

Number 45, February 1953 (pdf, 26.9MB)

  • Airborne Tactical Air Control Captain J. M. Crofts
  • Stars and the Night Sky Brigadier C. M. L. Elliott
  • Zonal Defence Lieut.-General B. Zimmermann
  • Security - Is It Worth the Bother? General Staff, AHQ
  • The Japanese War in South East Asia Editorial Staff
  • The Tank in Ground Warfare General Heinz Guderian

Number 44, January 1953 (pdf, 8.0MB)

  • The Battery Commander in Defence Major A. D. Watt
  • Arms and Fighting Lieutenant-Colonel D. A. G. Waldock
  • The Dilemma of the West Captain A. M. N. Rodulfo
  • The Army Yesterday and Today The Honourable Jos. Francis
  • Communism and the AMF General Staff, AHQ
  • Anti-Fighter or Anti-Bomber Captain M. Harrison
  • AMF Gold Medal Essay - Subject for 1953
  • Book Reviews Editorial Staff

Number 43, December 1952 (pdf, 6.4MB)

  • AMF Gold Medal Essay, 1952 Major C. L. Thompson
  • Mobile Defence
  • The Place of Drill in Training General Gunther Blumentritt
  • Parachutists Are Ordinary Men Major M. B. Simkin
  • Yugoslavia - Its Future Under Tito Colonel Sam J. Rasor
  • Australian Army Journal - Index to Articles, 1952

Number 42, November 1952 (pdf, 15.4MB)

  • The North Atlantic Treaty Directorate of Military Operations and Plans
  • Behind Red China's Human Sea Tactics Hsu Kai-yu
  • A Fighting Patrol in Korea Major R. C. W. Thomas
  • Employment of Commonwealth and US Field Artillery Captain G. A. Wood
  • Army Education - Its Value to Soldier and Nation Major A. W. John
  • The Impact of Guided Missiles on Ground Warfare Major Nels A. Parson
  • The Place of Military History Cyril Falls

Number 41, October 1952 (pdf, 27.2MB)

  • The Citizen Military Forces The Honourable Jos. Francis
  • Writing a Report From Canadian Army Journal
  • The Campaign of Ulm and Austerlitz - Part 5 Editorial Staff
  • On Army Education - Making It Work Major A. W. John
  • Air Supply of Encircled Units Dr. Theodore Weber

Number 40, September 1952 (pdf, 6.7MB)

  • Trends in Armour Armoured School, U.S.A.
  • On Army Education - 1 Major A. W. John
  • Offensive Partisan Warfare Lieutenant-Colonel G. T. Metcalf
  • The Campaign of Ulm and Austerlitz - Part 4 Editorial Staff
  • Street Fighting Lieutenant D. Donocan
  • Night Operations Major-General E. Wanty

Number 39, August 1952 (pdf, 32.0MB)

  • Army Aviation and the Future Major K. J. Oram
  • The Qualities of a Good Officer Field Marshal Sir William Slim
  • The Principles of War Captain K. C. Kennedy
  • The Moon in War and Training Brigadier C. M. L. Elliott
  • The Campaign of Ulm and Austerlitz - Part 3 Editorial Staff
  • European Opinions on the Trends of War Major-General B. T. Wilson

Number 38, July 1952 (pdf, 30.4MB)

  • The Company Officer and His Men Officers' Call, USA
  • Field Censorship, 1939-1945 Captain H. B. Anderson
  • Home-Made Ammunition Directorate of Infantry
  • Japan Today RAAF Reserve Journal
  • It's the Principle That Matters Lieutenant-Colonel Philip Masel
  • The Campaign of Ulm and Austerlitz - Part 2 Editorial Staff
  • The Psychology of the Russian Soldier Dr. W. Kretschmer

Number 37, June 1952 (pdf, 29.4MB)

  • How Effective is Our Artillery? Lieutenant-Colonel F. R. Evans
  • Armour in Pursuit Colonel John K. Boles
  • The Campaign of Ulm and Austerlitz Editorial Staff
  • The Social Group, Infiltration, and War Major Amund Bjerke
  • The Army in Western Australia Major-General J. S. Whitelaw

Number 36, May 1952 (pdf, 29.1MB)

  • "No Strings" Major C. J. Miles
  • Mass, Quantity and Quality Lieutenant-General Kurt Dittmar
  • Decisive Battles of the World - Waterloo, 1815 Editorial Staff
  • Are You a Mediocrity? Lieutenant-Colonel F. P. Serong
  • The Present Yugo-Slav. Army General J. Breuillac
  • Anti-Aircraft in the Field Army Major V. M. Higgs

Number 35, April 1952 (pdf, 33.5MB)

  • Armoured Operations in Korea Lieutenant A. Argent
  • Can We Defend the Middle East? Captain B. H. Liddell Hart
  • Some Responsibilities of the Platoon Commander Captain H. Gayst
  • Helicopters in Korea Major R. C. W. Thomas
  • Hong Kong - Asian Outpost Lieutenant T. A. Gibson
  • Leaguering in Mountain Warfare Captain J. C. Gorman
  • Decisive Battles of the World - Valmy, 1792 Editorial Staff
  • Air Security of Troops Military Review, USA

Number 34, March 1952 (pdf, 34.4MB)

  • Operation Commando Directorate of Infantry, AHQ
  • A Matter of Principle Lieutenant-Colonel F. P. Serong
  • Soviet Partisan Warfare Army Information Digest, USA
  • To the Last Man and the Last Round Military Digest, Pakistan
  • Decisive Battles of the World - Saratoga Editorial Staff
  • The Turkish Army Directorate of Military Intelligence
  • The Army Service Corps Major O. C. Matthews

Number 33, February 1952 (pdf, 27.7MB)

  • Artillery in the Defence on a Wide Front Lieutenant-Colonel F. R. Evans
  • The Situation in Indo-China Major M. D. Malgonkar
  • Formation Recognition Signs Major J. T. Ashenhurst
  • How Crete Was Lost - Yet With Profit Captain B. H. Liddell Hart
  • Mobility of the Soviet Soldier Army Information Digest, USA
  • O and M - Can It Solve Your Clerical Problem? Lieutenant-Colonel F. W. Speed
  • Defence of Western Europe General Gunther Blumentritt
  • Decisive Battles of the World - Pultava Editorial Staff

Number 32, January 1952 (pdf, 31.4MB)

  • The Source of Military Morale Lieutenant-Colonel L. J. Loughran
  • Machines and Men Major-General Kazimierz Glabisz
  • Decisive Battles of the World - Blenheim Editorial Staff
  • AMF Gold Medal Essay - Subject for 1952 Directorate of Military Training
  • Panic Lieutenant A. Argent
  • Lessons from Korea William Courtenay

Number 31, December 1951 (pdf, 39.5MB)

  • The Film in Wartime Anthony R. Michaelis
  • Some Limitations of the Atom Bomb G. S. Waters
  • Hedgerow Fighting Major V. M. Hill
  • Tanks in Defence in Korea Lieutenant-Colonel George B. Pickett
  • Decisive Battles of the World - Defeat of the Spanish Armada Editorial Staff

Number 30, November 1951 (pdf, 30.0MB)

  • An Attack on Defence Lieutenant-Colonel E. F. Aitken
  • Soviet Empire in Central Asia Etienne Auber
  • Substituting the "Speed Ball" for the "Red Ball" Lieutenant-Colonel P. H. Slaughter
  • 4.2-inchMortar in Korea Lieutenant A. Argent
  • Decisive Battles of the World - Defeat of the English at Orleans Editorial Staff
  • History and Development of the British Service Rifles Sergeant K. L. Hanrahan
  • The Geneva Conventions in Relation to the Armed Forces Sardar Bahadur Balwant Singh Puri
  • Officer Cadet School Directorate of Military Training

Number 29, October 1951 (pdf, 30.4MB)

  • The Study of War, Part I - Military History Lieutenant-Colonel M. P. O'Hare
  • New American Equipment From Military Review, USA
  • Don't Jump to Tanks Lieutenant-Colonel W. R. Kintner
  • Decisive Battles of the World - Hastings, 1066 Editorial Staff
  • Geopolitics of the Indian Ocean S. P. Sharma
  • Dispersion is NOT the Answer Colonel M. A. Solomon

Number 28, September 1951 (pdf, 33.1MB)

  • Tank-Infantry Support Lieutenant J. C. Gorman
  • The NCO and Tactical Thinking Corporal K. L. Hanrahan
  • Decisive Battles of the World - Tours, A.D. 732 Editorial Staff
  • The Technique of Solving Tactical Exercises Lieutenant-Colonel G. E. Muggelberg and Lieutenant-Colonel D. M. Benson
  • The Language of Military Symbols Directorate of Military Training
  • Armoured Infantry Combat Captain F. von Senger u. Etterlin
  • Machine Guns - Their History and Development Warrant-Officer J. H. Welch
  • What Is Tank Country? Brigadier William Murphy

Number 27, August 1951 (pdf, 34.5MB)

  • The North Atlantic Treaty Organization Directorate of Military Intelligence
  • Battle for the Straits Lieutenant-Colonel F. O. Miksche
  • Decisive Battles of the World - Chalons, A.D.451 Editorial Staff
  • Japanese Strategy in the Pacific Edmond Delage
  • A Unique Monument Editorial Staff
  • Psychological Factors in Atomic Warfare Brigadier-General James P. Cooney
  • The Malayan War, 1948-? Lieutenant T. A. Gibson
  • Organization for an Airlift Lieutenant-Colonel William B. Bunker
  • Tank Defence Against Atomic Attach Major Garth Stevens

Number 26, July 1951 (pdf, 33.8MB)

  • Tactical Appreciations for the NCO Major C. L. Thompson
  • The Story of Anglesea Barracks Brigadier E. M. Dollery
  • Persian Crisis Directorate of Military Intelligence
  • The Soviet High Command Army Information Digest, USA
  • Decisive Battles of the World - Victory of Arminius, A.D. 9 Editorial Staff
  • Oil Supplies in War Major-General W. E. V. Abraham
  • Fire Storm Captain R. S. Millar
  • Tomorrow - Next Week - Next Year Lieutenant-Colonel Robert E. Coffin

Number 25, June 1951 (pdf, 30.9MB)

  • Maintenance of the Australian Infantry Battalion in Korea Major L. I. Hopton
  • The Reading of Military History Lieutenant E. Ehnhuus
  • Hedgerow Fighting Captain J. C. Skehan
  • Japan - Her Future in the Far East Directorate of Military Intelligence
  • Experiences in Russian of a German Battalion Commander From "Militeart Tidsskrift"
  • Battle of the Metaurus Editorial Staff
  • Where are Today's "Great Captains" General Gunther Blumentritt

Number 24, May 1951 (pdf, 33.3MB)

  • Tactical Thinking Major-General S. H. W. C. Porter
  • The "Surprise" Battalions Directorate of Military Intelligence
  • Decisive Battles of the World - Arbela, B.C. 331 Editorial Staff
  • Airborne Operations in Normandy Major T. N. S. Wheeler
  • Debogging Army Vehicles Major L. G. Rickard

Number 23, April 1951 (pdf, 35.7MB)

  • The Eben Emael Operation H. R. Kurz
  • The Middle East and Israel Directorate of Military Intelligence
  • Battle of Syracuse Editorial Staff
  • The Semi-Automatic Rifle Warrant Officer J. H. Welch
  • Soviet Military Organization Army Information Digest, USA
  • Operational Research Captain F. R. Bond
  • Problems in an Airhead Operation Major-General Otto P. Weyland

Number 22, March 1951 (pdf, 33.2MB)

  • Tanks in Korea Lieutenant-Colonel George B. Pickett
  • Chinese Communist Aims Directorate of Military Intelligence
  • Decisive Battles of the World - Marathon Editorial Staff
  • The Cheap War Major Robert B. Rigg
  • The Royal Australian Survey Corps Directorate of Survey
  • Tactical Appreciations for the NCO Directorate of Military Training
  • A Whetstone for Your Sword - 2 Lieutenant-Colonel L. J. Loughran
  • Modern Air-Ground Defence Lieutenant-Colonel F. O. Miksche

Number 21, February 1951 (pdf, 36.1MB)

  • Leadership Field Marshal Sir William Slim
  • Tibet Directorate of Military Training
  • Your Speech Henry C. Porter
  • Soviet World Aims Directorate of Military Intelligence
  • Organization and Employment of RAEME Directorate of Mechanical Engineering
  • A Whetstone for Your Sword Lieutenant-Colonel L. J. Loughran
  • Snow and Ski Warfare School Lieutenant J. C. Gorman
  • Tactical Use of the Guided Missile Captain N. A. Parson

Number 20, January 1951 (pdf, 38.6MB)

  • The Eben Emael Operation H. R. Kurz
  • The Middle East and Israel Directorate of Military Intelligence
  • Battle of Syracuse Editorial Staff
  • The Semi-Automatic Rifle Warrant Officer J. H. Welch
  • Soviet Military Organization Army Information Digest, USA
  • Operational Research Captain F. R. Bond
  • Problems in an Airhead Operation Major-General Otto P. Weyland

Number 19, December 1950 (pdf, 38.0MB)

  • Loss of the Peace André Gerteiser
  • Army Branch, Department of Supply Lieutenant-Colonel A. F. Swinbourne
  • Fire Power - How to Increase It! Corporal K. L. Hanrahan
  • What Is It Like? Captain K. C. Gardner
  • Organization and Employment of the RAAOC Directorate of Ordnance Services
  • The Field Marshal's Baton Editorial Staff
  • Jet Fighter Aircraft in Support of the Army Major E. G. Scammell
  • Organization and Employment of Native Troops Captain C. J. Orme

Number 18, November 1950 (pdf, 42.7MB)

  • Background to Korea Editorial Staff
  • Five Minutes to Twelve Directorate of Military Training
  • Convoy Concertina Colonel J. W. Bishop
  • Invasion Without Laurels - 2 General Baron Leo Geyr von Schweppenburg
  • The Story of Blood Australian Red Cross Society
  • Navigational Aids Major P. H. Read

Number 17, October 1950 (pdf, 35.7MB)

  • National Service and the Army Directorate of Military Training
  • Invasion Without Laurels General Baron Leo Geyr von Schweppenburg
  • Administration and Maintenance in the Field Directorate of Administrative Planning
  • AMF Gold Medal Essay, 1950-51 Editorial Notice
  • There's Something About a Mortar Major-General S. H. Porter
  • Physical and Recreational Training Captain E. Balfour
  • The King's English Directorate of Military Training
  • Soldier of the Month Lieutenant-Colonel H. Fairclough
  • Liberty and Discipline Field Marshal Sir William Slim

Number 16, September 1950 (pdf, 38.6MB)

  • Armoured Division - New Model Major C. J. Miles
  • Post Mortems on Tactical Exercises Editorial Staff
  • Operation "Overlook" Lieutenant-Colonel J. G. C. Waldron
  • Mass Destruction Weapons Major G. A. Johnston
  • Funny, But I'm Serious Lieutenant-Colonel L. J. Loughran
  • A Comparison of Russian, American and British Field Armies Major S. J. Watson

Number 15, August 1950 (pdf, 8.3MB)

  • The Campaign of the Fourteenth Army, 1944-45 Field Marshal Sir William Slim, GBE, KCB, DSO, MC.

Number 14, July 1950 (pdf, 7.9MB)

  • The Role and Organization of the Army Medical Service Colonel J. Glyn White
  • The Infantry Section in Defence Major-General S. H. Porter
  • The Sub-Unit Commander Captain P. A. Mayer
  • The British Expedition to Greece, 1941 The late Field Marshal Earl Wavell
  • What's in a Name? Lieutenant-Colonel C. W. Watson-Smyth
  • The Logistical Planning of Operation Overlord Lieutenant-Colonel Frank A. Osmanski, US Army

Number 13, June 1950 (pdf, 7.1MB)

  • The National Service System of the British Army Lieutenant J. C. Gorman
  • The Infantry Section Brigadier S. H. Poerter
  • El Alamein to the River Sangro - 5 Lieut-Colonel O. D. Jackson
  • Sea Power RAN Directorate of Naval Intelligence
  • Organization and Employment of the Amy Service Corps Directorate of Supplies and Transport
  • Field Artillery Rockets Captain Pierre Martel, Canadian Army
  • The Logistical Planning of Operation Overlord Lieut-Colonel Frank A. Osmanski, US Army

Number 12, May 1950 (pdf, 16.1MB)

  • The Basis of Expansion for War Directorate of Military Training
  • The Guardsman From London "Observer"
  • The Infantry Directorate of Infantry
  • El Alamein to the River Sangro - 4 Major O. D. Jackson
  • The Logistical Planning of Operation Overlord Lieut-Colonel Frank A. Osmanski, US Army
  • Proof and Experimental Major H. F. R. Woodley, RA
  • Air Liaison with the Navy Editorial Staff

Number 11, February-April 1950 (pdf, 21.3MB)

  • The Australian Army Journal Editorial
  • Return of the Golden Horde Editorial Staff
  • The Attack Major-General F. Kingsley Norris
  • New Combat Clothing under Test Editorial Staff
  • Modern Concepts of Intercommunication Directorate of Signals
  • How to Increase Attendance at CMF Parades Corporal D. Middleton
  • It's Hard to Fight a Ghost - An Answer Anonymous
  • Alamein to the Sangro - Part 3 Major O. D. Jackson
  • Armoured Support in Forest Country Operation Report
  • Abbreviate and Waste Time Lieutenant-Colonel L. J. Loughran
  • Assault by Helicopter Military Review, USA
  • Russian Combat in Cities Military Review, USA

Number 9, October-November 1949 (pdf, 7.5MB)

  • Soldier: Where Do You Stand? Editorial
  • Defence School of Tactics and Administration
  • Germs and Generals Major-General F. Kingsley Norris
  • El Alamein to the River Sangro - 1 Major O. D. Jackson
  • Marksmanship General J. L. Devers
  • Developments in Artillery Directorate of Royal Artillery, AHQ
  • CARO - How it Works Colonel R. L. Bennett

Number 8, August-September 1949 (pdf, 18.3MB)

  • Higher Defence Organization in Australia Directorate of Military Training
  • Allied Grand Strategy in the Defeat of Germany Colonel C. P. Stacey, Canadian Army
  • Developments in Armour Directorate of Armour
  • Military Writing Lieutenant-Colonel M. C. A. Henniker, Royal Engineers
  • Pacific Strategy Lieutenant-Colonel A. H. Burne
  • Selection and Training of British Army Officers Major-General R. J. Collins
  • Changes in the British Empire since 1939 Directorate of Military Intelligence
  • The German Invasion Plan Lieutenant P. G. Lachlan, RN
  • The AMF Gold Medal Essay Editorial Staff
  • Servo Systems Major A. G. Cairns
  • The Central Army Records Office Colonel R. L. Bennett
  • The Post-War Russian Army Lieutenant-Colonel J. S. Addington, US Army
  • The School of Tactics and Administration Lieutenant D. R. Jackson

Number 7, June-July 1949 (pdf, 5.5MB)

  • Where Does the Army Stand To-Day? Lieutenant-General S. F. Rowell
  • The Place of Armour in the Modern Army Major-General W. G. Livesay, US Army
  • Modern Problems of Defence of the British Commonwealth Directorate of Military Intelligence
  • Allied Grand Strategy in the Defeat of Germany - Part I Colonel C. P. Stacey, Canadian Army
  • Supply by Air Colonel R. G. Pollard
  • "Miniaturization" in the Development of Signal Equipment Lieutenant-Colonel E. G. Foster
  • Operation "CAULDRON" Directorate of Military Training
  • The Things that Matter Report on Operations
  • Television Major P. H. Read, British Army
  • Mapping a Continent Colonel L. Fitzgerald
  • The Middle East Directorate of Military Intelligence
  • Eyes in the Night Army Illustrated Magazine

Number 6, April-May 1949 (pdf, 5.2MB)

  • The Defensive Battle - Alam Halfa Directorate of Military Training
  • Reciprocal Communication Brigadier A. A. Wilson
  • Organization, Equipment and Employment of Airborne Armies Colonel R. G. Pollard
  • The German Officers' Corps - 2 J. H. Morgan
  • American Infantry Division Lieutnenant-Colonel M. Austin
  • It's Hard to Fight a Ghost Anonymous
  • Netherlands East Indies Directorate of Military Intelligence
  • Rise and Development of the General Staff System Major E. W. O. Perry
  • The Base Business British Army Journal

Number 5, February-March 1949 (pdf, 7.1MB)

  • The Development of British Airborne Forces Colonel R. G. Pollard
  • The German Officers' Corps - 1 J. H. Morgan
  • West Point Garry Armstrong
  • The Long Range Weapons Organization in Australia Lieutenant-Colonel S. A. Morrison
  • Recruit Training - 1847 Lieutenant D. H. Colsey
  • The Rise and Development of the General Staff System Major E. W. O. Perry
  • Far Away and Long Ago Captain A. Preston
  • Antarctica Directorate of Military Intelligence
  • How to Study Military History Directorate of Military Training
  • Training for War in the Russian Army Military Review, USA
  • Is the Army Wrong or are You? Anonymous
  • The Training Film Directorate of Military Training

Number 10, December-January 1949-50 (pdf, 59.4MB)

  • The AMF Gold Medal Essay, 1948-49 Lieutnenat-Colonel C. W. T. Kyngdon
  • Recent Advances in Guided Missile Development Major G. A. Johnston
  • Barbs, Bullets and Bayonets Major J. T. Ashenhurst
  • The Dirty Work Major-General F. Kingsley Norris
  • El Alamein to the River Sangro - 2 Major O. D. Jackson
  • Organization and Employment of Engineers Office of the Engineer-in-Chief
  • The Central Army Records Office - 3 Colonel R. L. Bennett
  • Trends in Tank Development Colonel H. H. D. Heiberg

Number 4, December-January 1948 (pdf, 12.2MB)

  • Atomic Bomb Explosions Dr. R. E. Lapp
  • Is Anything New? Captain A. Preston
  • The Bulldog-Wau Road Lieutenant-Colonel W. J. Reinbold
  • The First Australian Expeditionary Force Editorial Staff
  • Guided Missiles Major G. A. Johnston
  • The Importance of Africa in Relation to Commonwealth Defence Directorate of Military Intelligence
  • The Tactical Employment of the Variable Time Fuze Directorate of Royal Artillery
  • Offensive Air Support, Part 2 Lieutenant-Colonel C. A. E. Fraser
  • Recruiting One Hundred and One Years Ago Lieutenant D. H. Colsey
  • The Rise and Development of the General Staff System - Part I Major E. W. O. Perry
  • Cannae - The Perfect Battle Directorate of Military Training
  • Mountain Warfare "Soldier"
  • What Air Power Can - And Can't Do Hanson Baldwin
  • Are You a Good Instructor? Directorate of Military Training

Number 3, October-November 1948 (pdf, 7.9MB)

  • The AMF Gold Medal Prize Essay 1917-48 Lieutenant-Colonel E. G. Keogh
  • The Variable Time Fuze Captain R. C. Baker
  • The Strategic Importance of Canada Lieutenant-Colonel G. J. H. Wattsford, Canadian Army
  • Origin of Some Military Terms Editorial Staff
  • Operation "Totalize" Lieutenant-Colonel A. Jolly, Royal Tank Regiment
  • Discipline Durbar Notes, India
  • Offensive Air Support Lieutenant-Colonel C. A. E. Fraser
  • Tradesmen for the Regular Army Colonel G. H. S. Moran
  • Black Light Warrant-Officer R. W. Sandon
  • Korea Directorate of Military Intelligence
  • The Battle of Kursk Military Review, USA
  • Raw Material Field Marshel Montogomery

Number 2, August-September 1948 (pdf, 8.6MB)

  • Psychological Warfare and the Soldier Directorate of Military Training
  • Railways in Relation to Defence Colonel J. G. N. Wilton
  • Fighting in Forests Infantry Bulletin, UK
  • Reserve of Officers Training Directorate of Military Training
  • El Alamein to Tripoli Colonel Hugh M. Exton, US Army
  • Customs of the Service Editorial Staff
  • History of Radar Directorate of Royal Artillery
  • Development of "B" Vehicles Captain G. E. Johnson
  • The Indian Sub-Continent Directorate of Military Intelligence
  • Fresh Food on Active Service Brigadier P. S. McGrath
  • The AMF Gold Medal Essay, 1948-49 Editorial Staff
  • The Future of Biological Warfare Major G. A. Johnston
  • Winston Churchill on Saluting Brigadier J. Field
  • Staff Work Air Marshall Sir T. Elmhirst
  • The Anti-Tank Regiment Major G. P. Marriot, Canadian Army
  • Junior Leadership Field Marshel Montogomery
  • The Battle of Moscow Military Review, USA
  • Magnetic Scrap Collection Directorate of Mechanization
  • What is Morale? General Sir William Slim, GBE, KCB, DSO, MC

Number 1, June-July 1948 (pdf, 37.4MB)

  • The Citizen Military Forces Lieutenant-General V. A. H. Sturdee
  • Editorial
  • Development of Dress for the Post War Army Lieutenant-Colonel C. W. T. Kyngdom
  • The Principles of War Prepared by Directorate of Military Training
  • Promotion Examinations Prepared by Directorate of Military Training
  • Biological Warfare - Its Place in History Captain I. R. McKenzie
  • The Recruit - Make Him Welcome "Soldier"
  • The Ex-Italian Colonies in Africa Prepared by Directorate of Military Intelligence
  • Why Men Fight Colonel S. L. A. Marshall, US Army
  • Radar and Field Gunnery Prepared by Directorate of Royal Artillery
  • What Makes a Good Unit "Soldier"
  • British Armoured Battles N. Campbell
  • The German Nebelwerfer Rocket Major C. A. Johnston
  • Regimental Colours
  • Russian Artillery - 1941-1945 Lieutenant-Colonel H. G. de Wateville, CBE.
  • Army Development and Proving Establishment Lieutenant-Colonel J. F. Wrigglesworth