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ART91105 - This work was painted in the studio after Rick Amor returned from East Timor, and now includes a late revision to the work. By eliminating a larger figure in the foreground, the work is designed to lead the eye into the landscape with the purpose of creating a certain mood. The first oddity of 'Rural destruction' is in its colour. A landscape of ashes under grey, unsettled skies sets a tone of jarring coldness in what should be a warm place. The trees retain no tree like qualities, other than forming irregular gashes in the landscape, perpendicular to the horizon. The dominating human presence, Australians from the 108th Field Battery, do not belong here. Their camouflage serves only to startle, to draw attention to the presence it should be hiding. Indeed the sense that much life perished here is evoked in this vision of the aftermath of the massacres that brought the troops in their wake. Amor's landscapes are 'haunted rather than peopled'. Here everyone faces away, each figure is alone and there is no contact between them as they too confront the landscape, the devastation of which is clearly a parallel for the destruction of human life. The desolate resounding damage to the human spirit, that was so wrenching for Australians, is an aspect of the East Timorese struggle that would have played a significant part in the intervention of the peacekeeping forces.

The Australian Army museum network is a collection of Regional and Corps Museums located Australia wide under command of the Australian Army History Unit. The Network presents a diverse range of military memorabilia tracing Australia’s involvement in both war and peacekeeping operations from Colonial times to the present day.

Museums of the Australian Army can be found in every state of Australia. The Army’s Regional Museums are located in most state capitals and some regional areas. Most of the Army’s Corps Museums are located at the Army school for that Corps.

Please note that due to the current security levels at Defence establishments museum access may not be available or require contact with the museum prior to your visit. If you have any questions please use the contact details and discuss with the museum. We apologise for any inconvenience.

Australian Army Museum of North Queensland

Regional Museums

With over 100,000 items held collectively throughout Australia please take some time to locate your nearest museum and plan a visit.

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Bandiana Museum exhibition

Corps Museums

Our Museums are located throughout Australia. Please browse the information about each museum, their collection, location and times they are open.

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Australian Army Infantry Museum

Singleton Infantry Museum

The impressive new Australian Army Infantry Museum will be opened by the Chief of the Defence Force in late August 2012. This purpose-built facility will form the centrepiece of the Army Museum Network and will provide the Army with the medium to protect and showcase an important part of its cultural heritage. Read about the journey of the museum here.

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Australian UH-1H Iroquois helicopter

Australian Army Flying Museum – Queensland

Exhibits include aircraft, artefacts and memorabilia spanning 100 years of Australian Army flying.

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