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M113AS4 armoured fighting vehicles move through thick dust at Shoalwater Bay.

Embed journalist interviews an Australian Army soldier.

News and media

Stay up to date on the latest news, announcements and speeches from the Australian Army.

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Army air crew personnel ready a Black Hawk helicopter for flight

Noise and training notices

Army's Noise Notice site provides information about training in and around residential areas.

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I'm an Australian Soldier Scholarship recipient speaks at an ANZAC day service

Speeches and transcripts

The latest speeches and transcripts from Army's senior leaders.

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Leopard Tanks conduct manoeuvres during Exercise Predators Strike.

Equipment and clothing

The Australian Army constantly strives to provide its members with quality, effective equipment and clothing. This enables our people to maintain high levels of professionalism and meet mission objectives with the right equipment.

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Sapper James Kerr from Mentoring Task Force - Three


Australian Army personnel regularly deploy on domestic and global operations.

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Hundreds of vehicles and hardware from 1st Brigade move into position during Exercise Predator's Strike.

Major exercises

Army’s success on operations is founded in excellence in training and preparation. Major exercises form an essential part of this process by testing our people and cability, ensuring that we continually learn and adapt faster than our adversaries.

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The Rising Sun Badge


The Australian Army produces several publications which promote discussion and debate on the profession of arms.

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Australian Army soldiers on parade during the 7th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment's 50th birthday celebrations.

Protecting Australian Army emblems

The Australian Army has a range of recognisable emblems that are protected by legislation. These emblems include the iconic Rising Sun badge, as well as corps and unit emblems. Permission to use Australian Army emblems is managed by the Army Brand Manager to ensure Army’s brand and reputation are maintained.

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Mark Donaldson, VC with Childern from Kaleen Primary School ACT

Community engagement

The Australian Army is actively involved in community engagement in Australia and overseas. Through these activities we strengthen our knowledge and contribute to improving the lives of others.

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Members of the Australian Army Band pose with 'Billy the blood drop'.


For many years the Australian Army has worked in close partnership with various Armed Services, governments and organisations in Australia and overseas.

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Unrecovered War casualties - Army Logo

Unrecovered War Casualties - Army

UWC-A is the Australian Army's investigative unit responsible for matters associated with the identification and recovery of Australian servicemen who remain unaccounted for from all wars.

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