Blaser Tactical 2 Sniper Rifle

The Blaser Tactical 2 Sniper Rifle is a straight-pull, bolt-operated action rifle that feeds from a detachable four-round box magazine.

The weapon is capable of firing both ball and armour-piercing .338 calibre service ammunition, and engaging point targets to a range of 1500 metres. It produces harassing fire to a range of 2000 metres by day. It has an adjustable bipod, which can be detached, and the weapon can be tailored to fit our soldiers’ personal tactical requirements.

Calibre - .388 calibre
Weight - 9.14 kilograms (with full magazine)
Length - 1230 millimetres
Barrel Length - 627 millimetres
Muzzle velocity - 800 - 915 metres per second
Effective range - 1500 metres