Major exercises

Hundreds of vehicles and hardware from 1st Brigade move into position during Exercise Predator's Strike.

Army’s success on operations is founded in excellence in training and preparation. Major exercises form an essential part of this process by testing our people and cability, ensuring that we continually learn and adapt faster than our adversaries.

ARH at sunset

Exercise Hamel 2016

Exercise Hamel is a major Army exercise that is designed to evaluate the war fighting skills of a Brigade and in 2016, Darwin’s 1st Brigade will be tested to ensure they are ready for potential future deployments from humanitarian assistance missions through to high tempo war fighting operations.

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An Australian Regular Army Black Hawk helicopter lands on the flight deck of HMAS Choules.

Exercise Talisman Sabre

Exercise Talisman Sabre (or Saber) is a biennial combined Australian and United States (US) training activity, designed to train our respective military forces in planning and conducting Combined Task Force operations to improve the combat readiness and interoperability between our respective forces.

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LCPL Croon and soldiers from Battle Group Samichon during Exercise Hamel 2010.

Exercise Hamel 2012

On 21 June 2012 more than 9000 Australian Defence Force personnel, together with 150 members of the United States Marine Corps and 25 medics from the New Zealand Defence Force, will commence the Army’s annual foundation warfighting exercise in Central Queensland.

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