The Australian Army Band Corps

The Australian Army Band on parade.

The Australian Army Band Corps (AABC) is the corps that qualified musicians of the Australian Army belong to. The role of a musician is to provide musical support, promote the public image and the operational effectiveness of the Australian Army.

The members of the AABC are nested within two discreet commands. The first of these commands is the Australian Army Band consisting of five full time bands and six part time bands, and the second being the five part time Unit Regimental Bands under command Forces Command. The Australian Army Band has members in all capital cities and the three regional centers of Townsville, Wagga Wagga, and Newcastle. Forces Command bands are located in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, and Adelaide.

Each band supports many tasks with a wide range of musical capabilities ranging from symphonic wind band and swing band music through to jazz and rock styles.

The Corps provides Band capability to ceremonial and training activities conducted by the Army and other Services of the ADF in support of single service, Regal, Vice-Regal, Federal, State, Territory and Local Government agencies. The individual commands have further more defined roles governing the day to day employment of the musicians. Key among these are the provision of support to the Chief of Army’s community engagement effort, and assisting in the maintenance of morale and esprit de corps through the provision of entertainment to Army personnel whether it be in barracks or deployed on operations or exercises.

Whilst primarily being musicians, all members of the Corps are Soldier Musicians, required to regularly qualify in fundamental soldiering skills. Those in the Australian Army Band are also required to carry out administrative roles within the band (clerks, quartermasters, drivers etc) to ensure the unit operates effectively.

Although the AABC has a relatively short history, being formed on the 2nd August 1968, the Australian Army has always had bands.

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