The Royal Australian Army Medical Corps

PTE Micheal Phillips from 8CSSB 1 Health Coy.

The role of the Royal Australian Army Medical Corps (RAAMC)is to contribute to the Army’s operational capability through the conservation of manpower by promoting health and well-being, through the prevention of disease and injury, and through the care, treatment and evacuation of sick and wounded.

The RAAMC, in conjunction with the Royal Australian Army Dental Corps (RAADC) and the Royal Australian Army Nursing Corps (RAANC) are responsible for providing every aspect of health care to support and maintain the health and well-being of Army personnel.

The Corps is made up of highly trained professionals who are often called upon to work in a variety of operational and non-operational conditions, which their civilian counterparts would find daunting.

All combat units include a medical element of members of the RAAMC so that health care and emergency medical care is available to soldiers from the point of battle back through medical treatment facilities as their condition demands.

The RAAMC also trains the Army's physical training instructors, pathology technicians, operating theatre technicians, and preventive medicine personnel.

The Corps motto is ‘Paulatim’, which is Latin for ‘Little by Little’.