The Royal Australian Army Ordnance Corps

Australian Army Petroleum Operators assist 5 AVN REGT by loading pallets of basic necessities.

The Royal Australian Army Ordnance Corps (RAAOC) is one of the largest Corps within Army with over six specialist career pathways who are responsible for a very wide range of logistics tasks not only supporting the Army but also the Royal Australian Navy and the Royal Australian Air Force.

The Corps is concerned with providing parachute maintenance, inspection, repack, repair and deployment. For all fuels, deployment, construction, operation and maintenance. The Corps is responsible for all personnel administration and business management for the Army, supply chain management, warehousing and issuing all the Army's equipment. The Corps is responsible for the demolition and disposal of explosives, salvage of battle-damaged equipment, provision of laundry facilities for hospitals and troops in the field when required and many other ancillary support services.

RAAOC provides a vast array of supplies and stores for equipment (such as tanks, watercraft, aircraft and vehicles of all kinds), guided missiles, guns, ammunition, parachutes, communication equipment, construction materials for building bridges and roads as well as other tools and machinery. It also provides fuel, clothing, food and medical and dental supplies required to equip and maintain Army units during training and combat operations.

The Corps motto is ‘Sua Tela Tonanti’, which is Latin for ‘To the Warrior his Arms’.