9th Combat Service Support Battalion

Private Tom Nicholls, 12/40 Royal Tasmania Regiment, Hobart, is happy to receive his mail at Rove Operation Post Office, Honiara, Solomon Islands from Private Ellen Hill. Private Ellen Hill is the postmaster deployed with Operation Anode in Solomon Islands. Private Hill is studying psychology at university and is an Army Reservist posted to 9 Combat Services Support Battalion (9CSSB) in Adelaide.

9th Combat Services Support Battalion (9 CSSB) is an Army reserve logistics unit within the 9th Brigade located at Warradale Barracks, Warradale, South Australia.

9 CSSB provides combat service support to individual and collective units to meet the 9th Brigade’s domestic and operational requirements.

The Battalion comprises a Headquarters, Operations Cell, and four sub-units: Transport Company, Health Company, Maintenance Company and the Brigade Operational Support Company.

9 CSSB sub-units have a strong historical link to the Australian Imperial Force which fought at Gallipoli. Health Company traces its lineage to the 3rd Field Ambulance, which was raised 1914 and included Private John Simpson Kilpatrick (known as Simpson with his donkey) among its members.    

9 CSSB tasks include implementation of 9th Brigade’s combat service support plan by providing transport, medical and maintenance services. The Brigade Operational Support Company provides further support with an orderly room, quartermaster, catering functions and logistic assets.   

9 CSSB personnel have served in Rwanda, Iraq, Timor-Leste, the Solomon Islands, Afghanistan and on operations to protect Australia’s northern borders.
The Battalion’s motto is ‘Deeds Not Words’, reflecting its focus on actions that deliver results.