9th Combat Service Support Battalion

Private Tom Nicholls, 12/40 Royal Tasmania Regiment, Hobart, is happy to receive his mail at Rove Operation Post Office, Honiara, Solomon Islands from Private Ellen Hill. Private Ellen Hill is the postmaster deployed with Operation Anode in Solomon Islands. Private Hill is studying psychology at university and is an Army Reservist posted to 9 Combat Services Support Battalion (9CSSB) in Adelaide.

9th Combat Services Support Battalion (9 CSSB) is an Army reserve logistics unit within the 9th Brigade located at Warradale Barracks, Warradale, South Australia.

The role of 9 CSSB is to provide specified individual and collective Combat Service Support capabilities to support sustain and reinforce Army's operations.

9 CSSB has a small element of full time staff that work to support Army Reserve personnel. The unit has an Army Reserve Commanding Officer who operates in conjunction with a full time Operations Officer, Adjutant, and Regimental Sergeant Major as the Command group and administrative hub of the unit.

The unit has the capability to support major Army Exercises such as Talisman Sabre and Hamel and provides its Army Reserve personnel with the opportunity to participate whenever possible. Unit members are also employed on overseas Operations such as Operation Anode in the Solomon Islands.

The unit employs Reserve personnel in a number of trades that include mechanics, drivers, cooks, clerical staff, nurses, doctors, and storemen. The unit encourages its members to undertake professional training whenever possible in order to strengthen the unit’s ability to support the Brigade and wider Army with specialist personnel.

9th Combat Services Support Battalion comprises four sub-units:
• 9th Brigade Operational Support Company
• Health Company
• Transport Squadron
• Workshop Company

In total, the unit has approximately 250 personnel with the majority of these being reservists.

The motto of the 9th Combat Services Support Battalion is ‘Deeds not Words’ which reflects the unit attitude of action over rhetoric. The unit mascot is a platypus that was chosen as it is a unique Australian animal that displays great resourcefulness and endeavour.