3rd Brigade

A Mentoring Task Force Three soldier secures the perimeter as a convoy leaves the forward operating base during the MTF-3 Mission Rehearsal Exercise prior to deploying to Afghanistan.

The 3rd Brigade (3 Bde) is a multi-role combat brigade of the Australian Army, consisting of more than 4000 civilian and military personnel.

The 3rd Brigade currently consists of the following units: 
    •    3rd Brigade Headquarters; 
    •    B Squadron, 3rd/4th Cavalry Regiment (Bushmaster); 
    •    4th Regiment, Royal Australian Artillery; 
    •    3rd Combat Engineer Regiment; 
    •    3rd Combat Signals Regiment 
    •    1st Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment; 
    •    2nd Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment; 
    •    3rd Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment; 
    •    3rd Combat Service Support Battalion;

Soldiers from the 3rd Brigade are currently serving in a number of locations around the world, including most notably in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Timor Leste. In recent times the Brigade has had short notice call outs to conduct operations in the Timor Leste, Solomon Islands, Tonga and Fiji.

In addition to operations, the Brigade is actively involved in a range of other activities which serve to enhance its capability. The Brigade has soldiers involved in international engagement activities, like Rifle Company Butterworth and exchanges with the United States Army and United States Marine Corps.

We are also heavily involved in providing support to other Army formations, principally for the conduct of training. And we are intimately involved in providing expert advice to those conducting trials and experimentation which in the longer term will provide us with an even more effective capability.

The 3rd Brigade is a unique formation with many skills that are not held elsewhere in the Army. As a multi-role brigade, we excel in rapid response and manoeuvre. We can move strategically and tactically by a range of means but especially amphibious ships, aircraft (including C17, C130, CC08) and helicopter (S70 and CH47). We specialise in seizing a point of disembarkation, establishing forward operating bases, and maintaining them until heavier forces arrive.

3rd Brigade have implimented initiative to support Defence Families in north Queensland called Geckos.