Meet our people

To be part of the Australian Army is to be part of protecting our country, its national interests and its citizens, as well as helping other nations to recover from conflict or natural disaster. We invite you to meet some of our exceptional people.

An Australian Army soldier on operations.

Anzac Day on Operations

More than 2000 Australian Defence Force members are deployed on operations, continuing the Anzac spirit at home and in many countries around the world. Australian Army soldiers share how they will be commemorating Anzac day in Afghanistan.

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The Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, views floodwaters around Rockhampton in an Army Black Hawk helicopter


Working in Army Aviation provides opportunities to work with the most advanced helicopters in the country. Meet some of the people that work in this field.

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SGT Kloosterman is the Chief Clerk for the Australian contingent to the RAMSI

Business, Administration and Education

Army's business, administration and education personnel are responsible for keeping things running behind the scenes.

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The crew commander of a 1st Armoured Regiment M1A1 Abrams liaises with the battle group commander during Exercise Predator's Strike.

Combat and Security

Using an impressive array of sophisticated hardware and firepower, Army's combat and security personnel are at the frontline of Australia's defence.

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Australian Army soldier Corporal Anthony Hill of the 7th Combat Signals Regiment, receives traffic on the exercise control command net in the joint operations room during Exercise Talisman Saber 2013.

Communication, IT and Intelligence

Personnel who work in this area are at the forefront of maintaining communication systems and developing robust IT infrastructure that are essential for Army to operate efficiently and effectively.

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Combat Engineers from the 3rd Combat Engineer Regiment searching for Improvised Explosive Devices


Engineering is the backbone of the Army. It provides the practical framework and lays the logistical foundations that keep this large organisation functioning. Meet some of our engineers.

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Vehicle convoy departs Camp Rocky for the Shoalwater Bay Training Area during Exercise Talisman Sabre 2011.

Health Care, Science and Chaplaincy

Nurses, Dentists, Doctors, Environmental Health Officers and Chaplains play a vital role in the ongoing health and welfare of the Army.

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A vehicle convoy provides logistical support during Exercise Talisman Sabre 2011.

Logistics, Hospitality and Support

Our soldiers, officers and support staff need to be housed, fed, resupplied and relocated. Logistics, Hospitality and Support are vital functions for the ongoing operation of Army.

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Gunner Tori Ritchie

Women in the Australian Army

Women play a vital role in the Australian Army. Here we recognise just some of the women around our Army and we invite you to read about them.

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