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Army Research Papers

Building on BEERSHEBA: The Future Army. Army’s Plan Beersheba, currently being implemented, has changed Army’s force structure to provide a wider range of ready, sustainable land force capabilities. Read it here.
Australian Special Operations. Principles and Considerations - Ian Langford. This paper explains the principles and considerations for the employment of Australian Special Forces. In an age of persistent conflict, commanders and planners must continue to embrace the enduring need to continually transform Special Operations capabilities. To download a copy, click here.
Expeditionary warfare and military operations under a maritime strategy - LTCOL D.J. Beaumont. As the Australian Army seeks to understand the institutional lessons of its last 15 operationally intensive years, it is timely to examine the concept of expeditionary warfare — an idea fundamental to the Australian approach to war.  Click Here.

Forging Australian Land Power: A Primer  - Albert Palazzo. After conflict is a time to reflect on and ask basic questions about the character of war:  what opportunities and challenges are suggested for the evolution of future wars and how that will shape the land force. The aim of this paper is to provide a guide for deliberations on the force’s future. For more, click here.

Gravity-free decision-making: Avoiding Clausewitz's strategic pull - Ben Zweibelson. An interdisciplinary approach as to how the centre of gravity concept fits into our strategic thinking.  Have we become slaves to a construct that we do not even realise now from where it started, or why it appeals to us at core institutional levels? Click Here

PTSD and Stigma in the Australian Army - John BaleDe-stigmatising is not only important for the individual, but also critical for the Australian Army. This paper analyses Canadian, British and US initiatives and provides key recommendations to the Australian Army on how to combat stigma. Click Here.


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2 August 2017
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