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The Army's 'Game of Drones' Competition is seeking the best still or video imagery obtained from a drone and the most original TTPs using a drone!
29 September 2019


350 Multirotor Unmanned Aerial Systems (MRUAS) have been rolled out to units across Army (and some RAN and RAAF units) to increase soldiers’ knowledge in UAS and how to use them to enhance capability.

So now it’s time to see your handiwork!

Units are invited to enter the inaugural Army ‘Drone’ Competition where the best of Army’s MRUAS-gathered imagery and MRUAS-derived TTPs can be entered for assessment. The best entries will be decided upon by a panel of senior Army officers with the best imagery and best TTPs earning prizes for their units.

CATEGORY 1: MRUAS Imagery. Using your unit’s MRUAS (Phantom/Mavic), get the best still or video imagery and enter it. Images must be obtained from the on-board camera equipment of your unit’s MRUAS. Video entries can be no longer than 30 seconds in length.

CATEGORY 2: TACTICS, TECHNIQUES, PROCEDURES (TTPs). Enter your Concept of Employment (CONEMP) of your MRUAS to achieve a required end state. That end state may be capturing imagery to enhance training or to assist with weapons trials. Maybe it’s to assist with security or using it as ‘OPFOR’ to test your unit’s ability to counter UAS threats. Perhaps you use your MRUAS to assist with maintenance of equipment or facilities.  The TTP must have been proven and the TTP, with associated risk assessment, approved by your unit’s chain of command and submitted in written format.

HOW TO ENTER: Submit your entries by placing them in OBJ and sending a link to the competition coordinators. Those that make it through the first draft will be entered into the short listing and placed on the UAS Sharepoint page and UAS Collaboration Page (UASNet). Category 2 entries (TTPs) are to be submitted no later than 01 Sep 19. ATO MRUAS is the guiding document for use of MRUAS including risk assessments. Any risks not covered by the ATO MRUAS are to have Army Risk Management rules applied

JUDGING: Three senior officers of star rank will be judging the best of the short-listed entries with entries announced in the Army News and online on 28 Nov.

PRIZES: The winner of Category 1 (Imagery) will receive one PME ticket (travel and accom) to the World of Drones seminar in Brisbane in late 2020. The winning unit in Category 2 will receive a new MAVIC 2 Pro MRUAS for the unit and two PME tickets (travel and accom) to the World of Drones seminar in Brisbane in late 2020.

CONTACTS and FURTHER INFORMATION: Further information can be found on the UAS Sharepoint page and the UAS Collaboration (UASNet) Pages here:

UAS Sharepoint:              http://drnet/Army/FORCOMD/AVN/Pages/Unmanned-Aerial-Systems.aspx

UAS Collab (UASNet):     http://collab/army/uasnet/SitePages/Home.aspx

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29 September 2019
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