Royal Australian Army Chaplains Department

The role of Defence Chaplaincy is to bring honour to the dead, comfort to the sick, hope to those in distress, and support to all.

The Royal Australian Army Chaplains Department is comprised of Australian Army officers who provide spiritual or religious support and pastoral care to members of the Army and their families. Chaplaincy actively engages with religious leaders and local communities for the support of the Australian Defence Force's people and mission.

When directed, Chaplaincy is provided to members of the Australian Public Service through Defence Aid, to the civil community, or in support of wider Defence tasking and priorities. 

Army Chaplains are recruited from the faiths that are represented by the Religious Advisory Committee to the Services. At present, this includes a number of Christian denominations, Jewish, Hindu, Sikh, Islam and Buddhist faith groups. 

The Army Chaplain is a member of the Commander’s personnel support team and operates as a staff adviser. Army chaplains are commissioned officers of the Australian Army and wear uniform. Their carriage of weapons is limited to self-protection, and, as a sign of their ministry, they are the only officers not to carry swords on parade.

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Royal Australian Army Chaplains Department badge
Royal Australian Army Chaplains Department badge