Royal Australian Corps of Military Police

The Royal Australian Corps of Military Police (RACMP) is a small, highly trained and professional corps.

The role of the Royal Australian Corps of Military Police is to provide command and control through the application of the four main military police functions:

  • law enforcement 
  • mobility and manoeuvre support 
  • security 
  • internment and detention operations.

In Australia, the Domestic Policing Unit (DPU) operates within Army bases and is responsible for garrison policing and the conduct of minor criminal investigations. 

While on operations, the 1st Military Police Battalion (1 MP Bn) provides law enforcement and administers applicable international civilian law.

On the battlefield, military police provide commanders with an essential element of mobility and manoeuvre support, including:

  • route reconnaissance and signing
  • controlling and monitoring traffic
  • the movement of the civilian population 
  • logistic operations support 
  • physical and personal security.


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