Army History Research Grants Scheme

The Army History Research Grants Scheme was established in 1993 and the scheme has supported over 300 researchers in that time. It fosters original research into the history of the Australian Army that contributes to development and education.

Grants involve the gifting of public monies therefore applications are rigorously assessed. Ministerial approval is required. The assessment and approval process can take 6-9 months from the closing date of applications.

Applications are encouraged from a broad field of researchers, either individually or as a team.

Grants are available up to a maximum amount of $15,000 for one year. For significant research projects, multi-year grants are available up $15,000 per year for up to three consecutive years (to a maximum of $45,000). 

Supported research

The scheme supports research that generates insights and the understanding of an aspect of Army’s history. All research must be underpinned by scholarship and evidence, and be available to both the Australian Army and the public.

Applications to the scheme should be analytical rather than narrative based, and offer new or unique insights into the history of the Australian Army. Applicants are to identify how the project will enhance and extend understanding of the history of the Australian Army, while demonstrating relevance and utility to Army’s development.

The analytical scholarly work must:

  • be primarily focussed on the Australian Army
  • enhance the understanding of Australian military history
  • examine the Australian Army’s development, performance, heritage, and contribution to the Nation in war and peace
  • provide insights that are applicable to the Army’s development
  • contribute to the professional military education of Army's members.

Research applications that focus on pre-Federation military forces must demonstrate direct relevance to the modern Australian Army.

Areas of research supported by the scheme include:

  • operational research and battle studies
  • leadership and command
  • corps, division, brigade and unit histories
  • research on Australian Army doctrine or the Australian Army as an organisation
  • specific problems that the Australian Army has faced on one or more occasions
  • diversity within the Australian Army
  • biographies of significant individuals that have contributed to the development of the Australian Army
  • social and cultural histories of or directly related to the Australian Army
  • history of Australian Army heritage.

How to apply

Members of the Australian Army History Unit are ineligible to apply for the scheme.

The guidance for applicants document outlines:

  • the research supported by this scheme 
  • how to complete the application
  • the assessment process conducted by the Australian Army History Unit.

The Independent Assessment Panel will not assess projects that fall outside the scope of this scheme.

To apply for the scheme, carefully review the guidance for applicants document and complete the application form below. Applicants must ensure that nominated referees submit referee report. The application and supporting documents can be submitted to

Guidance for applicants (PDF 375.47 KB) Application form (DOCX 141.8 KB) Referee report (DOCX 123.29 KB)

Previous successful applicants

Further information on previous successful applicants and their projects can be found below. Previous successful applicants include:

  • contemporary official historians 
  • eminent Australian and international military historians
  • amateur local historians 
  • Honours and PhD students 
  • military history authors 
  • current serving army members.
Successful applicants 2020-21 (PDF 232.75 KB) Successful applicants 2019-20 (PDF 130.47 KB)