Joint leadership

Australian Military Rep to NATO and EU

Major General Matthew Hall, AO, CSC
Appointed in January 2021

Chief Defence Intelligence

Lieutenant General Gavan Reynolds, AO
Appointed in July 2020

Chief of Joint Capabilities

Lieutenant General John Frewen, DSC, AM
Appointed in September 2021

Chief of Joint Operations

Lieutenant General Greg Bilton, AO, CSC
Appointed in June 2019

Chief of Personnel

Lieutenant General Natasha Fox, AO, CSC
Appointed in June 2023

Commander Joint Logistics

Major General Jason Walk
Appointed in 2022

Defence Signals Intelligence and Cyber Command

Major General Colin Karotam
Appointed in July 2020

Deputy Director for Commonwealth Integration

Major General Michelle McGuinness
Appointed in January 2021

Head Cyber Warfare Division

Major General Ana Duncan
Appointed in January 2023

Head Force Design

Major General A.J. Rawlins AM, DSC
Appointed in February 2022

Head Information Communications Technology Operations

Major General Murray Thompson, AM, CSC
Appointed in October 2020

Head Joint Support Services Division

Major General Douglas Laidlaw, AM, CSC
Appointed in September 2021