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Kapooka sporting series

The Kapooka Sport Series is an annual event at Blamey Barracks known as the K-Series.

Summer Series Admin Instruction 2015 
Annex A - Safety Management Plan
Annex B - Risk Tolerance Summary 
Annex C - Risk Appreciation Summary 
Annex D - Civilian Indemnity Form
Annex E - U18 Indemnity Form
Annex K - KSSS Area Conduct Brief

Annex L - ARTC Map

The Kapooka Sporting Series (KSS) is open to all services and Defence APS members and is a conducted twice a year, in March and November. The March series involves the Rugby 10s competition and in November the Mixed Water Polo 5s, Mixed Touch Football 6s, Mixed Netball K7s, Rugby League 9s and Australian Rules 12s is held. The main aim of the KSS is about developing initiative, courage and teamwork through sport and to foster better relationships between all services. The KSS has been proudly sponsored by Defence Bank since inception in 1993.

Kapooka 12s Australian Rules Football (K12s)

Annex F - Sports Instruction - Australian Rules

The K12s is a fast and furious game conducted to provide an opportunity for Aussie Rules players within Defence to compete in a unique competition against other Defence teams.

Kapooka Mixed Netball 7's (K7s)

Annex G - Sports Instruction - Mixed Netball

The K7s is conducted to provide an opportunity for Netball players, within Defence, to compete in a unique competition against other Defence teams. 

Kapooka 6s Mixed Touch Football (K6s)

Annex H - Sports Instruction - Mixed Touch

This K6s has also been recently introduced to the KSS and is a popular non contact sport suitable for all skill levels.

Kapooka 5s Mixed Water Polo (K5s)

Annex I - Sports Instruction - Mixed Water Polo

The K5s has been recently introduced to the KSS. Five a side mixed water polo is fast paced and dynamic that tests the endurance of all competitors and is becoming an extremely popular competition.

Kapooka 9s Rugby League (K9s)

Annex J - Sports Instruction - Rugby League

The K9s is a fast paced tri-service Rugby League event that units take very seriously to compete and win.

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21 December 2016
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