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Recruit Instructor career

Prior to instructing at Kapooka, staff are required to be qualified as a Recruit Instructor. This requires the successful completion of the Marksmanship Instructor Course (MIC), Recruit Instructors Course (RIC) and Qualified Assessors (QA) Course. The MIC, RIC and QA should be conducted consecutively and are designed to be conducted in this order.

Marksmanship Instructor Course (MIC).

This is conducted over a period of five days, inclusive of weekends. The aim of the course is to qualify selected members of the ADF as Marksmanship Instructors, Module One, for employment as Recruit Instructors (RIs) at 1 RTB. The MIC is the first course conducted as part of the Recruit Instructor suite of courses.

Recruit Instructor Course (RIC).

This is conducted over a period of 21 days, inclusive of weekends. RIs have a significant influence over the Army's newest soldiers. RIs must at all times conduct themselves within the finest traditions of the Army. The way a RI conveys their intent, attitudes, beliefs, dress and bearing and the way they promote the Army ethos has a direct influence over the Army newest soldiers. The quality of the RI is of vital importance to the future of our Army. The RIC will enhance instructional and leadership skills in order to be the role model for our newest soldiers. The nature of the RIC is to develop selected officers, Senior Non Commissioned Officers (SNCO) and Junior Non Commissioned Officers (JNCO) in the competencies of instruction, counselling, leadership and administration required to successfully train Army recruits at 1 RTB.

Qualified Assessor Course (QA).

This is conducted over a period of four days, inclusive of weekends. The QA Course aim is achieved through residential training without the need for post course gathering of evidence (portfolio). The course content incorporates the latest doctrine and policies and is conveyed by means of central presentations, syndicate discussions and practical activities. An adult learning environment is fostered whereby both trainees and instructional staff provide effort towards the achievement of the aim. By the end of the course, trainees should have achieved the course competencies required to perform tasks as workplace assessors within 1 RTB.

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7 December 2016
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