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1st Recruit Training Battalion

March Out Parade Kapooka
Army's soldier training commences at the 1st Recruit Training Battalion.

The 1st Recruit Training Battalion's mission is to develop and deliver quality recruit training in order to produce exceptional Australian soldiers.

Our regular soldiers undergo 80 days of training, while our reservists undergo 4 weeks. Essentially, they are trained to be able to shoot, communicate, survive and adapt; the skills required of the modern soldier. They must be able to effectively employ basic infantry weapons, navigate, operate communications equipment, survive in multiple threat environments in urban, close and open terrain, by day and by night and against both conventional and unconventional threats.

Soldiers must be comfortable in uncertain, volatile, complex and ambiguous situations as this leads to success on the battlefield. Most importantly, they must live and embody the Army values and demonstrate core soldier behaviours, including courage, initiative and teamwork. They must be an expert in close combat, physically tough, mentally prepared, committed to continuous improvement and demonstrate compassion.

Last updated
7 December 2016
Army: Courage. Initiative. Respect. Teamwork.
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