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Physical Fitness Assessment

Soldier Fitness Preparation
Within a week of arriving at Kapooka all recruits, both Regular and Reserve, conduct an initial fitness assessment: this is commonly known as the Pre-enlistment Fitness Assessment (PFA)

The assessment tests muscular endurance and cardiovascular strength, through push-ups, sit-ups and a 20-metre shuttle run test. The test is mandatory for entry into training as it confirms the recruits’ baseline fitness and through scientific studies, also provides an indicator for susceptibility to injury.

Physical fitness plays a vital role in the Army and that is why we teach a different kind of fitness to anything that is out there in the civilian world. We focus on areas like all over body strength, endurance and co-ordination, which will help our recruits prepare for the challenging physical demands of their job in the Army. The PFA is the first part of the physical development at Kapooka, providing a solid basis to work from.

The three components of the PFA are explained below in detail, including videos of how they are conducted and assessed at Kapooka. Please look at the videos closely as they provide all the information on what is required to pass the PFA first time and this can really set recruits up to be successful at Kapooka. The videos are in the order the assessment will be conducted.


Push-ups are a military push-up, where the toes and hands are in contact with the ground and the back is straight. The shoulders are lowered so that a 90-degree angle forms between the upper and the lower arm at the elbow. It is important that the back remains straight whilst performing each push-up. The push-up style is the same for both male and female.  The video demonstrates this further, outlining the body positioning, angles and what the Physical Training Instructors will say during the assessments to confirm, or not, you are doing the push-ups correctly.  The standards required to pass are:


   Full Time  Part Time
 Male        15       15
 Female         8        8



Sit-ups are a military style sit-up. The feet are anchored and a 90-dgree and is formed between the upper and lower leg at the knee. The hands are run along the top of the upper leg and a sit-up is counted when the wrist reaches the kneecap. Hands are not used to pull the torso up but are to run freely up and down the legs. One repetition is to be completed every three seconds to a cadence. The video demonstrates this further, including what the Physical Training Instructors will say during the assessments to confirm, or not, you are doing the sit-ups correctly.  The standards required to pass are:


   Full Time  Part Time 
Male        45       45
Female        45        45


Beep Test

The Beep Test or correctly named Multi-Stage Fitness Test consists of a series of 20 metre shuttle runs or sprints. Each Level of the test is composed of a number of sprints or “shuttles”. As the test progresses, the time allowed for each shuttle reduces and has the effect of increasing the running speed necessary to complete the shuttle in the time allowed. The test begins at a speed just above a quick walking pace and increases to a full running speed by the time level 7.5 is reached. The test to level 7.5 involves 56 shuttles, and takes approximately 6 minutes and 30 seconds to complete. The test is an indicator of individual aerobic capacity fitness and the bodies’ ability to withstand the dynamics associated with the recruit training program.  The video shows a Beep Test being conducted in the facility recruits use at Kapooka, and explains the two strikes policy.  The standards required to pass are:


  Full Time Part Time
Male       7.5       7.5
Female        7.5        7.5 


Click here for detailed information on fitness preparation for soldier training.

Last updated
20 August 2018
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