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Standby Reserve (SERCAT 2 and SERCAT 3)

Working in an office
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Benefits and Obligations
Following completion of service in SERCAT 5, 6 or 7, members are transferred to SERCAT 2 or 3. The benefits and obligations are different for each category. Our Serve On brochure contain more detailed information.


SERCAT 2 members do not render service and have no service obligation (other than call-out). You will need to keep your contact details up to date, which we will help you to do.
As a SERCAT 2 member, you maintain a connection with the Army without any obligation to render service.
If your circumstances change and you'd like to be available to render service, you can launch back into work by requesting to transfer to SERCATs 3 to 7.
Alternatively, if your circumstances do not change and you remain unable or are not required to render service during a continuous period of 5 years, you will, upon reaching 5 years, be automatically separated from the Army.


SERCAT 3 provides you greater choice in the selection of work opportunities.  Like in SERCAT 2, you will need  to keep your contact details up to date, which we will help you to do.
In SERCAT 3 you can choose  work from  employment opportunities available on ForceNet or from opportunities emailed to you by us.  You are able to participate in as much work as your personal circumstances permit. You have the choice in the timing, roles and tasks that you believe are best suited to your contribution to Army capability.
The number of days you work depends on your availability and the requirement of your tasking unit.
You may receive an initial allocation up to 100 days within a financial year, up to 200 days in exceptional circumstances.
Other benefits are achieved upon completing a minimum of 20 days (effective service) each financial year.


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Last updated
17 July 2019
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