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Finding Work

Reservists wearing hi-vis vests
If you are seeking a Reservist to assist in filling a short to medium term capability gap in a function or work requirement, you are able to advertise through this Directorate.
2 July 2019

There are several ways of finding work:

Informal Networks. Use your informal networks and contacts. Let them know you are looking for some Reserve work.

ForceNet. ForceNet is the primary means by which units are able to advertise their tasks. When you login to ForceNet, you are able to search the tasks by location, corps etc.

CMA - Career Management Cycle. Career Managers have a priority for how posts and vacancies will be filled. DCWM-A work with the career managers and units to identify potential SERCAT 3 members that may be suitable to fill positions that will otherwise not be filled.

Direct Targetting. From time to time, we will work directly with units and formations to help identify SERCAT 3 members to fill specific long term vacancies.

Last updated
17 July 2019
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