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Information about the Directorate

Working in an office
The role of the Directorate is to manage the pool of Standby Reserve (SERCAT 2 and SERCAT 3). Management includes obtaining yearly contact updates as per legislative requirements but also includes the facilitation of service opportunities through advertised project vacancies and occasionally short-medium term posting opportunities.

You automatically become a member of the Directorate if you have resigned from the Regular Army (SERCAT 6 or 7) or have sought a transfer from the Active Reserve (SERCAT 5).  On transfer you will automatically placed into SERCAT 2 moving to SERCAT 3 only once you commence performing under a DA26 agreement.


The Directorate provides the following services:

  • Processing applications for members seeking to render service (DA26 applications),
  • Accepting and processing for delegate decision transfer applications within the SERCATs within Army and other services,
  • Provide CO support for administrative processes, and
  • Retire members.
Last updated
7 December 2016
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