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Employment Opportunities

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Active and Standby Reserve members are able to register to be notified directly when new projects/task opportunities become available.

Active and Standby Reserve members are able to register to be notified directly when new projects / task opportunities become available.

When registering, you provide your contact details and choose which Defence and APS Standard Occupational Codes and NATO codes best describe your skills and experience. This information is then matched to projects/ tasks with the same skills and experience requirement. An email is then sent to your preferred email address providing you with details of the opportunity.

Registration is quick and requires less than five minutes to complete and submit the registration form.

Projects and tasks are now advertised on ForceNet. DPSRM-A has a fully functional site within ForceNet. Standby Reserves – Army is now live as a Unit on ForceNet and also includes a Professional Group for those Standby Reservists who are interested in, or are actually undertaking DA50(4) work. All project opportunities are advertised through ForceNet. ForceNet also contains links to relevant websites and information/forms for Standby Reserve members to access. Register now by going to the ForceNet site, and select Standby Reserve as your primary unit.

Further assistance

Checklists have been created to assist the Reserve member to commence work. The checklists have been developed as the process of taking on work differs for the Active and Standby Reserve member. 

Please click here to view the Active Reserve Checklist.
Please click here to view the Standby Reserve Checklist.

If you require any tasking assistance, please contact DPSRM-A on free call* (in Australia) 1800 808 073 or email Reserve.Projects [at]

* free call does not apply to call made by mobile phones. Mobile phones charges will be determined by your telephone service provider.

Last updated
21 December 2016
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