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Full Time General Service Officer

The Australian Regular Army Officer Commissioning Course (ARA OCC) commissions general service officers for the Australian Regular Army. It is eighteen months long and is split into three classes of six months duration each, progressing chronologically from III Class to I Class. The course is conducted at the Royal Military College – Duntroon in Canberra. Each year RMC-D accepts new trainees for the ARA OCC via two intakes, January and July.

Joining Instructions

RMC-D releases a Joining Instruction each intake for civilian and in-service applicants selected to commence training. Defence Force Recruiting will disseminate the Joining Instruction to civilian applicants and in-service members will receive their Joining Instruction via their chain of command.

The Joining Instruction utilises four enclosures, which can be accessed via the below links:

Enclosure 1 - Duntroon Map
Enclosure 2 - Physical Bridging Period Conditioning Program
Enclosure 3 - Bridging Period Conditioning Program - Guide

Enclosure 4 - Duntroon Service Residence Housing Request Form

Single Service Training

Single Service Training is delivered by RMC-D for Army Officer Cadets at the Australian Defence Force Academy during their three year program and is aligned with competencies achieved during III Class.

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10 October 2019
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