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Specialist Service Officer

SSO course participants attempting the Leadership Reaction Course
The Specialist Service Officer course is the first course for specialist officers and is the induction to Service life. It introduces and develops the SSO with the skills, knowledge and attitudes required of an officer in the Australian Army. The course material focuses on skills required of a specialist officer to exercise command, demonstrate leadership, manage personnel and resources, plan operations and train subordinates.


Module 1: Module 1 is conducted over 26 training days. Module 1 introduces candidates to all-corps subjects such as combat first aid, fire arms training with a service rifle, service communications equipment, the military justice system, individual combat skills and navigation training.  Module 1 is primarily conducted in the barracks environment.

Module 2: Module 2 is conducted over 16 training days. Module 2 introduces candidates to Army leadership, customs and traditions of the Army, Defence communication and writing, unit and personnel administration as well as military risk management procedures.  Foundation tactical and operational concepts are also introduced in this module.  Module 2 is conducted in both camp and field environments.

Physical fitness

All candidates selected for the Specialist Service Officer First Appointment Course are required to pass an Individual Fitness Assessment at the commencement of the course.

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6 December 2016
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