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Graduation parade - December 2018

Graduates throwing their hats into the air.
On behalf of the Director of Military Art, Colonel Leonard Oei, we welcome you to the Royal Military College - Duntroon. The first Commandant, Brigadier General William Throsby Bridges was appointed on 30 May 1910. The College was officially opened on 27 June 1911, on the historic Duntroon property, a piece of land that had been granted to Robert Campbell in 1825 and who named it after Duntrune Castle, his ancestral home on Loch Crenan in Argyllshire, Scotland.



Activities will commence with the Ecumenical Church Service on Sunday, 9 December 2018 and culminate with the Graduation Ball on Tuesday, 11 December 2018.


Graduation activities that you are invited to attend are listed below. There are some activities you will be unable to attend, as they are for staff and cadets only. If you require any further information about any of the graduation activities, with the exception of the Ball, please contact Mrs Jenny Pieper in the Protocol Cell at the College on (02) 6265 9515 or rmc.protocol [at] (. )For information relating to the Ball, contact Staff Cadet Fraser Jeavons, Long Tan Company, on 0410 184 961, or your host cadet.


There are two entrances to the College, via Staff Cadet Avenue off Morshead Drive or via the Gun Gates off Fairbairn Avenue (map on back cover). Other than Tuesday, 11 December 2018 (Graduation Day), there is ample parking available within the College.









Sun 9 Dec 18

11.00 am

Ecumenical Church Service

RMC Chapel (2)


Mon 10 Dec 18

11.00 am

Presentation of Military Prizes & Sporting Awards

Duntroon Fitness Centre (Gym) (3)


Tue 11 Dec 18

9.30 am

Graduation Parade

Parade Ground (4)


11.30 am

Commissioning Ceremony

Duntroon Fitness Centre (DFC) (3)


12.30 pm


Corps of Staff Cadets Mess (1)


6.00 pm

Graduation Ball

National Convention Centre





  • Lounge Suit/Jacket and Tie/Ladies Day Dress
  • Army Dress Order No. 1B - Ceremonial Service Dress or Service equivalent 
  • Neat Casual
  • Army Dress Order No. 6B - Mess Dress White Jacket (RMC Staff SNCO and WO)
  • Army Dress Order No. 6A - Mess Dress (Graduands and RMC Officers)
  • Patrol Blues (Corps of Staff Cadets only)
  • Black Tie (Formal)/Ladies Evening Dress with Miniatures (optional)




Arrival and Parking

If driving a vehicle, please display this booklet on the lower left hand corner of your windscreen. A  Traffic Marshal will direct you to a reserved parking area. If you are arriving by Taxi, ask to be dropped at the parade ground.


Disabled Persons

Disabled persons are requested to enter the College via Staff Cadet Avenue off Morshead Drive and should approach the security member on duty at the entrance who will direct them to the appropriate car park.  This parking will be allocated on an as need basis, to persons displaying a government issued disabled parking sticker


Guests' Comfort

As it can be very warm in Canberra at this time of year, it is recommended that guests bring an umbrella and wear a hat to protect themselves from the sun during the course of the Graduation Parade.



On arrival at the parade ground, please present your Entrée Card to an Usher who will direct you to the cadet’s guests seating enclosure. Guests are asked to be seated no later than 9.20 am and should be aware that it may take up to 10 minutes to reach the parade ground from the parking areas.


Commissioning Ceremony

The Commissioning Ceremony, which will include the presentation of Graduation Certificates and Commissions, will be held in the Duntroon Fitness Centre. We ask that you be seated by 11.15 am.



Immediately following the Commissioning Ceremony, you are cordially invited to attend a Luncheon, which will be served in the Corps of Staff Cadets Mess. The Mess is situated behind the Flag Station, which is located on the upper terrace between the two cadet accommodation buildings A31 and A32.


Graduation Ball

The Graduation Ball will be held at the National Convention Centre, commencing at 6.00 pm. This is by invitation only. The Graduation Ball is a formal evening function and as such, Graduands will be personally responsible for the conduct of their guests, and are to ensure that any of their guests under the age of 18 years do not consume any alcoholic beverages. Dress for the Ball is Formal (Black Tie for gentlemen and Evening Wear for ladies). All inquiries related to the Ball should be directed to the Ball coordinator Staff Cadet Fraser Jeavons, Long Tan Company, on 0410 184 961, or your host cadet.


Wet Weather

In the event of extremely wet weather, the Graduation Parade may be cancelled. Should this become necessary, the Commissioning Ceremony held in the Duntroon Fitness Centre, will replace the Parade. If this occurs, you will be advised of the change as you enter the College.


Receipt of this booklet and invitation does not necessarily guarantee that your host cadet will graduate Military personnel attending events in a non-official capacity are requested to wear civilian attire.


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23 August 2018
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