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Queen's Birthday parade

Queen's Birthday Parade in 2012.
The Queen's Birthday Parade is a celebration of the official birthday of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second. This Parade is one of the college’s most auspicious annual events in which observers get to witness the Trooping of the Queen’s Colour.

The Colours of a unit or regiment embody the history, spirit and traditions to which they belong. They are highly valued, carefully guarded and treated with great respect. The custom of carrying Colours has its origin in ancient and medieval times when, during battle, warring factions carried flags bearing family badges or armorial bearings to show the positions of commanders and to serve as rallying points. Since 1751, regiments have been allowed two Colours only, the Queen's (or King's) Colour and the Regimental Colour.

Colours were first presented to the Corps of Staff Cadets in May 1927 by His Royal Highness the Duke of York, later to be King George VI, when he visited Australia for the opening of Old Parliament House.  These Colours were originally laid up in St John's Church, Canberra, but returned to the College in 1989 and are now lodged in Patterson Hall, the Headquarters of the Royal Military College of Australia.

Replacement Colours were presented by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second on 17th February 1954, 27th April 1970 and 10 May 1988. The 1954 Colours are laid up in St John's Church, the 1970 Colours in the RMC Chapel and the 1988 Colours in St Paul’s Chapel at RMC.

The Queen's Colour was trooped for the first time on the Queen's Birthday Parade in 1956 and has occurred every year since then. Her Majesty presented the current Colours on 22nd October 2011.

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6 December 2016
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