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Kapyong Company

Kapyong Company is named after the 1951 battle during the Korean War and consists of Madden, Montgomerie and Saunders Platoons.

The Battle of Kapyong

The Battle of Kapyong was a battle of the Korean War during the Chinese Fifth Phase Offensive. During the Battle, in April 1951, the 3rd Battalion distinguished itself with a spirited defence against the advancing Chinese. For its stand and successful withdrawal the Battalion was awarded the United States Distinguished Unit Citation.

The Company

Kapyong Company has the Fighting Rat as the Company Mascot. Known affectionately as 'The Rats', Kapyong prides itself on its high Company morale and faith in the Rat.

The Company colour is black.

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10 April 2018
Army: Courage. Initiative. Respect. Teamwork.
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