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Kokoda Company

Kokoda Company is named after the World War II battle in New Guinea and consists of Kingsbury, McCallum and Potts Platoons.

The Battle of Kokoda

The Battle of Kokoda took place over the rugged Kokoda Trail during the period July - November 1942. The initial Japanese advance from Buna on the north coast of New Guinea, surprised the Australians who were forced to fight a difficult withdrawal over the Kokoda Trail to Imita Ridge (48 kilometres from Port Moresby). At this point, the Australians took the offensive and forced the resisting Japanese back over the Trail to Buna.

The Company

The Kokoda Company mascot is The Dogs closely associated with the Company motto 'Cry Havoc! and let slip the dogs of war!' taken from Shakespeare's play Julius Caesar.

The Company colour is green.

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5 October 2016
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