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Training facilities

Staff Cadets in a lecture theatre
RMC-D features modern facilities tailored to the delivery of its military curriculum.

Flexible Learning Centre

The Flexible Learning Centre (FLC) provides cadets with access to Defence ICT. Some subjects taught at RMC-D require cadets to complete self-paced learning packages. Electronic assessments are also conducted in the facility.

Weapon Training Simulation System


The Weapons Training Simulation System (WTSS) is a virtual weapons range designed to allow Staff Cadets to practice weapon handling drills, marksmanship principles and fire control orders. The facility also allows cadets to fire a wide variety of weapons including the F88 Austyer rifle, F89 Minimi Light Support Weapon and the 84mm Carl Gustav anti-armour weapon.

Military Instruction Block

Most of the theory lessons taught at RMC-D focus on the development of tactical planning skills and are conducted in the Military Instruction (MI) Block. During 2004, the MI Block received a multi-million dollar upgrade and now features a state of the art Flexible Learning Centre, model rooms, lecture theatres and syndicate rooms.

These facilities allow for classroom instruction using PowerPoint presentations, videos, audio and live material as well as simulations using miniature representations of battles and tactical scenarios. Syndicate rooms allow small groups of up to twelve cadets to debate important issues such as tactical problems, leadership issues and ethical dilemmas, while SmartBoards enable important points to be recorded for later study.

Majura Training Area


The Majura Training Area (MTA) is a short drive north of Canberra Airport and is used for field, navigation and firearms training, based from Camp Blake. Upon arriving at RMC-D, new Staff Cadets undergo Initial Cadet Training, a twelve week package designed to introduce candadates to military life.

The MTA is used for leadership activities, tactical exercises and physical training using the bayonet assault, leadership reaction and obstacle courses.

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6 December 2016
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