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Roll of Adjutants

Brigadier Alexander Forbes
The Adjutant is the principal staff officer to the commander and is the senior subaltern in a unit. The role is highly regarded and Adjutants of the Royal Military College - Duntroon have gone on to great things. Pictured is Brigadier Alexander Forbes, cadet No 2 in the first intake of cadets into RMC upon its opening. Recipient of the Military Cross, and Mentioned-in-Dispatches during WWI, he returned to be Adjutant of RMC-D.

1911-16: Lieutenant T.B.W. James
1916-20: Captain G.H. Capes
1920-21: Major K.A. McKenzie, DSO
1921-22: Captain A.M. Forbes, MC
1922-26: Captain R.C.G. Prisk
1926-31: Captain R.C.H. Irving
1931: Captain R.L. Bennett
1931-36: Captain S.T.W. Goodwin
1936- 39: Captain PH.G. Cardale
1939-41: Captain J.W. Fletcher
1941-42: Lieutenant R.A. Hay
1942-44: Major (temporary) N.R. McLeod
1944: Captain C.P. West
1944: Captain P.G. Little
1944-45: Captain T.J. West
1945-46: Major J.C. Wakefield
1946-49: Captain W.T.S. Gordon
1949-50: Captain J.W. Norrie
1950-51: Captain B.A. McDonald, MC
1951-55: Captain J.J. Shelton, MC
1955-57: Captain K.J. O'Neill
1957-59: Captain R.D.F. Lloyd, MC
1959-61: Captain I.R.J. Hodgkinson
1961-63: Captain P.N.D. White
1963-65: Captain P.N. Greenhalgh
1965-68: Captain M.J. Harris
1968: Captain P.A. Mench
1968-70: Captain I.J. Cahill
1970-72: Captain J.R. Brett
1972-74: Captain G.A.C. Chasling
1974-75: Captain S.A. Sainsbury
1975-78: Captain R.W.W. Crawshaw
1978-79: Captain J.J.A. Wallace
1979-81: Captain D.E. Lewis
1982-83: Captain M.J. Fogarty
1984-85: Captain S.J. Thornton
1985-88: Captain R.J. Martin
1988-89: Captain B.J. Fuge
1990-91: Captain S.P. Tulley
1992-94: Captain S. Crafter
1994-95: Captain J.E. McMahon
1996-97: Captain M.N. Smithers
1997: Captain A.D. Gallaway
1998-99: Captain G.G. Gleeson
1999: Captain A.J. Combes
1999-2000: Captain B.J. Hawke
2000-01: Captain P.R. Burns
2001-02: Captain C.R. Smith
2002-03: Captain B.P. Chaloner
2004: Captain L.P. Rouwhorst
2005-06: Captain J.A. Roderick
2006-07: Captain R.G. Kirk-Lauritsen
2007-08: Captain C.P. Wallace
2008-09: Captain K.B. Thomas
2009-10: Captain A.W. Gower
2010-11: Captain M.J. Kearns
2012: Captain D.W. Cowan
2013: Captain K.A.Dunne
2014-: Captain J. Brook
2015: Captain A. Hicks
2016-2017: Captain J. Westhorpe
2018: Captain N. Ludwick
2019: Captain B. Watson
2020-Present: Captain A Grant

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28 January 2020
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