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Australian Army Skill at Arms Meet (AASAM)

The purpose of Australian Army Skill at Arms Meet is to develop soldier operational capability through a rigorous, challenging and combat marksmanship focused skill-at-arms competition.
13 February 2020

The Australian Army Skill at Arms Meet (AASAM) is a combat focused skill-at-arms competition that encompasses current in-service small arms systems, competed at individual and unit levels and an invitational phase for competition between foreign armies.

The competition is designed to allow for the assessment of current in-service small arms system capabilities, equipment and targetry, and training analysis of combat shooting techniques, weapon training doctrine, and small arms practices.

AASAM identifies Army's annual Champion Shot and the top 20 combat marksmen for selection in the Australian Army Combat Shooting Team (AACST). Australian Army representation at overseas international skill-at-arms competitions is selected from the AACST.

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13 February 2020
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