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Sniper entry

The Sniper Competition forms part of the AASAM competition and entry is open to Australian Army Sniper Pairs and invited international Sniper Pairs.

Pre-qualifying and match details 

The AASAM Sniper Competition is an open competition where Army and international sniper competitors compete against each other. 

Entry to the AASAM Sniper Competition is restricted to one team per unit, i.e. two firers, and these firers must be SR 98, F88 and pistol qualified.

The Sniper Competition will be conducted during the Controlled Practice period of AASAM and incorporates the following matches:

Match 200 Sniper Badge Test
Match 201 Sniper Snap
Match 202 Sniper Observation
Match 203 Sniper Panoramic
Match 204 Sniper Range Estimation
Match 205 Sniper Service Rifle Advanced Application of Fire (Match 12)
Match 206 Sniper Service Pistol Advanced Application of Fire (Match 30)
Match 210 Sniper Championship Aggregate (Matches 200,201,202,203,204,207,208)

The ADF Sniper Nomination Form is located here.

Sniper competitors may compete as individuals in the AASAM matches conducted after the completion of the Sniper Competition.

Last updated
21 December 2016
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