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AASAM20 contacts

Contact details for the Australian Army Skill at Arms Meet 2020
2 October 2019

Commander Joint Task Force AASAM
Colonel David McCammon

Sergeant Major AASAM
Warrant Officer Class One Derek Simpson

OIC Advance & Rear Party
Major Bryan Gough

Director of Competition
Major Ian D'arcy

Chief Adjudicator
Lieutenant Commander Wayne Richards (Royal Australian Navy)

International Liaison Officer
Warrant Officer Class Two Charles King

All email correspondence for AASAM can be directed to aasam.admin [at]

To contact AASAM staff, members should use the chain of command. As required, direct communication can be established through the AASAM admin email address. 

Email: aasam.admin [at]

Fax: +61+(0)3 5735 6109

Last updated
13 February 2020
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