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Know what you are putting into your body

Looking at online dietary information
Typically dietary supplements claim to assist in weight gain, weight loss, better performance or stamina and mental performance. It’s important that soldiers are aware of the potential side effects of dietary supplements and consult their Physical Training Instructor or a health professional before taking supplements.

Before taking dietary supplements remember to consider:

Some dietary supplements are prescribed by qualified health practitioners for soldiers who have an inadequate diet or are recovering from an injury.

Check where you are buying dietary supplements from

Buying online can be dangerous as non-therapeutic substances are not stringently regulated in some countries, and therefore some of the supplements available, especially from overseas sources, may not be what they claim to be and could also be illegal.

It’s important to check that the product is made by a reputable company.

Taking dietary supplements may not enhance your health and wellbeing

It’s important to read the labels of dietary supplements! Misuse of sports supplements may have negative health effects. Make sure you check the Defence policy on supplements to ensure you are not negatively impacting your career. It is dangerous to mix dietary supplements with other prescription drugs or highly caffeinated drinks.

If you are taking supplements then use them in moderation and in conjunction with a balanced nutritious diet. It’s important to consume the product in accordance with the prescribed directions on the label.

A ‘safe’ supplement is one that has undergone scientific trials to prove not only that it works but also that the recommended dose is effective and causes minimal side effects.

Our physiology, ability to burn fat, perform and react to various vitamins, hormones and amino acids is different from that of another person. Be aware that a dietary supplement that works for someone else may not work for you.

Beware of “testimonials” from well known or body builders or athlete!

Before taking dietary supplements always seek advice from a health professional or your Physical Training Instructor.

Last updated
7 December 2016
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