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Army Combat Badge

Army Combat Badge
The purpose of the Army Combat Badge (ACB) is to recognise the unique service of a member operating with an arms corps unit within a warlike area of operations.

The purpose of the ACB is not to recognise combat duties but to recognise service with a combat element through formal force assignment.

To be eligible to be issued the ACB, a member must have: 
(1) been force assigned to a combat team for a period of either a continuous or an aggregate of 90 days satisfactory service; or
(2) been physically deployed in the same geographical location as a Combat Team and have a primary role to directly support that Combat Team for a period of either a continuous or an aggregate of 90 days satisfactory service.
(1) been serving on warlike operations; and
(2) not been previously issued the Infantry Combat Badge (ICB) or ACB.

For more information on the ACB, please read the Part 11, Chapter 3 of the Army Standing Instruction (Personnel).

The ACB is to be worn by eligible personnel on the left breast above medals or medal ribbons and aircrew badges. The ACB is only awarded once to an individual. 

If you believe you are eligible to receive the ACB, please fill out a Request to be Issued the Army Combat Badge Application form.

All completed applications or queries can be sent electronically to Army.Ceremonial [at] or mailed to:

Army Ceremonial Cell
Russell Offices
PO BOX 7901

If you have any questions regarding the Army Combat Badge, please email Army.Ceremonial [at]

Please note: 

The Army Ceremonial Cell is not responsible for the administration of the Infantry Combat Badge (ICB). This is managed by the Head of Corps Royal Australian Infantry Corps.

Last updated
10 February 2017
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