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Team entry

The competition is open to Australian Defence Force members in unit and brigade teams, as well as invited international teams
13 February 2020

Members of other services or other nations' armed forces serving (exchange / embedded) with Australian Defence Force (ADF) units are permitted to enter as part of the unit or brigade team. International personnel serving with Australian units selected for an international team cannot form part of an ADF Team.

All competitors compete in the service rifle and LSW practices with selected members pistol practice. Remaining team members may fire pistol practices.


Entry Conditions 

Aggregated individual and team practices in all weapons contribute towards the overall results. Although awards will be presented for individual achievement, the focus is on the team performance overall. 

A maximum of five shooting members for a unit team selected to compete in the competition. While all team members shoot all practices, the team Captain and/or Coach nominate the firers whose score will determine the team aggregate prior to firing the competition. 

Team practices will also be fired during the competition with these results, coupled with the scores from the individual aggregated team practices, determining the winning teams for the Brigade and Unit competitions. 


The competition has three Divisions of which Australian members may be selected for more than one Division:

Unit - four to five firers and one, non-shooting Team Captain or Administration Staff

Brigade – two unit teams from the same Brigade (More than one Brigade team may be entered) 

International - eight to 10 firers and up to four, non-shooting Team Captain and/or Administration Staff. In addition to this, two firers for the Sniper competition are allowed


The number of firers forming a team for each Division are as follows: 

Service Rifle - eight firers (all may fire for individual honours and awards) 

LSW - eight firers (all may fire for individual honours and awards) 

Service Pistol - eight firers (all may fire for individual honours and awards) 

Team Nomination Form
The brigade/unit nomination form can be found here or on the Defence Protected Network's AASAM site

Team Registration Forms
Team Captains are required to register all of their firers on arrival at AASAM. Registration forms will be available from the Competition Office and must be completed prior to the commencement of the competition. The Competition Office will assist all Team Captains to complete the forms if required


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13 February 2020
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