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Australian Defence Force Rehabilitation Program

Wheelchair track competition
The Australian Defence Force Rehabilitation Program (ADFRP) is a multi-disciplinary strategy aimed at maximising a member's potential for restoration to their pre-injury physical, occupational, social, psychological and educational status.

The ADF Rehabilitation is workplace or occupational-based in order to provide a realistic environment to assess fitness for work through the restoration of productive work functioning.

The key stakeholders in any ADFRP are the member, Commander, Medical Officer, Program Case Manager and Rehabilitation Coordinator.

Occupational rehabilitation in Defence focuses on:

• Achievement of optimal physical and mental recovery;
• Return to suitable work at the earliest possible time;
• Returning ADF members to a deployable level of fitness where possible, in a timely and cost efficient manner; and
• The reduction of the human and economic cost of disability to members, the ADF and the broader community.

The ADFRP Case Manager's role is to:

• Undertake the member's rehabilitation assessment and rehabilitation programs once the ADFRP process is triggered;
• Co-ordinate multi-disciplinary communication amongst all stakeholders including members, Health Professionals, Command and other support services;
• Facilitate the provision of specific medical and non-medical aids and appliances and special-needs housing based on assessed needs; and
• Facilitate the provision of Department of Veterans' Affairs funded services to ADF members with a compensible condition.

Last updated
8 December 2016
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