Army Remembrance Pin

The Army Remembrance Pin acknowledges the service of men and women who have died while in service. A gift from the Chief of Army, the pin demonstrates Army’s deep appreciation of the contributions of members and their families to the Australian Army. It is intended as a family keepsake to be handed down through the generations to ensure the memory of the member continues.

The Army Remembrance Pin is 22mm in diameter and produced from a brass based material with antique brass plating and a bright roto finish. The face of the Army Remembrance Pin displays the Rising Sun above two sprigs of laurel and is encircled with the words ‘In Memory of their Dedicated Service’.

It is presented in a hard case black box, imprinted with the Rising Sun and contains a card on the inside cover that reads:

The Army Remembrance Pin recognises the family of an Australian Army member who has died in service.

The Army Remembrance Pin is presented by the Chief of Army as a symbol of the dedicated and valued service of the member, and acknowledges the sacrifice made by the families of Army’s men and women.


The Army Remembrance Pin is available for issue to eligible family members for all deceased Army members providing the death occurred while in service after 3 September 1945. The member must have been either a full‐time or active reserve member of the Australian Army at the time of their death. The death does not have to directly relate or be attributable to the service.

The following family members are automatically eligible to receive the Army Remembrance Pin on application:

  • spouse or recognised interdependent partner
  • children, including stepchildren
  • guardians of eligible children
  • parents and/or stepparents.

Eligible family members can also nominate a representative to apply for the Army Remembrance Pin on their behalf. A statutory declaration will be required to identify the representative and authorise them to act on behalf of the family.

A person who is not listed as an eligible family member may apply to have special consideration to receive the pin. Where there are no living, eligible family members, the authorised holder of the deceased member’s medals may submit an application. These applications will be considered by the approval authority on a case-by-case basis.


For deaths occurring in‐service after 7 May 2015, the deceased member’s unit is responsible for submitting a request to Army Headquarters identifying eligible family members. The unit will then be responsible for arranging presentation to eligible family members at a suitable time.

For deaths occurring before 7 May 2015, family members who believe they are eligible to receive the Pin are requested to complete form AE606 – Application for the Army Remembrance Pin. A printable version of the form is also available below.

For those who are not automatically eligible, or are applying on behalf of the member’s family, or are the holder of the member’s medals, a Statutory Declaration will be required as part of the application.

Parents of children who are eligible to to receive the pin can apply on their behalf. The application must include a certified ‘True Copy’ of each child’s birth certificate. Eligible children over the age of 18 will need to complete their own application form or sign the Statutory Declaration authorising a representative to act on their behalf.

Replacement of lost, stolen or damaged pins will be considered on a case-by-case basis. A request for a replacement pin must be submitted using the application form. The application must include documentary evidence, such as a police report or certificate of loss issued by an insurance company, and must be accompanied by a Statutory Declaration.

Army Remembrance pin application form (PDF 157.93 KB) Army Remembrance pin application form - print version (PDF 156.13 KB)

Applications for the pin are to include a certified ‘true copy’ of the deceased member’s Certificate of Service. Certificates of Service for deceased members can be obtained on application via a personal information request

Further information on the required proof of relationship and service, and additional documentation is detailed in the application form.

All completed applications or enquiries should be emailed to or mailed to:

Army Ceremonial Cell


PO Box 7980

Canberra BC ACT 2610

Receiving the pin

Processing of applications will take four to six weeks from the acknowledgment of receipt of an application. 

The application form allows applicants to choose between having the pin dispatched by mail, or to be presented by a current serving member from a unit within the applicant’s area. 

Where presentation of the Army Remembrance Pin has been requested, Army Headquarters will identify a suitable presenting officer. The applicant will be advised by mail of the outcome of their application and the details of the presenting officer. The Army Remembrance Pin will be dispatched to the presenting officer who will organise a time and location for presentation. Presentations are intended to be a private activity between the Australian Army and the recipient. 

Presentation by a member of the Australian Army is subject to the availability of a suitable person and the operational and training commitments of units. Where a presentation is not possible, the applicant will be advised and the Army Remembrance Pin will be dispatched by mail.