Continuing to serve

Army’s full-time members can choose to serve in a part-time capacity as a Contingent Workforce member or on their own terms through flexible service options. They can continue to experience the camaraderie that comes with working in a close-knit, multi-disciplinary team which shares a strong commitment to service.

Whether you wish to spend more time with family, pursue a civilian career, continue serving past the full-time Compulsory Retirement Age, or are looking for a change of pace, there are a wide range of opportunities within Army.


Serve on your own terms by discovering flexible service options

Roles are available within the three services that allow members to continue to serve in a consistent weekly pattern, in block periods of service, or on an inconsistent basis. Work from home options are also available.

There are also 12 month full-time Army opportunities available nationwide, which don’t have any obligations beyond that period.

Four easy assessments through OneArmy.Potential can assist members to find and express interest in tailored roles and training opportunities. ForceNet gives members access to view Army and Defence flexible employment opportunities.

ServeOn brochure (PDF 1.62 MB)

To explore your options with an Army representative, you can request contact from Army through the online application form.

Contingent workforce member

Members need to join the primary ForceNet group and then their regional DCWM-A ForceNet groups to be kept updated on news applicable to SERCAT 3 and 2. Regional ForceNet sites are listed below:

Information on the Service Categories and what they provide in terms of benefits and responsibilities can be found on the Total Workforce System (TWS) page. For further information, members can email their enquiries to or call 1800 808 073.


There are a range of unique benefits that Army has to offer. These benefits are tailored to each Service Category (SERCAT) in the Total Workforce System.

  • Financial assistance: If serving within the part-time workforce, pay is tax free. Members who serve as part of the full-time workforce are also eligible for generous superannuation.
  • Home ownership assistance: Active serving members may be entitled to the Defence Home Ownership Assistance Scheme. Additionally, members of the full-time workforce are also entitled to renting assistance.
  • Health support: Members who provide over 20 days of service within the part-time workforce are eligible for the Reserve Assistance Program and Health Support Allowance. Members serving as part of the full-time workforce are eligible for full health and medical entitlements.
  • Training opportunities: There are range of training opportunities available to active Army members accessible on the Defence Private Network (DPN) through CAMPUS and ADELE. Training opportunities can also be found through OneArmy.Potential.