F89 and Para Minimi

The Light Support Weapon (LSW), 5.56 millimetre, Para Minimi, is employed as the primary support weapon for special forces teams and as a section support weapon for parachute group units.

The LSW is gas operated, fully automatic, air cooled and fed by a disintegrating link belt. It is capable of a high rate of effective fire against point and area targets.

The LSW is fitted with a picatinny rail and is configured as standard optical weapon sight. It can be fitted with an enhanced optical sight for the long barrel, night aiming device, laser target designators and night weapon sight.

Calibre 5.56mm
Weight 7kg (loaded)
Length 108cm
Barrel length 57cm
Muzzle velocity 930 mps
Feed Belt feed
Effective range 400m
Rate of fire 800 - 900 rounds/min