Tiered combat helmet

The Tiered Combat Helmet (TCH) provides protection against ballistic, fragmentation and blunt force trauma (bump). It incorporates a ballistic protection shell, suspension and retention systems, and accessory mounts and rails. The shape and design of TCH allows maximum sensory and situational awareness for the operator.

Ballistic and laser ocular protection system

The role of the Ballistic and Laser Ocular Protection System (BLOPS), is to provide personnel limited ocular protection from a range of environmental and battlefield threats, without compromising situational awareness.  It comprises spectacles and goggles with interchangeable lenses.

Combat hearing protection

Combat Hearing Protection (CHP) provides protection against potentially harmful battlefield noises whilst still providing situational awareness and a radio communications interface, comprising of three different products to cater for varying levels of hearing protection required and radio states.

Load carriage equipment

Load Carriage Equipment (LCE) optimises soldiers' mobility while carrying mission essential equipment and comprises multiple systems.

Integrated load carriage and combat body armour system

The integrated load carriage and combat body armour system is capable of providing protection without significantly restricting the mobility of the soldier while carrying essential equipment. By using the Integrated Attachment System (IAS) add-on, components are interchangeable allowing adjustment of the set-up according to the operational task.

Tiered body armour system

The Tiered Body Armour System (TBAS) is optimised for protection and mobility.  The design includes scalable add-on components which allow users to rapidly increase protection levels according to the operational environment.

Modular belt webbing/load carriage harness

The modular belt webbing/load carriage harness enables the independent carriage of lighter combat loads.

Sling kit

The sling kit is intended to enable the user to sling a weapon in a manner that permits them to freely use both hands for required tasks.

Assault packs

The assault pack fleet is available in multiple sizes in order to provide the user with the capability to carry mission essential items.

Bag carry all

The bag carry all is intended to carry various major equipment items of the LCE.