12.7 millimetre M2 quick change barrel machine gun

This machine gun is used as the primary or secondary armament on various vehicles and watercraft in the offensive, defensive, suppressive and neutralising roles. It can also be used in the ground role, fired from a tripod.

On vehicles and watercraft, it is used to provide close range fire support against surface and air targets. When mounted on a tripod, it can be used in the direct fire role or the indirect fire role using observation of fall of shot.

It is an automatic, belt fed, air-cooled, spring and recoil-operated weapon, also capable of firing single shots. It fires from a positively locked breech position and is capable of a sustained high volume of fire. 

Calibre 12.7mm
Weight 25kg
Length 165.6cm
Barrel length 114.3cm
Muzzle length Varies with ammunition nature
Effective range

2000m (direct fire)

6800m (extended)