81 millimetre F2 mortar

The 81 millimetre F2 mortar is a crew-served, indirect fire support weapon. The mortar is distinguished from other indirect fire systems by its capability to sustain a high rate of fire using a variety of ammunition.

The mortar is primarily a man-portable weapon system that can also be deployed using other agencies such as helicopters, wheeled vehicles, or armoured personnel carrier mortar vehicles. The barrel can be rotated and fired in any direction by moving the bipod.

The mortar is easily detectable by its distinctive noise and flash when firing. It is extremely vulnerable to detection by weapon locating radar because of the long time of flight, high trajectory and slow velocity of its ammunition.

In the man-pack mode additional personnel are required to carry ammunition. Mortar crews are generally not capable of defending themselves while conducting missions. 

Calibre 81mm
Weight 36.6kg
Length 114cm
Barrel length 12.8cm
Muzzle velocity Varies with ammunition nature
Range 200m - 4900m